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Dead End BT-05 (Binaltech, 2004)


Profile (Translated from the Character Card) 
BT-05 Destron Soldier Dead End

● Function: Soldier
● Transformation: Dodge Viper Competition Coupe
Through advanced brainwashing technology, the Destron’s secretly oversaw the production of an evil Binaltech soldier at one of the humans research institutes. Brave and courageous but at the same time, pessimistic. He sees no logic in a war doomed for mutual destruction. Destroying enemies who stand against him is nothing more than a minor distraction for him. Although he has lost the ability to combine due to the Binaltech conversion and calibration tests, he feels an attachment to his new body and fears that one day he will have to return to his old body and rejoin the Stuntrons.
● Weapon: Compressor Air Gun
STR...7; INT...6; SPD...8; END...7; RNK...5; CRG...9; FPR...9; SKL...7

Tech Spec values are taken from Hirofumi Ichikawa's initial notes

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BT-05 Dead End was released in July 2004 and is a heavy retool and repaint of BT-02 Lambor. The original Dead End was a maroon Porsche 928S with a yellow/silver racing stripe and this updated version is very different. 

G1 Dead End (1986)

The Binaltech version of Dead End is a Dodge Viper Competition Coupe and this mode combined with the black and silver colour with red tinted windows looks incredible and is probably one of the best looking cars in the entire Binaltech series. Although this is a recolour, the new hard top roof and rear wing and other mould changes really make this look very different from Lambor (Side Swipe). These new elements do make the transformation slightly different from Lambor as well.

In robot mode Dead End looks very familiar, especially the head sculpt. Hasbro & Takara had intended this character to be Sunstreaker but in order to increase the Decepticon forces, a few changes were made. A test shot in red plastic surfaced which appeared to be Sunstreaker as there was a moulded Autobot logo on the chest. 

On the final figure for Dead End the insignia was printed on both the Alternators and Binaltech versions. Sunstreaker was released the following year in 2005 and also featured the tampographed insignia rather than the moulded version from the test shot.

Dead End does look good in robot mode and it is here where the designers added nods to the original colours for Dead End with the black and gold head and red arms. When you know the characters the Sunstreaker head can be a bit jarring but it does fit in with the Binaltech story with the Destrons stealing the Binaltech bodies. Like Lambor, Dead End's posability is very limited, certainly by modern standards. The Binaltech cars are replica model cars and these robot modes do present a good model robot. 

The one issue I have with this mould which was not present with Lambor is the windscreen chest not locking into place. With Lambor the soft top cover worked to lock the windscreen in place but with the new hard top in place, this is no longer in place. This does hurt the figure especially when moving the arms.

Fans would eventually get to see an Alternator and Binaltech Sunstreaker the following year in 2005.


Back of the box

Transformers Binaltech
The transforming car robots were the core product of the original Transformers. Now they have been upgraded for the modern era with fully licensed vehicle modes. The vehicle mode is 1/24 scale with opening and closing doors as well as a detailed interior. The car is fully painted to reproduce the quality of the real car with a finish to match that of a scale model. The robot mode is fully articulated allowing you to enjoy various action poses. 

Instruction Manual Page 1 & 2 (Same text as the back of the box)

Dodge Viper Competition Coupe
This is a faithful recreation of the “Competition Coupe”, the latest model of the new generation Viper which was completely remodelled in 2002. The hardtop, open air scoop and powerful rear wing give it a more dynamic styling. Aerodynamic parts such as the large front spoiler, rear venturi tunnel and air splitter have also been precisely recreated. Most of the vehicle mode parts such as the exclusive aluminium wheels feature an all new design. 

Destron Dead End BT-05
Binaltech’s first evil Transformer has emerged with the ability to transform into a Viper Competition Coupe! Dead End, the Stuntron Warrior is a Destron whose own origin story mirrors the Binaltech concept of having the body of a stolen Earth-made vehicle. 

The two racing stripes create the impression of a traditional race car. 

Numerous air outlets on the hood to vent the heated air demonstrates the power of the engine. 

The side exhausts which were present on the original model have been reinstated and are much larger than the normal “SRT-10”. 

Various aerodynamic parts on the rear have been significantly upgraded from the normal version. 

As well as holding the weapon, the posable hands can be used for a variety of expressions. 

The Viper’s traditional red cylinder block and intake manifold transforms into a Compressor Air Gun. 

The robot head has striking eyes and it can move freely with the use of a ball joint.

