Friday, 28 June 2019

Masterpiece Wheeljack (anime colour edition) MP-20+

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-20+ Cybertron Mechanical Engineer / Wheeljack
Function: Mechanical Engineer
Motto: "Never do what your enemy expects you to do."
Wheeljack is the Cybertrons resident mad scientist immersed in science and technology and has a talent for coming up with strange inventions. Both his knowledge and inventions have led the Cybertrons to victory on many an occasion. Joins in with espionage, fighting the Destrons and repairing fellow Cybertrons after battle. At times he can be stubborn but he is dependable.
STR...6; INT...6; SPD...7; END...9; RNK...5; CRG...2; FBL...9; SKL...7

Sunday, 9 June 2019

Megatron (Generation 2, 1993)

Function: Decepticon Leader
Motto: "Everything the Autobots have is rightly mine!"
Megatron is the ultimate tyrant. His genius and greed fuel his desire for ultimate supremacy, and so he leads the Decepticons in a battle to overcome his arch enemies, the Autobots. Armed with lasers and missiles he fights for control, and in tank mode is an impenetrable force using canons and explosives to invade the Autobots territory.
STR:9; INT:9; SPD:4; END:9; RNK:10; CRG:7; FPR:10; SKL:6

Saturday, 8 June 2019

Legendary Optimus Prime (Bumblebee Movie, 2018)

Legendary Optimus Prime was revealed at the Hong Kong Ani-Com & Games exhibition in July 2018 and was initially thought to be a repaint and minor remould of the 2014 Voyager Evasion Mode Optimus Prime until it was later confirmed to be a larger mould. The figure was released in Japan in October 2018 retailing for 6,800 Yen.