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Hasbro has always had a close working relationship with Takara. From the 1970's Takara licensed Hasbro's 12 inch G.I Joe and rebranded them as "Combat Joe Real Action Figure Series". In 1983 Hasbro in turn licensed the Diaclone Real & Robo and the Micro Change line from Takara and released them in 1984 as the Transformers. After the success of the Transformers, Takara also released them in Japan. Takara's and Hasbro's Transformers followed very similar releases until after 1987 when Takara started releasing very different Transformers from Hasbro. After Takara's Car Robots were released just as Hasbro were releasing the Beast Machines in 2000, the tide turned and both companies started working collaboratively to create a consistent Transformers series. Starting in 2002 Transformers Armada / Micron Densetsu was released and the following year in 2003, both the Binaltech and Masterpiece series debuted.

The Binaltech series was Hasbro's idea to have licensed versions of real world cars and update the G1 cast in 1:24 scale. The first prototype made was Jazz and was a Porsche 986. When Takara were requesting permissions from car manufacturers, Volkswagen refused to grant permission which also meant the new design for Bumblebee would be scrapped. The second Binaltech which was in design stage was Tracks, however Chevrolet also refused permission and Tracks was reworked as a Dodge Viper SRT-10. Mid development however Chevrolet changed their minds granting permission and the Dodge Viper was changed to Lambor (Sideswipe). 

Hasbro intended that Streak (Silverstreak) would be the first release, however Takara insisted the WRC version of Smokescreen should be released instead. Another change between Hasbro and Takara that was made were the materials the toys were made of. Whereas Hasbro used plastic for the Alternators, Takara opted to use die cast metal. Takara did this to help their domestic sales with a more premium looking product as well as to tempt model car enthusiasts.


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