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Masterpiece Streak MP-18

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-18 Cybertron Gunner Streak
Function: Gunner
Motto: “I never met a Destron I didn't dislike.”
Streak is one of the best Cybertron marksmen. Always bright and cheerful in order to dispel his fear and sadness from when his home city was decimated by the Destrons. Wields a handheld Disperser Rifle and Electro Bolts on both shoulders; can fire an 80,000 volt charged particle beam.
STR:6; INT:6; SPD:7; END:9; RNK:5; CRG:2; FBL:9; SKL:7

Masterpiece Streak (aka Bluestreak) MP-18 was the second Fairlady Z to be released after Prowl in October 2013 and retailed for 5800 yen (£40 / $53). Like MP-17 Prowl when ordered from it came with 1 shoulder cannon accessory which clips into Streaks existing shoulder cannons in robot mode or can attach to the side of the vehicle mode. Asian releases outside of Japan also came with a collectors coin.

Nissan Fairlady Z 280X-T T-Bar roof with Reverse Manhattan paint scheme

All versions of Takara Tomy Masterpiece Streak (so far)

The Fairlady Z cars must be popular with Takara Tomy seeing how they have had quite a few releases (9 including the upcoming MP-19+ Smokescreen) and out of these releases 5 of them have been versions of Streak. This particular Streak is based on the colour scheme seen in the original 1984 cartoon. As Hasbro rushed to release the Transformers in 1984, the accompanying cartoon was also rushed to promote this new toy line and as such Streak ended up having the colour scheme of the 1983 Diaclone Car Robot version as Hasbro had not finalised the toy colours when sending the instructions to the animation company Sunbow. When Bluestreak was released by Hasbro in 1984 followed by Streak released by Takara in 1985, they were coloured silver. Judging that Hasbro called the toy Bluestreak, they may have intended to release the blue and silver colour scheme which also appeared in the original toy catalogues before deciding upon the single coloured version.

Blue and Silver version. Source: eBay

Silver version. Source: eBay

Incidentally the black and silver version of G1 Streak was finally released in the Transformers toyline in 2002 by Takara as an e-Hobby exclusive called "Streak anime colour ver.". Although the car mode shared the same colour scheme as the Diaclone version, in robot mode the colouration was quite different.

e-hobby exclusive Streak anime colour ver

The original toy, simply called "Fairlady Z" was released under the Japanese Diaclone Car Robot toyline in November 1982, this version was the now famous and sought after blue and silver. The following year in January 1983, a second colour scheme was released which was the black and silver colour scheme. In Italy GiG also released the figure under their "Trasformer Auto Robot" toy line in 1984 called "Fairlady Z 280Z". Like Takara, GiG released the figure in two colour schemes, blue and silver and one in a single silver colour identical to Hasbro's Transformer version. Click here for more information on the Italian Auto Robot releases. As GiGs all silver version and Hasbros Bluestreak both came out in the same year, which version came first is up for debate.

MP-18 Streak comes packaged in vehicle mode and much like MP-17 Prowl, Streak only comes with 1 accessory out of the box, his hand held Disperser Rifle. Streak is painted a matt silver colour and the cars bonnet and roof are painted in black gloss. There is also a post which can be pulled up from Streaks roof where the Disperser Rifle can plug into. There are also a slot either side of Streaks rear bumper where the shoulder cannon attaches to.

The exclusive accessory

In robot mode Streak features a different head and waist sculpt from Prowl though shares the same moulding elsewhere. It is a shame the launchers did not come with MP-18 as standard, not to mention to be in the correct colour, however these did come with MP-18S Silverstreak.

■ A flash (Streak) blending dreams and reality (Translated from the back of the box)
The Fairlady 280Z-T is a top model from the S130 Fairlady Z range, equipped with over a 2 Litre “2800cc Litre 6 Cylinder OHC engine” and a “T-Bar roof”, the first glass roofed car in Japan. The long front nose and flat hood exhibits high power and the straight lined and curved design makes this an attractive sports car, synonymous with the Japanese sports cars of the 1980’s. The Cybertron Gunner Streak transformed into a Fairlady 280Z-T in the cartoon “Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers!”, appearing with the two-tone colouring known as the “Reverse Manhattan” which was commonly seen on the S130 Fairlady Z’s at the time. Encountering one in real life you could have called one a Transformer. Many a fan must have had such a fantasy for such a cool car to really be a robot in disguise. Under supervision from Nissan Motor this product faithfully reproduces the stylish long nose, short deck design of the Fairlady 280Z-T. Reproducing the two-tone black and silver colouring draws out the charm of the innovative and sharp design which could not be replicated by toys at that time. The robot mode is faithful to the animation, reproducing the proportions, as well as the head and waist detailing which were different from Prowl. One of the attractions of Streak is that his shoulder cannons can be transformed into vehicle mode without the need to be removed. We’d like you to check this out with your own hands.

Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T (Actual Car Notes) (Translated from the back of the box)
The Fairlady Z was built with a view to capture the North American market, a sports car of which Japan is proud. The Fairlady Z 280Z received an overhaul and debuted in 1978 as the second generation of Fairlady Z. Its overall style has inherited the traditional image of the long nose and short deck with a sharp edged look. The front face of the grill enhances the integration with the car body and its aerodynamic characteristics made this a leading sports car in Japan at the time. The installed engine is a 2800cc L-type inline 6 cylinder overhead camshaft engine. Delivering 145 horsepower it is almost like driving a car with a much larger engine. Its rear suspension uses a semi-trailing arm which improves performance and comfort. This became the first domestic car to adopt the “T-bar roof”. A Japanese sports coupe which has attracted the interest of many car lovers both domestically and overseas.

■ Full Length: 4620mm
■ Full Width: 1690mm
■ Height: 1305mm
■ Wheelbase: 2520mm
■ Weight: 1255kg
■ Engine: L28E 2753cc
■ Maximum Output: 155 Horsepower / 5200rpm
■ Maximum Torque: 23.5kgm / 4000rpm

Vehicle Mode: Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Streak’s vehicle mode is a Nissan Fairlady 280Z-T. The body of this S130 Fairlady Z is coloured with a two-tone black and silver paint scheme called the “Reverse Manhattan”. The bonnet and roof are coloured black and the rest of the car is painted silver. This is to give the impression that the car is painted in two colours; from the front the car appears to be black but from the sides it would appear to be painted silver. It could almost infer to two sides of Streak’s personality, his yin and yang. Not only can Steak utilise the power of his scanned vehicle, he improves on its speed and endurance. Because of this he uses his vehicle mode as a weapon in battle, racing towards the Destrons taking them by surprise them with his speed. Highly confident of his speed and will always join in with car races approved by Convoy. As well as having amazing driving performance he takes safety seriously and will reprimand those who are driving dangerously. “Streak” is an English term that means “flash of lightning” derived from his fast aggressive style.

Robot Mode: Streak (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Function: Gunner
Motto: “I never met a Destron I didn’t dislike.”
Streak is a cheerful and talkative warrior who is the best Cybertron marksman. He is equipped with heavy weaponry from his Disperser Rifle to his Electro Bolts which specialise in long range attacks. A bothersome opponent for the aerial Destrons, even for Condor who enjoys tormenting the Cybertron ground force, he has no chance when up against Streak’s anti-aircraft fire. Streak is haunted by memories of watching the Destrons destroy his hometown; his hatred for the Destrons is so strong that he is eager to annihilate them. Streak originally had a laid back demeanour and was a pacifist but he couldn't allow the Destron threat to become widespread, which is the reason he supported the Cybertron cause. Even when facing an enemy combiner he will remain steadfast along with the main Cybertron army. Unfortunately when painful memories flash in front of his eyes his bravery dissipates and he quickly loses his fighting spirit. Drowns his fears and memories by talking non stop during battle and maintaining a cheerful persona to keep his mental health in check.

Weapon: Electro Bolt (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
These are Streaks two shoulder cannons. Long range weapons which electrifies the air between the barrel and target resulting in a powerful charged particle beam. With an output of 80,000 volts he can pierce a hole 3m deep in a concrete wall 20km away. In episode 6, “S.O.S. Cybertrons!” he used them to disperse acid rain clouds as well as fire at Acid Storm and the others who had manipulated the weather from far above. Streak is an accurate shot even if the target is at a long distance; in episode 5 “The Return of Megatron” he hit both Starscream and Thundercracker who had retreated and flown up high in the sky.

Weapon: Disperser Rifle (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
This is a downsized handheld version of Streaks “Electro Bolt” shoulder cannons. This weapon has great accuracy as seen in episode 62 “Day of Destruction Part 2” where he shot and hit Condor who had kidnapped Spike. As the weapon in principle is the same as the shoulder cannons it is often called “Electro Bolt”. By reducing the weapon’s output he can use it to instantly recharge his fellow Cybertrons.

Other Versions of Masterpiece Streak

MP-18 Streak (Takara Tomy, 2013)

MP-18S Silverstreak (Takara Tomy, 2014)

MP-18B Bluestreak (Takara Tomy, 2015)

MP-06 Bluestreak (Hasbro, 2015)

Source: eBay

MP-18+ Streak (Takara Tomy, 2019)

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