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Masterpiece Streak (anime colour edition) MP-18+

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-18+ Cybertron Gunner / Streak
Function: Gunner
Motto: “I never met a Destron I didn't dislike.”
Streak is a skilled marksman who transforms into a two tone Nissan Fairlady 289Z-T. Combines his humour, courage and sense of justice with his weapons, a handheld Disperser Rifle and shoulder mounted Electro Bolts which fire an 80,000 Volt charge. Boldly fights the Destron threat with his Fairlady brethren.
STR:6; INT:6; SPD:7; END:9; RNK:5; CRG:2; FBL:9; SKL:7

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Released at the end of July 2019, MP-18+ Streak (Bluestreak) is the sixth anime repaint so far in the Masterpiece line and was a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive in Japan retailing for 9,180 Yen. Released in Asia it came with a diecast pin badge and Streak was also released through Hasbro as a shared store exclusive for $79.99.

Hasbro's import release of MP-18+ Streak

For an overview of the original MP-18 Streak please click here, this overview is only going to focus on the differences.

MP-18 (left) & MP-18+ (right)

As with the other anime releases, the main difference with MP-18+ Streak is the colour scheme; instead of the dark silver and glossy black this release is a pastel grey and matt black colour which is a very good representation of the cartoon. The other stand out difference is in robot mode as this is the first anime re-release to feature a new head sculpt with 3 interchangeable face plates. 

Streak was the first Masterpiece release to feature effects parts; these were designed to emulate the blasts Streak fires at Starscream in Episode 5 of the cartoon "The Return of Megatron" (aka Roll For It). The effects can fit on Streaks shoulder mounted weapons as well as his rifle. Streak also comes with an effects part adaptor for MP-44 Convoy (which was released the following month) to allow the use of Streaks effects parts.

Screenshot from "Roll For It"

As this mould has been used over and over again the tolerances in vehicle mode are not as good as the first MP-18 and there are quite a few gaps not to mention in robot mode Streak still can't hold his gun very well. Given the effort went in to create a new head sculpt, Takara Tomy could have rectified this long standing issue.


Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T (Actual Car Notes) (Translated from the back of the box)
The Fairlady Z was built with a view to capture the North American market, a sports car of which Japan is proud. The Fairlady Z 280Z received an overhaul and debuted in 1978 as the second generation of Fairlady Z. Its overall style has inherited the traditional image of the long nose and short deck with a sharp edged look. The front face of the grill enhances the integration with the car body and its aerodynamic characteristics made this a leading sports car in Japan at the time. The installed engine is a 2800cc L-type inline 6 cylinder overhead camshaft engine. Delivering 145 horsepower it is almost like driving a car with a much larger engine. Its rear suspension uses a semi-trailing arm which improves performance and comfort. This became the first domestic car to adopt the “T-bar roof”. A Japanese sports coupe which has attracted the interest of many car lovers both domestically and overseas.

■ Full Length: 4620mm
■ Full Width: 1690mm
■ Height: 1305mm
■ Wheelbase: 2520mm
■ Weight: 1255kg
■ Engine: L28E 2753cc
■ Maximum Output: 155 Horsepower / 5200rpm
■ Maximum Torque: 23.5kgm / 4000rpm

■ Don't get too cocky Condor! (Translated from the back of the box)
Cybertron Gunner Streak’s vehicle mode is a “Fairlady Z 280Z-T”, a top model from the S130 Fairlady Z range with a T-Bar roof which was a first for a Japanese car. The two tone black and silver was a popular colour scheme called the “Reverse Manhattan Colour”. In the mid 1980’s when “Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers” was first broadcast, you could see these cars driven about town. From the start Streak was a core member of the Cybertrons. Above all he was an impressive marksman. Streak is one of the only Cybertrons who could intercept the airborne Condor who frequently attempted to attack the Cybertrons. This re-release of Streak is an anime version for the Masterpiece sports car range. The realistic vehicle mode designed under supervision from Nissan Motor has been changed to a two tone colour identical to the colour scheme from the anime. The windows have also been changed to a translucent blue to match the animation. The head has also been remoulded to better match the anime design. With the replacement face parts he can convey different facial expressions typical of the Super Robot Lifeforms. You can transform him into vehicle mode without the need to remove the shoulder mounted Electro Bolts. Furthermore as part of a new innovation incorporated into the Masterpiece line, effect parts replicating the Electro Bolt firing scenes are included. Referencing the fifth episode “The Return of Megatron” these are a three staged, three dimensional effect, much different from a mere shooting effect. We would like you to enjoy these unique features of the anime version.

Vehicle Mode: Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Streak’s vehicle mode is a Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T in a silver and black two tone colour scheme. On this item the Cybertron symbol on the bonnet is the enlarged anime version. Vehicle mode has impressive speed; in episode 5 “The Return of Megatron” he uses his acceleration to crash into Soundwave and send him flying. In episode 46 “The Trans-Europe Express” he participated in a charity race with his fellow Cybertrons. In this race he showed off his driving techniques and overcame Destron adversity and was able to finish the race.

Robot Mode: Streak (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Function: Gunner
Motto: “I never met a Destron I didn’t dislike.”
Streak the Gunner is one of the core members of the Cybertrons in “Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers”. He is the best Cybertron marksman and has even shot down the Aerial Attack Warrior Condor twice in the cartoon. One occasion was shown in episode 62 “Day of Destruction Part 2”where he demonstrated his precision by shooting Condor who had hold of Spike, allowing Spikes rescue. As written on his original tech spec, he is humorous, cheerful and talkative with a dark past as his hometown was destroyed by the Destrons. He also has a strong sense of morality; in episode 46 “The Trans-Europe Express” the Cybertrons were protecting American Racer Auggie and Streak had to caution him about his driving. In the same episode the Suntrons challenged him, 5 against 1 and Streak took the opportunity to “run but win” withdrawing from the battle. As well as his marksmanship, Streak has other essential elements such as excellent judgement and courage. In the fifth episode “The Return of Megatron” both Streak and Prowl transformed into a Fairlady simultaneously and the steady characteristic figure of Streak fired on the retreating Aerial Warriors.

With MP-18S missile launchers attached

Weapon: Electro Bolt
(Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Charged particle weapons mounted on Streak’s shoulders with a power of 80,000 volts. Mainly used as surface to air weapons intercepting such enemies as the Aerial Warriors and Condor. Can drill a 3m deep hole in a concrete wall 20km away.

Weapon: Disperser Rifle (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Sometimes called the Electro Bolt, this weapon uses the same principle and function as Streaks shoulder mounted weapons. In episode 7 “Birth of the Dinobots”, Wheeljack used Streaks weapon (herein called Electro Bolt) to instantly charge his companions.

Weapon: Effect Parts (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
In episode 5 “The Return of Megatron” the shots fired from Streak’s Electro Bolt towards Starscream are reproduced step by step with three different types of effect parts. By combining the three you can recreate the 80’s inspired effects just like a time lapse animation.

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