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Masterpiece Delta Magnus MP-31

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-31 Cybertron Vanguard Commander / Delta Magnus
Function: Vanguard Commander
Motto: “A lie has glorious potential”
Delta Magnus’ mission was to maintain peace throughout the galaxy and was seen as a saviour to many planets inhabitants. Even before Convoy became the Cybertron Commander, stories of Delta Magnus’ exploits were well known. This legendary hero has kept one secret he has never shared. At one point he was invited to be Earth's City Commander but he declined the offer. The Cybertrons stationed on Earth knew of the ancient times and Delta Magnus was afraid his deep secret would be discovered.
STR...9; INT...8; SPD...6; END...9; RNK...9; CRG...9; FBL...7; SKL...8


Delta Magnus is a straight redeco of MP-22 Ultra Magnus so if you have this figure you know what to expect, however if you already have this figure would you really want to buy a second in an obscure colour scheme?

The colour scheme itself is based on the 1984 Diaclone Powered Convoy which eventually became Ultra Magnus in the Transformers toy line in 1986. In the Japanese trailer of Transformers the Movie, there is a brief scene of Ultra Magnus running through Autobot City in the same colours as the Diaclone version (see above).

The Diaclone coloured Ultra Magnus found its way into the Transformers toy line in 2001 as an exclusive reissue of Ultra Magnus called the "Movie Preview Version". Far from a mainstream release, this was only available on the 26th February 2001 at Tokyo's Toy Festival and was limited to 1,500 pieces.

15 years later Delta Magnus receives a mainstream release in the Masterpiece toyline as well as his own identity. This release also pays homage to the original Diaclone release more than the actual colouring; the original Powered Convoy came with a small transformable buggy called "Powered Buggy". This has never been released in the Transformers toy line but Delta Magnus' expanded bio gives him a name - "Power Drive". It reveals that the original Delta Magnus is long dead, the armour is now worn by his original drone buggy, Power Drive, who has since been enhanced into a sentient being.

Delta Magnus comes with a gun, two removable missiles, an alternate screaming face, 2 additional faces for MP-22 Ultra Magnus with different eyes and a Marissa Faireborn figure. A nice touch the designers gale Delta Magnus is when you remove the front half of the head to swap the faces, the hidden face is painted to resemble the original Optimus Prime, though these characters are not linked in any way.

Alternate face with larger eyes.

Alternate screaming face.

Just as Ultra Magnus can store up to two faces in his back compartment. The Marissa Fairborn is a new sculpt based on her appearance in the original cartoon; she can also be seated in Delta Magnus' cab.

If you are a fan of the original Diaclone version this is one to pick up, however if its a choice between Ultra Magnus or Delta Magnus, I would have to go with Ultra Magnus. This is not because I prefer the colour scheme but the figure fits together a lot better. The above photograph shows the roof of the cab unable to close completely, however this may just be an issue with my figure.


Vanguard Commander / Delta Magnus (Expanded profile translated from the instruction booklet)
From ancient times to the present, stories filled with glory have followed Delta Magnus; from double rescue missions, showdowns at event horizons and seeing through the Dimensional Galactic Treaty. When it was decided that he would succeed Ultra Magnus as Earth's City Commander, he fell under a shadow of depression. The legendary Delta Magnus has a secret he could never reveal. - The fact is he is a substitute hero, Delta is a lie.
The original Delta Magnus was killed in battle 8 million years ago and since then shadowy warriors have worn the “Magnus Armour”, keeping the legend alive. This was the policy the Cybertron leaders enforced at the time so as not to destroy morale in the times of suffering. The current Delta Magnus is the seventh generation, a robot formally known as “Power Drive”. He was originally the semi-autonomous buggy component of Delta Magnus who ceased to function upon the death of the main Delta unit. While previous understudies fell in succession, he was being trained and upgraded to become the ultimate successor and was given the mission to become the new Delta Magnus. Even though he had evolved and gained intelligence, once classified on Seibertron as a “Drone” many questioned Power Drives ability, but by fulfilling the role as Delta Magnus he was able to prove his worth. He has now lived longer than the original Delta and has accumulated many brilliant feats. However, when he was asked to become Commander of Cybertron City which had just been built on Earth, his concerns over his deep secret took a toll on him. Though his identity is unknown to Commander Convoy, there may still be someone in the Earth army who knew the original Delta Magnus. If it became public that he was a substitute, the glory of Delta Magnus would fall in tatters, peace agreements signed by him would be nullified and many lives would be threatened. At this time he could not deal with the truth being uncovered and was unable to take this mission on.
His identity is a closely guarded secret and there have been few who know who he really is. Whilst undertaking administrative duties for a transfer to Earth, Delta Magnus was communicating with EDC Earth Defense Force officer Marissa Faireborn. It transpired that Power Drive, as himself, and Marissa were maintaining a personal relationship, corresponding over hyperspace emails. This ultimately led to what could have been an awkward situation. Originally he did not disclose anything confidential but he trusted Marissa's character and talked to her about private circumstances. While Marissa had warm feelings for Power Drive she sensed discomfort in the wording of his messages and from this point he revealed that he and Delta Magnus were the same individual. In the absence of Ultra Magnus he was forced to succeed him as City Commander. When this became inevitable he sought Marissa’s counsel as he was angry with what he will have to do.
Should he continue with the burden of carrying a deep secret or should he reveal his true identity.
“You yourself have achieved legendary status. I can’t see that anyone would find this a problem.” Marissa said.
“But if I reveal the secret the Destrons could capitalise. A false hero! The ugly face of good! Or something… I hope you don’t take it badly. I think all Transformers' existences are connected to a “lie”.” Delta Magnus was startled by his own words.
“You guys are all robots in disguise (robot impersonators) are you not? It is a way for you to fight and protect yourself and your friends. If the legend of Delta is a lie, is this not the same? It is a lie of salvation, we should nurture it and use it wherever possible.”
After a while the disillusioned look on Delta's face disappeared and was replaced with a fearless smile. Marissa understood that he had reached his decision.

