Saturday, 14 March 2015

Scramble City

There were several new toys designed for a new Diaclone sub-line which were supposed to be released in 1985 but after Hasbros success with the Transformer line when it launched in 1984 Takara dropped the Diaclone line and Transformers debuted in Japan in 1985.

The cancelled Diaclone line would have been called "Free Combination" featuring a transforming city, and four teams of combining robots.

By the end of 1985 Hasbro had used most of the back catalogue of Takaras Diaclone and Micro Change toy lines, however in 1986 they released the figures which were meant for the Free Combination toy line - Metroplex, Superion, Defensor, Bruticus and Menasor. The previous combiner teams released in the Diaclone line (Devastator & Raiden) could only combine in a set format; these new combining teams had a large robot for the body but the smaller robots which turned into limbs could interchange with each of the larger robots as well as being able to be the arm or leg, so you can create a variety of transformations. This gimmick has been revitalised with Hasbros 2015 "Combiner Wars" toy line.

The smaller robots could also combine with Metroplex in his robot mode as well as interacting with Metroplex's city mode. Furthermore each of the 4 larger robots had a third "base" mode and all four can link up with Metroplex in his city mode simultaneously.

While Metroplex, Superion and Defensor were on the Autobot side, Bruticus and Menasor joined the Decepticon ranks. To balance out the Decepticon side, one of the new moulds released in 1986 was Trypticon. Like Metroplex he had a city mode and a battle station mode. Additionally he was motorised and could walk in robot/dinosaur mode. Motormaster and Onslaught can join up with Trypticon in city mode but this seems more an afterthought. There are two "connector" accessories which attach to Trypticon to allow Motormaster and Onslaught to connect.

Named "Super Strong" Metroplex in his instructions.

City mode.

Battle Station mode

Silverbolt base mode

Hot Spot base mode

Onslaught base mode

Motormaster base mode


Decepticon City

Battle Station

Onslaught Base mode

Motormaster Base mode


  1. I really enjoyed this write up. It's nice to see collectors showcasing these vintage gems. Keep up the great work!

  2. Thanks for the gestalt base mode pics. Never seen them all before.

  3. The Onslaught in the pictures is G1 or Encore?

    1. The Combaticons and Onslaught in the photographs are the Encore versions.