Thursday 14 November 2019

Masterpiece Silverstreak MP-18S

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-18 Cybertron Gunner Silverstreak
Function: Gunner
Motto: “I never met a Destron I didn't dislike.”
Silverstreak is one of the best Cybertron marksmen. Always bright and cheerful in order to dispel his fear and sadness from when his home city was decimated by the Destrons. Wields a handheld Disperser Rifle and Electro Bolts on both shoulders; can fire an 80,000 volt charged particle beam.
STR:6; INT:6; SPD:7; END:9; RNK:5; CRG:2; FBL:9; SKL:7

In 2014 when a Masterpiece Streak repaint was revealed to be an exclusive to the Tokyo Toy Show, many assumed this would be the blue version, however it was not meant to be (at that time). When it was fully revealed, Streak was now called "Silverstreak" and was in the G1 toy colour scheme and it came with two red "Missile Launchers" which were repaints of the exclusive accessory.

Released in mid June 2014, Silverstreak retailed for 6,500 Yen, the Asian release came with a collectors coin. The box is much like MP-12T Tigertracks box who was also a Tokyo Toy Show exclusive in 2013.

Although this figure bears a new name, Silverstreak is exactly the same character as Streak (unlike the Masterpiece Bluestreak which would be released a year later in 2015). The first use of the name Silvestreak was with Hasbro's 2004 Commemorative Series reissue of Bluestreak which was renamed Silverstreak due to copyright reasons. The name Silverstreak would be used again in the Alternators toyline in 2004 and various toys up to 2010 when Hasbro regained the "Bluestreak" name.

I was initially hesitant to pick this one up but I'm glad I did. In hand Silverstreak is bright silver in colour and stands out a lot more than the drab grey used on the initial MP-18 and this remains my favourite version of Streak.

As well as coming with the standard handgun, which the figure can't hold very well for some reason (releases other than MP-17 and MP-18 have not been able to hold the guns properly) Silverstreak comes with two red missile launchers which are based on the 1984 G1 toy version. These are repaints of the black Amazon version but the missile part is painted silver and not chromed like the Amazon version is.

Robot Mode: Silverstreak (Translated from the instruction pamphlet / back of the box)
Function: Gunner
Motto: “I never met a Destron I didn’t dislike.”
Silverstreak is a cheerful and talkative warrior who is the best Cybertron marksman. He is equipped with heavy weaponry from his Disperser Rifle to his Electro Bolts which specialise in long range attacks. A bothersome opponent for the aerial Destrons, even for Condor who enjoys tormenting the Cybertron ground force, he has no chance when up against Silverstreak’s anti-aircraft fire. Silverstreak is haunted by memories of watching the Destrons destroy his hometown; his hatred for the Destrons is so strong that he is eager to annihilate them. Silverstreak originally had a laid back demeanour and was a pacifist but he couldn't allow the Destron threat to become widespread, which is the reason he supported the Cybertron cause. Even when facing an enemy combiner he will remain steadfast along with the main Cybertron army. Unfortunately when painful memories flash in front of his eyes his bravery dissipates and he quickly loses his fighting spirit. Drowns away his fears and memories by talking non stop during battle and maintaining a cheerful persona to keep his mental health in check.

Vehicle Mode: Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Silverstreak’s vehicle mode is a Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T. Not only can Silversteak utilise the power of his scanned vehicle, he improves on its speed and endurance. Because of this he uses his vehicle mode as a weapon in battle, racing towards the Destrons taking them by surprise them with his speed. Highly confident of his speed and will always join in with car races approved by Convoy. As well as having amazing driving performance he takes safety seriously and will reprimand those who are driving dangerously. “Streak” is an English term that means “flash of lightning” derived from his fast aggressive style.

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