Sunday 6 August 2023

Jhiaxus (Legacy, 2022)

Decepticon Jhiaxus
Alt Mode: Cybertronian Jet
Function: Conqueror
Origin Universe: G2
Jhiaxus is a calculated strategist, with a vision of a united Cybertron spread across the universe.
STR...8; INT...6; SPD...6; FBL...9

Jhiaxus, a character created by writer Simon Furman for the Transformers Generation 2 comics published by Marvel, made his debut in September 1993. Jhiaxus is portrayed as a cold and calculating individual, renowned for his ruthlessness and ambition. A master manipulator skilled in both combat tactics and scientific endeavours, he plays a crucial role in leading the Decepticons against the Autobots and other foes. His defining trait is an obsession with perfection and the creation of new Transformers. 

As a scientist, he relentlessly pursues advancing the Decepticon cause through experimentation and the development of more powerful warriors. Throughout the comic series, Jhiaxus clashes with other Transformers, both Decepticons and Autobots, due to his radical methods and extreme ideology. His actions and decisions often alienate him from other Decepticons, even his subordinates, as he shows little regard for the lives of his fellow warriors. 

In 2003, Jhiaxus was first released in the Robots in Disguise line as a Deluxe Class figure, repainted from the Beast Machines Jetstorm. This version differs significantly from the comic, featuring an orange, grey, and black colour scheme. 

In 2014, a new Deluxe Class Jhiaxus figure was released, featuring an orange redeco of the Thrilling 30 Armada Starscream. This version included retooled wings and a robot head more closely resembling the original comic design. 

The Legacy series released Jhiaxus again in 2022, this time with an original mould based on his appearance in the comic. The toy reflects the exaggerated art style from the comic, particularly in the head sculpt. Notably, the robot fists have opening and closing hands, a pleasant surprise at this price point. 

The overall articulation is excellent, and Jhiaxus comes with two weapons: a smokey translucent rifle and a larger red rifle, both of which can combine and store in robot and jet modes. The front of the shoulder-mounted sensor can also detach and attach to the front of the red rifle. 

The robot mode boasts few hollow parts, notably the wrists and the back of the legs have covered parts. The transformation process is satisfying without being overly complicated, though some concern arises regarding the translucent plastic chest. Overall, this figure is fantastic, and I hope to see more comic-inspired creations in the Legacy line.

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