Saturday, 26 May 2018

Masterpiece Convoy (Beast Wars) Legendary Leader Ver. MP-38

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-38 Cybertron Commander / Convoy (Beast Wars) Legendary Leader Ver.
Function: Supreme Commander
Height: 2.8m (Robot Mode)
Weight: 2.0t (Robot Mode)
The Legendary Supreme Commander Convoy, crossed time after being summoned by a Cybertron Warrior. In this far future on the planet Gaia during battle with Majin Zarak, his Energon Matrix shone red within his chest from being inspired by the future Cybertrons. After their victory, he bid his farewell to the future Cybertrons and then returned once again to the Beast Wars.
STR:10; INT:10; SPD:10; END:10; RNK:10; CRG:10; FBL:10; SKL:10

Sunday, 13 May 2018

Gadep (e-Hobby Exclusive, 2008)

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
64 Gadep
Function: Urban Defence Robot
Transformation: Defence Facilities
Ability: Gadep obeys the one who activates him demonstrating unparalleled offensive capabilities. His head is his weak point, but his body is still able to be controlled without it.
Character: Gadep is a guardian of the ancient Seibertronian cities. Has no ability to think for himself.
Weapons: Claw Arm

Monday, 7 May 2018

Magnificus & Ga'Mede (e-Hobby exclusive, 2005)

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
68 Destron / Joint Force Magnificus & Ga’mede
Status: Outcast (Magnificus)
Function: Volunteer Soldier (Ga’mede)
Transformation: Tank / Tech Bay
Once the military consul of the Destron-controlled territory Mebion, Magnificus was snared in a cunning ruse by high-ranking Destrons envious of his position, and forced to become a pit fighter in the distant reaches of the galaxy. His partner, Ga’mede, was a member of the royal family of Planet Xeptos of the subatomic microcosmos, but was rescued into the macrocosmos by Magnificus’s matter-enlarging scope just as he faced execution after an internal feud. Soon forming an unspoken bond of trust fueled by their similar experiences, the two traversed countless battlefields and badlands, amassing sufficient wealth and armaments for the day when they would exact merciless revenge on those who betrayed Magnificus.
Weapons: Zero-Point Cannon, Ion Rifle, Spear Gun (Magnificus)
Weapons: Pulsar Rifle, Magno-Gun, High Frequency Machete (Ga'Made)
STR:10; INT:10; SPD:5; END:10; RNK:8; CRG:10; FPR:10; SKL:10; TTL: 73

Saturday, 5 May 2018

Masterpiece Convoy (Beast Wars) MP-32

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-32 Cybertron General Commander / Convoy (Beast Wars)
Function: General Commander
Height: 2.8m (Robot Mode)
Weight: 2.0t (Robot Mode)
Convoy, the General Commander of the Cybetrons, transforms into a gorilla. Powerful with a sense of justice; he was unexpectedly drawn into a battle against the Destrons led by Megatron. Still an inexperienced leader, he grows in maturity together with his companions. With the secrets of an unknown alien planet, Megatrons ambitions along with a variety of mysteries and speculation, they are swept into the battle of the Beast Wars.
STR...10; INT...10; SPD...10; END...10; RNK...10; CRG...10; FBL...10; SKL...10