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Convoy BT-22 (Binaltech, 2008)

Profile (Translated from the Character Bio) 
BT-22 Cybertron Convoy

● Function: General Commander
● Transformation: Dodge Ram SRT-10
● Weapon(s): Ion Blaster
Ultra Magnus assumed control of the Matrix and the Cybertron army, while Convoy chose to observe and support the fate of the Binaltech world. Convoy adopted a new body reverse-engineered from a scan of his arch-enemy, Black Convoy, becoming a fresh Binaltech warrior. This illustrates his unwavering resolve to never tolerate the presence of "Evil Convoy" and serves as his solemn vow to defeat him. When his spark merges with the emissary from the future, known as the "Protector," his combat abilities are maximised. He can absorb, store, and retaliate against enemy attacks, and he's also capable of launching shuriken-shaped light bullets from his abdomen. These unique abilities are not part of the original Binaltech design.
STR...10; INT...10; SPD...8; END...10; RNK...10; CRG...10; FBL...8; SKL...10; TTL…76 


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Optimus Prime's appearance in Alternators in 2006 and as Kiss Players Convoy x Melissa in Japan in the same year marked significant releases for the franchise. It's worth noting that neither of these iterations incorporated any die-cast metal components. Interestingly, this period seemed to signify the conclusion of the Binaltech line. 

Initial "teaser" of BT-22 Convoy

However, in 2007, Takara surprised fans with the exclusive release of BT-17 Black Convoy at Wonder Festival Winter. The year 2008 brought leaked images that hinted at the forthcoming final additions to the Binaltech lineup, BT-21 Arcee and BT-22 Convoy. 

Although Convoy was initially scheduled for release in July 2008, this date was subsequently postponed to October 2008. Upon first interaction with this figure, one cannot help but notice its substantial size and weight compared to other Binaltech figures. Those who had never previously owned the elusive BT-17 Black Convoy might find themselves taken aback by its heft, which also happens to be one of the drawbacks of this particular figure. 

Kiss Players Convoy was notably tight and somewhat cumbersome to manipulate. In contrast, BT-22 Convoy offered a more straightforward transformation process but exhibited a looser construction, necessitating caution when dealing with moving parts to prevent any damage to the paint. In vehicle mode, Convoy is undeniably impressive. 

The inclusion of die-cast metal components lends an unmistakable solidity to the figure, distinguishing it from its plastic counterparts. Notably, the rear number plate now bears the name "Dodge," distinguishing it from BTA-04 Convoy, which simply featured "Convoy." 

The transformation process is relatively straightforward and more forgiving than that of Kiss Players Convoy, thanks to improved tolerances. However, it's worth noting that the doors have a tendency to pop off, a quirk not present in the Kiss Players version. Additionally, the tailgate is quite loose, which can be inconvenient as these components form the robot's heels. 

In conclusion, BT-22 Convoy may excel as a scale model car but falls short in terms of poseability and can be cumbersome due to its substantial weight.



Translated from the rear of the box:-

Transformers Binaltech 
Introduced in 2003, the "Binaltech" series garnered praise from both Transformers fans and model car enthusiasts. It has now made a return, take a closer look. The premium presentation maintains the inclusion of die-cast (metal) parts. The vehicle (automobile) mode has been faithfully reproduced under the car manufacturers' supervision, complete with opening and closing doors and a steering mechanism linked to the front left and right wheels. In robot mode, the articulation enables a wide range of action poses for your enjoyment. Experience the incredible transformations brought to life by the ever-evolving design of the "Transformers" series.

This model accurately captures the commanding design of the Dodge Ram SRT-10, acknowledged as the fastest production pickup truck by the Guinness Book of World Records. With the genuine sports car prowess of the "Viper" at its core, it stands as North America's most sought-after pickup truck. The Flame Red body colour mirrors the authentic vehicle's iconic hue, harmonising seamlessly with this character's identity.

