Tuesday 31 December 2019

Cobalt Sentry 71 (e-Hobby Exclusive, 2005)

(Profile from e-Hobby.co.jp)
Destron Secret Police Force Cobalt Sentries
A public safety mechanism comprised of elite Destron soldiers. Every member wears blue armour, and they all keep watch on the maintenance of public order on occupied worlds or the activities of traitors within the Destron forces.

Sunday 29 December 2019

Masterpiece Smokescreen MP-19

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-19 Cybertron Tactician / Smokescreen
Function: Tactician
Motto: "A look can be deceiving; a touch can be lethal."
Specialises in diversionary tactics, dividing and isolating the enemy. On the battlefield he leads the enemy astray so they don't discover the Cybertron’s strategy. Even adopts a poker face during friendly conversations with his comrades, never revealing his true intentions. He is however charming, affable and trusted by his peers. In vehicle mode he emits a thick black smoke that sticks to metal.
STR...4; INT...8; SPD...7; END...5; RNK...6; CRG...8; FBL...6; SKL...9

Saturday 21 December 2019

Ectotron (Ghostbusters x Transformers, 2019)

Autobot Ectotron
Function: Paranormal Investigator
"When life splatters you with marshmallow goo, just go with it."
When the Ghostbusters need a ride to the next paranormal hotspot, it's nice to have one who can also handle a Proton Pack.
STR: 8; INT: 7; SPD: 7; FBL: 6; GTR*: 10; GBU**: 7

(*= Ghost Trapping; **= Ghostbustability)

Saturday 14 December 2019

Sixshot LG50 (Legends, 2017)

Profile (Translated from the instruction sheet)
LG 50 Sixshot
Ninja Staff Officer
Sixshot continues his journey of atonement, making amends for his past actions under the Destron emblem. His friendship with Daniel sparked his new outlook. The warmth of friendship was a turning point and it is now an unbreakable conviction engraved upon his heart.
STR:10; INT: 9; SPD: 4; END: 9; RNK: 7; CRG: 8; FBL: 9; SKL: 8

Thursday 12 December 2019

Masterpiece Bumblebee MPM-7

Released in October 2018, this figure is based on the version of Bumblebee as seen in the 2018 film (released December 2018). As this figure was released before the movie came out, the robot mode seems to be based on an earlier concept design of Bumblebee than the one seen in the film which is mostly obvious with the prominent door "wings".

Sunday 1 December 2019

Masterpiece Streak (anime colour edition) MP-18+

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-18+ Cybertron Gunner / Streak
Function: Gunner
Motto: “I never met a Destron I didn't dislike.”
Streak is a skilled marksman who transforms into a two tone Nissan Fairlady 289Z-T. Combines his humour, courage and sense of justice with his weapons, a handheld Disperser Rifle and shoulder mounted Electro Bolts which fire an 80,000 Volt charge. Boldly fights the Destron threat with his Fairlady brethren.
STR:6; INT:6; SPD:7; END:9; RNK:5; CRG:2; FBL:9; SKL:7