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Ultra Magnus C-69 Movie Preview Version (2001)

C-69 Cybertron City Commander Ultra Magnus (Character Card Translation)
Function: City Commander
Transformation: Carrier Trailer
Ability: A well balanced warrior, combining combat ability, courage, and adaptability on the battlefield.
Character: Decisive, fair and courageous; an exemplary City Commander demonstrating his abilities by following Commander Convoys orders.
Weapons: Super Blaster Gun; Missile Launcher
STR…9; INT...9; SPD...6; END...8; RNK...8; CRG...9; FPR...6; SKL...8; TTL...63

Ultra Magnus "Movie Preview Version", was sold at Tokyo's Toy Festival on the 26th February 2001 and was apparently limited to 1,500 pieces. This figure is one of many exclusive reissues Takara released in 2001 and I'm quite surprised to see that this particular piece fetches a high price on online auction sites.

Called the "Movie Preview Version" as it is based on the colour scheme as seen in the Japanese trailer for the 1986 Transformers the Movie, this version shares Ultra Magnus' collectors card so there is no backstory or hint that this is a separate character. The Delta Magnus release in the Masterpiece line does offer a possible backstory to this figure.

The small cab section is blue, the robots head, fists and legs are either very dark grey or black in colour. The main trailer section is dark metallic grey with deep blue uprights and legs. The arm sections are black and red. One issue I have with my figure is when transforming to the larger robot, the big head is quite a tight fit over the smaller head and the front of the head has a bit of wear to it, albeit not too noticeable. Its a shame Takara didn't release the smaller buggy with this figure although as its not supposed to be the Diaclone version and its an exclusive with a minimal production run, I can see why they didn't.

This particular figure in this colour scheme was originally released in Takaras Diaclone Car Robots toyline in 1984 called "Powered Convoy"; it was released in 2 particular variations. Both came with a small red buggy called "Powered Buggy". One version of Powered Convoy is near identical to the reissue, the second is the "plated version" which has a lighter grey trailer which has a chromed main body, the blue plastic is a slightly different tint and it also comes with white missiles rather than the grey versions. The plated version is also one to avoid transforming as the blue plastic is incredibly brittle.

Takara released Powered Convoy a third time in a giftset which came with a black New Countach LP500s (Deepcover) and a red Ligier JS11 F-1 (Mirage). The Powered Convoy in this set was the plated version.

Though considerably cheaper to get hold of than the Diaclone versions, it's hard to recommend this piece unless money is no object.


Powered Convoy (Diaclone, Takara 1984)

Source: Yahoo Auctions

Powered Convoy plated version (Diaclone, Takara 1984)

Source: Yahoo Auctions

Powered Convoy DX Set (Diaclone, Takara 1985)


Camion Convoy (GiG Diaclone, 1984)

Red cab version. Source: eBay

Blue cab version. Source: Yahoo Auctions

Camion Porte-Voitures (Joustra Diaclone, 1985)

An exceptionally rare piece. The buggy is called "Buggy Robot". Source: eBay

Source: eBay

Ultra Magnus (Transformers, Hasbro, 1986)

Rubber tyre version. Source: eBay

Plastic tyre version with unpainted robot heads and plastic feet

Ultra Magnus C-69 (Scramble City, Takara 1986)

Convoy (Transformers, GiG 1986)

Plastic Tyre Version Source: eBay

Rubber Tyre Version Source: eBay

Ultra Magnus C-69 (Reissue, Takara 2000)

Shining Magnus C-69 (Reissue, Takara 2000)

Ultra Magnus Movie Preview Version C-69 (Reissue, Takara 2001)

Ultra Magnus (Commemorative Series, Hasbro 2002)

Ultra Magnus (Commemorative Series, Hasbro 2012)

Asian market rerelease of the Commemorative Series Ultra Magnus. The figure is identical though this has no mention of Commemorative Series on the packaging. The tow hitch on the trailer has been modified to hold a weapon. Source: eBay

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