Cybertron Convoy
The name "Generation One Convoy" remains remarkably popular. General Commander Convoy, known from the original series "Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers," finally appears as the 22nd addition to the Binaltech series. It maintains the rugged and formidable aura of its earlier transformation into a trailer truck but now transforms into a Dodge Ram. The colour scheme has been carefully chosen to pay homage to the original Convoy's appearance. Utilising an abundance of die-cast parts, it proudly holds the title of the heaviest in the Binaltech series, accentuating its robust design.

  • The substantial 22-inch cast aluminium wheels and disc brake rotors have been faithfully replicated.

  • It features several familiar symbols from recent Dodge Vipers, including the cross on the front grille and the power bulge on the hood, which together create a commanding presence.

  • It also includes two rear spoiler mufflers, a distinctive feature not commonly found on pickup trucks.

Binaltech Story “Unfinished Business” Part 4

The enigmatic substance stemming from the Timaeus Project was christened "Alternium." Though its outward appearance resembled that of a car door mirror, extensive research revealed a more profound truth – Alternium was an element hailing from a higher dimension, its actual magnitude far surpassing its visible form, with only a fraction seeping into our world. According to Arcee, this elusive substance held the key to birthing a super-entity known as "Alternity," a prospect set to unfold in the distant future. 

Even with a wealth of data at our disposal, our comprehension of controlling or harnessing this enigma remained in obscurity. Commander Convoy urged patience in our quest for answers, emphasising, "The path ahead is clear. It's time to put an end to the Binaltech rivalry sweeping the globe." 

Stepping forward, Wheeljack declared, "Then the moment has arrived to utilise my Omega Unit!" 

On the border of an Australian city, Black Convoy initiated a machine intricately woven into the urban landscape. "Initiate Mind Transfer," this device was capable of separating the human psyche from its corporeal shell and storing it within a crystal reactor, with the aim of constructing an artificial Matrix. With a steely resolve, he vowed, "If this experiment succeeds, the Cybertrons will be next." His eyes locked onto the Protectors' enclosure beside him. However, just as the separation sequence commenced, the device inexplicably halted. The Destrons sensed something awry and realised they were encircled by Cybertrons, led by Ultra Magnus. He sternly rebuked, "This deceitful scheme will not prevail!" 

The Omega Unit, in essence, was Earth itself. Wheeljack had bound his life force to the planet's intricate network of power grids, forming a singular living entity. Utilising his profound cognitive abilities, he unearthed and thwarted all the malevolent Binaltech research infecting the planet. Across the globe, EDC forces, under Prowl's guidance, conducted their own raids. 

"I'll settle this with Black Convoy once and for all.” Convoy declared in the midst of chaos. “You challenge me using my own form? My current power pales in comparison to what it once was!" Black Convoy activated his spectral armour, launching a preemptive assault on Convoy. The clash led to Convoy crashing into a mechanical apparatus and landing by the river's edge. In that crucial moment, the Protector, saved by Arcee, soared through the air and merged with Convoy upon landing, fusing with his laser core. Convoy felt an eerie sense of familiarity. "This fusion of Sparks... it feels like I've experienced it in the distant past. You saved me then as well." The immense power emanating from the fusion spark enveloped Convoy like an aura, allowing him to rise. "The seeds of the future are already within our grasp. Binaltech will never grant you greater power." With both arms, he absorbed Black Convoy's attack and the soaring energy rays, redirecting them at his adversary. Black Convoy was overwhelmed and ultimately fragmented into pieces. 

The Cybertrons erupted in jubilation, while Starscream and the other Seekers gathered their comrade's wreckage and hastily departed. 

"Well, my friends, have we resolved everything?" Convoy inquired. "Commander, what do you think? I'm feeling quite content right now and can't imagine anything else. Let's regroup tomorrow!" Ultra Magnus issued the command, and the Cybertron army set forth down the road, disappearing into the sunset. At the very end, Grimlock experienced a nagging sensation, as if he had forgotten something of great importance.

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