Tuesday 31 March 2015

Grandstand Convertors: Omegatron, Mechabot-1 & Omega Supreme

Omegatron is probably the most evil mutant in the entire universe. He is the dark master of all other Convertors.
His great powers enable him to convert into three different forms, each with many other variations.
The first of his main forms is the motorised Omega Space-Tank which is a powerful fighting vehicle with rotating gun turret.
The second form is the Omega Space Command-Centre made up of a rocket and track system around which the Omega Space-Tank patrols.
Finally, there is Omegatron himself, a fearsome motorised robot with glowing head, movable arms, and wings that can be changed to many different formations.

Saturday 14 March 2015

Scramble City

There were several new toys designed for a new Diaclone sub-line which were supposed to be released in 1985 but after Hasbros success with the Transformer line when it launched in 1984 Takara dropped the Diaclone line and Transformers debuted in Japan in 1985.