Saturday, 18 March 2023

Metalhawk (Legacy Evolution, 2023)


Autobot Metalhawk
Alt Mode: Jet
Function: Space Commander
Special Unit: Pretender
Origin Universe: G1

Signature Weapon: Titanium Saber
Capable of piercing through any substance with incredible ease 

Metalhawk is the fearless leader of the Autobot Pretenders, tirelessly fighting to spread freedom throughout the universe.
STR...9; INT..10; SPD...10; FBL...9

Wednesday, 8 March 2023

Dead End BT-05 (Binaltech, 2004)


Profile (Translated from the Character Card) 
BT-05 Destron Soldier Dead End

● Function: Soldier
● Transformation: Dodge Viper Competition Coupe
Through advanced brainwashing technology, the Destron’s secretly oversaw the production of an evil Binaltech soldier at one of the humans research institutes. Brave and courageous but at the same time, pessimistic. He sees no logic in a war doomed for mutual destruction. Destroying enemies who stand against him is nothing more than a minor distraction for him. Although he has lost the ability to combine due to the Binaltech conversion and calibration tests, he feels an attachment to his new body and fears that one day he will have to return to his old body and rejoin the Stuntrons.
● Weapon: Compressor Air Gun
STR...7; INT...6; SPD...8; END...7; RNK...5; CRG...9; FPR...9; SKL...7

Tech Spec values are taken from Hirofumi Ichikawa's initial notes

Sunday, 5 March 2023

Tonkanator (G1 Crossovers, 2022)


Function: Warrior
"Enemies don't stand a chance when you're built to take on the toughest jobs!"
Mega Dozer, Power Digger, Motorload, Skyhook, Mega Hauler, and Motormix combine to form the mighty Tonkanator!
STR...9; INT...6; SPD...8; FBL...8