Instruction Manual Page 9 & 10

The first Binaltech Destron was created by the American institute, Symultech Industries, who had appropriated and modified a Binaltech body. This was already under development before Starscream took control. After his personality data had been successfully implanted, Dead End continued to conceal his true identity and was officially registered as BT-05 after undergoing EDC’s field tests!

His portable Compressor Air Gun is an impact weapon which blasts high-energy compressed air to knock down structures and enemy warriors. The receiver tank is made of a pressure-resistant and heat-resistant alloy made by Symultech. This enables the pressure to be increased to 4.6 tons per square centimetre. Additionally the two energy blasters built into his backpack have enough power to punch a hole in a 2m thick steel wall.

His vehicle mode can reach speeds of up to 360km/h and retains the Stuntrons unique abilities such as the exterior reinforced with an automatic force-field and acrobatic capabilities thanks to the low-power anti-gravity generator. He is also equipped with a radar which can detect movement within a 320km radius as well as being able to store the collected topographical information in its memory banks. This allows him to lure the enemy into a dead end. 


Arise! Evil Binaltech's
It had once seemed that the Destrons had been wiped out of the solar system thanks to the combined efforts of the EDC and the Cybertron Warriors. However, although defeated, they spread out and hid away in temporary bases across various planets quietly waiting for their chance to strike back. Meanwhile on Earth, the evil scientist, Doctor Arkeville and other dangerous members of humanity formed a secret organisation with the goal to dismantle the alliance between the EDC and the Cybertrons. Their first step was to cause the collapse of the Binaltech Project, the symbol of the Alliance. Starscream, the Destron Earth Attack Commander was the first to detect this secret organisation and approached his former collaborator, Arkeville, to form a temporary alliance as they shared a similar goal. Thus another alliance was formed, filled with mistrust and malice. Combining Arkeville’s “Hypnochip”, a hypnosis device, and Bombshell’s “Cerebroshell”, they were able to create advanced brainwashing technology. The Evil Alliance stealthily took control over several industrial cities and scientific institutes as well as turning several EDC members into spies. The aim was to revive the wounded Destrons Warriors by using the Binaltech Project itself! And now people completely unaware that they are under enemy control have led to the creation of fearsome villains. The Binaltech Project, once the hope for mankind, is facing its toughest crisis! 

The Viper is the flagship model of DaimlerChrysler’s Dodge Division and along with the Corvette, is one of two iconic American sports cars. With its long front nose, short deck and at nearly 2 metres wide and large doors, it truly is an “American muscle Car” revived for the modern era. The heart of the Viper which exerts a powerful torque and small turning radius is the aluminium V10 engine, which evolved from a truck engine and boasts an 8.3 litre displacement and more than 500 horsepower. It is the most powerful sports car in production today with its ultra-powerful big block paired with a 6 speed manual transmission. Despite the FR layout, the long nose proportions allow the large heavy engine to be positioned near the centre of the body resulting in a 50:50 weight balance, front to rear ratio. Even today they are made almost entirely by hand at a dedicated factory with a production of around 2,000 units per year.

The Viper made its first public appearance at the Detroit Auto Show in January 1989 and became a symbol of hope for the American car manufacturers, who at the time, were being eclipsed by the Japanese car manufacturers. It was also the catalyst for Chyslers resurgence in the 1990’s. Its development was undertaken by “Team Viper”, an unusually small group of people for a major car manufacturer. At the time the big three car manufacturers used its development as a testbed to produce a high performance car in a relatively short space of time while cutting back on waste. Also involved were Carroll Shelby who had created the legendary American sports car the “Shelby Cobra” and Lamborghini. In 1992, four years after the exhibition of the concept car, the RT/10 Roadster was launched followed by the GTS in 1996, a high performance coupe-type and then in 1997 by the GTS-R, a dedicated race car. It boasted unbelievable power on the racetrack and achieved incredible results in numerous endurance races, including class victories at Le Mans in 1998 and 2000 and its overall victory at Daytona. It is currently in a dead heat with its good rival, the Corvette.

Length: 4676mm
Width: 2009mm 
Height: 1191mm 
Wheelbase: 2515mm 
Weight: 1360kg 
Engine: OHC-V10
Bore x Stroke: 102x101mm 
Total Displacement: 8275cc 
Maximum Output: 520ps/5600rpm 
Maximum Torque: 74.7kgm / 4600rpm 
Compression Ratio: 9.06:1
Transmission: 6 Speed MT 
Wheels: Aluminium Alloy 
Fuel Tank Capacity: 100L
Maximum Speed: 309km/h

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