Monday, 14 November 2022

Bluestreak BT-19 (Binaltech, 2008)

Profile (Translated from the Character Bio)
BT-19 Cybertron Bluestreak

● Function: Gunner
● Transformation: Subaru Impreza WRX
● Weapon: Ion Charged Diffusion Rifle
Streak is a warrior well known for his marksmanship and talkative nature. Hailing from the original timeline, separate from that of the Binaltech warriors, he is on a mission to save the lives of his comrades. As the existence of the Binaltech world is classified for the inhabitants of the “Official World”, only his core unit was transported to this world where he was given a Binaltech body so he could carry out local missions. Here, he became “Bluestreak”. The name is an expression of “tedious talk” as well as “blue line”. Amongst his many codenames, this one accurately represents his personality.
STR...6; INT...6; SPD...7; END...7; RNK...5; CRG...2; FPR...9; SKL...7; TTL…51

Sunday, 23 October 2022

Lambor BT-02 (Binaltech, 2003)

BT-02 Cybertron Warrior Lambor
● Function: Warrior
● Transformation: Dodge Viper SRT-10
The second Cybertron Warrior, revived through a special project from DaimlerChrysler’s engineering team, PVO. After a thorough analysis of Transformer technology and using their own unique conversion technology, the finished product was a high performance robot, the likes of which had not been seen before in human history. In robot mode his backpack and the repulsion panels on his legs allow him to fly for short periods of time. Because of his recklessness, a complete backup system was put in place with a dedicated spare parts production line.
● Weapon(s): Electro Pulse Gun
STR...6; INT...7; SPD...7; END...7; RNK...5; CRG...10; FPR...7; SKL...6

Tech Spec values are taken from Hirofumi Ichikawa's initial notes

Sunday, 2 October 2022

Convoy x Melissa BTA-04 (Kiss Players, 2006)

Cybertron General Commander Convoy
● Function: Former General Commander
● Transformation: Dodge SRT-10
As the General Commander of the Cybertron army, he led his troop into battle but in 2005 he was killed during the Unicron War and his spark became one with the Matrix. His body was impounded by the E.D.C (Earth Defence Command) but a kiss from Melissa, a Kiss Player, revived him. Her abilities made Convoy an expert “knife wielder”. Can Convoy bridge the divide between humanity and the Transformers? Convoy’s body was restored with a mysterious parisitech fusion which joined the Convoy unit with an Earth made artificial Transformer. The whereabouts of the other two units that composed him (Roller and Combat Deck), have not been confirmed.
● Weapon(s): Convoy Gun / Surf Blade

Monday, 12 September 2022

Arcee BT-21 (Binaltech, 2008)

Profile (Translated from the Character Bio) 
BT-21 Cybertron Arcee

● Function: Warrior
● Transformation: Honda S2000
● Weapon(s): Dart Storm Gun; Riot Shield
On one hand Arcee is kind hearted and loyal on the other hand she is a ruthless warrior towards her enemies. Her Binaltech body was given to her as an expendable shell so she could participate in high risk experiments for Binaltech research which has now become the subject of a global technological competition. The Binaltech body is tough enough to withstand hostile environments and unforeseen disasters but in an emergency her life core is quickly transferred to a safe environment. In combat, this body is not suited for the psychological games she was inherently good at but its resilience is extremely useful. Her main weapon, the Dart Storm Gun, is a powerful firearm which can continuously fire rounds of bullets from the long barrel by using electronic ignition.
STR...6; INT...8; SPD...8; END...9; RNK...5; CRG...8; FBL...9; SKL...7; TTL…60

Saturday, 3 September 2022

Smokescreen BT-01 (Binaltech, 2003)

Profile (Translated from the Character Card) 
BT-01 Cybertron Tactician Smokescreen

● Function: Tactician
● Transformation: Subaru Impreza WRC 2003
The first Cybertron warrior to be restored through the Binaltech Project. With the exception of the quantum computer in his brain and his main weapon, he was completely re-engineered in Japan by Fuji Heavy Industries and STi to completely reproduce Smokescreen’s original functionality. In vehicle mode he can reach speeds of 230 km/h and fire smoke grenades from his tailpipe. He has always been able to dispel his comrades fears and anxieties and now his restoration is a huge encouragement to the rest of the Cybertron warriors and the development team.
● Weapon: Electro Disruptor Rifle