Equipment: Mask of Magnus (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Just as Ultra Magnus, the date of Delta Magnus’ creation is not held in the official records and the relationship between the two is uncertain. Data stored by Power Drive mentions the hardened body armour is known as “Magnus Armour”, forged using ancient equipment. The facial armour is the only part of the Magnus Armour which has retained the original appearance.

I happened to have the SG Optimus Prime Matrix to hand which is why I've featured it above.

Mechanism: Matrix Chamber (Translated from the instruction booklet)
The Matrix is testament of an exceptional leader and is a relic which has been handed down since ancient times, long before the conflict between the Cybertrons and Destrons. In most cases when the bearer died in battle, it was handed down to the next successor. The original Delta Magnus was the leader of a Space Force, the “Primal Vanguard”. He never joined the ranks of those elected to hold the Matrix, however on occasions he did store the Matrix within his body until a legitimate successor was appointed. Room for the Matrix is also available in the current Delta Magnus’ body.

Weapon: Energy Shotgun (Translated from the instruction booklet)
The gun Delta Magnus carries; a middle range weapon which fires an energy shot enclosed in a force field. When the bullet hits its mark it disrupts energy signals and can also stay within the enemies’ body causing further damage. This is a terribly horrific anti-robot weapon.

Weapon: Spear of Glory (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Rocket launchers equipped on Delta Magnus’ shoulders. As they launch they are enveloped in blinding photon energy and can penetrate any enemy armour. Delta Magnus will pull the rockets from the enemies’ remains and will recharge and reuse them as many times as he likes.

Ability: Transform (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Over 9 million years ago, the robotic lifeforms on Planet Seibertron acquired the ability to transform themselves into various machines to accomplish a variety of tasks. The original Delta Magnus was a Cybertron experienced in this evolutionary process and was able to surprise the Destrons with this powerful ability during combat giving others hope during these unforgiving times. Even after the Destrons acquired this ability he was still able to battle them using his accumulated experience and the power of the Magnus Armour.

Configuration: Vehicle Mode (Translated from the instruction booklet)
The Carrier Trailer Delta Magnus transforms into is occupied by parts of the Magnus Armour. According to Power Drives memory banks which were part of the original Delta Magnus, Planet Seibertron was once a huge space factory. As well as the warrior robot production line which is the origin of the Destrons, there was also a special factory producing armed robots for private sector use. One of the weapons created at this facility was the “Magna Arsenal” which is the Magnus Armour worn by the original Delta Magnus. At the time of his death the original armour had been lost; for Power Drive to become Delta Magnus, the last of the armour's stock was used. Unlike his predecessor he was reconstructed into a single large robot; it was decided that the armour would integrate into the vehicle mode to become a transporter. The part that was once Power Drive exists as a small section within the transporter section.
Because of its high performance, the Magnus Armour chose the wearer and those qualified would be part of the “Lineage of Magnus”. There is no clear evidence whether Ultra Magnus who is part of the Earth's forces, is related to this lineage.

Function: Carrier Trailer (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Fellow Cybertrons can be transported in Delta Magnus’ Carrier Trailer transformation. As the first leader of the peacekeeping force, the “Primal Vanguard”, in ancient times, Delta Magnus took the form of a transportation vehicle to carry soldiers and the wounded. With his new mission on Earth there will be many opportunities to transport fellow Cybertron warriors.

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  1. These translations should be included in the box with each MP figure. There's so much reading material but most international buyers can't read a word. I love all of your work. Thanks a ton!!