Sunday, 31 August 2014

G1 Megatron

I've always liked the original Megatron, even the awkward looking robot mode with the suspect trigger placement. Having never owned one when I was younger (just as well as I would probably have broken it) I had to make do looking through the catalogues which came with the early figures, being fascinated how the robot turns into a thin gun mode.  Luckily the internet came along with the likes of Yahoo auctions and eBay giving me have the chance to finally own one, and now I have more than I probably should.

The Real Walther P-38

Megatron is a Walther P-38 pistol, slightly smaller than the real-life counterpart. The Walther P-38 started production in 1938 in Germany at the beginning of World War II as service pistols for the German army. These were predominantly black unlike the chromed finish of Megatron.

Walther P-38. Source: Wikipedia