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Masterpiece Dia Burnout MP-53+B

Profile (Translated from the Character Card)  
MP-53+B Cybertron Munitions Expert Dia Burnout
● Function: Munitions Expert
● Motto: “Skills and experience lead to congruity.”
● Profile:
Once a piloted mobile weapon which belonged to another universe’s Earth Defence Agency. After pursuing enemy forces across dimensions, upon their arrival back on Earth, there was a teleportation accident which saw the mobile weapon physically fuse with its human pilot. Now Dia Burnout, both man and machine, embarks on a quest through the galaxy with the help of the Cybertrons to rescue the partner trapped within her.
STR...6; INT...7; SPD...7; END...8; RNK...5; CRG...8; FPR...9; SKL...7


Source: eBay

Four months following the release of the Diaclone Car Robot Honda City R (aka Crosscut), the Honda City Turbo was released in February 1983. The City was released in three colours, black, red and the familiar blue. The boxes for all three are identical and the box art depicts the black Honda City Turbo so the black version may have been released before the red and blue versions. The black Honda City Turbo is also the hardest to find out of the three, especially the accessories. Another factor that makes this black version rare is that it was only released in Japan.

Scan courtesy of Twitter user @_necronomitron_. Source

An early prototype shown in one of the Diaclone Car Robot catalogues also depicted the red Honda City R painted black with the silver Honda City R's head.

Over the years many of the old Car Robots that did not see an original Transformers release have been retrospectively added to the story. One of the first of these was Crosscut in 2002. In 2015 the black Honda City Turbo did not exactly see a release, however a figure was released as a homage to the original. One of the Botcon 2015 exclusives was a black repaint of the Deluxe Class 2013 Autobot Skids which was named Burn Out, a new female Transformer / mech. Burn Out was sold in a set with Lift-Ticket (based on the red Diaclone "Hoist"). Also available at Botcon that year was Burn Out's partner "Dia" who was named in Burn Out's accompanying profile and came with Sgt Hound (redeco of the 2014 Deluxe Class Thrilling 30 Autobot Scoop). Dia however was a redeco of Targetmaster Caliburst.

Burn Out & Dia's story was quite interesting in that they were from the Diaclone universe and Burn Out was a piloted mecha with an advanced AI based on Dia's personality.

In June 2022 a new version of Burn Out was revealed in the Transformers Legacy: Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection. This version was named "Diaclone Universe Burn Out" and was a black redeco of Legacy Skids although it had Crosscuts head sculpt. Legacy Crosscut was released the following year.

In August 2022 Takara Tomy unveiled a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive, MP-53+B Dia Burnout, a black repaint of MP-53 Skids with a new head sculpt. Dia Burnout was released in March 2023 and is the fourth Honda City in the Masterpiece line. Dia Burnout comes packaged in vehicle mode with matt black accessories which was an interesting choice. 

Also included in a hologram pilot which is a translucent orange version of Carly who was included with MP-44 Convoy. One issue with mine is the arms fall off when you try and move them so this small figure was certainly not fun to handle.

Luckily the Motocompo came included as well. Despite this being the fourth version of the mould everything holds together well and the gloss black finish gives it a premium feel. As with the other Honda City cars the boot, bonnet and doors can all open and the Motocompo or all the weapons can be stored in the rear of the car.

Another nice homage included with this figure is the character card art. The background shows the tunnel featured in the 1980's Diaclone TV advert, as well as Spinout flying out of the tunnel, albeit behind the Transformers logo.

Still from the Car Robot television advert

In robot mode Dia Burnout's head sculpt is based on the original toy and looks fantastic. The set also comes with a sticker set with three Autobot / Cybertron insignias. As Dia Burnout is technically not a Transformer you are given the option to add one to the bonnet. One of the insignias is the G2 version as a reference to the included story where Dia Burnout was restored using "G2 Technology". The smaller insignia is for the Motocompo.

Overall this is a fantastic release and a welcome addition to a Masterpiece collection.


The fourth City is female? (Translated from the back of the box)  
Transforming into a striking black Honda City Turbo, “Munitions Expert Dia Burnout” is a Cybertron Warrior created in recent overseas fiction. The character is a homage to the black version of the 1980’s Diaclone “Car Robot No.9 Honda City Turbo”. It first appeared in the official American Transformers convention at Botcon 2015 as an exclusive figure named Burn Out. As well as the combat mecha Burnout, its pilot, “Dia”, has also been made into a figure and were both sold in two different sets amongst the Botcon exclusives available that year. Using the Japanese versions for comparisons, they were both redecos of Transformers Legends “LG20 Skids” and the Targetmaster partner who came with Transformers Adventure “TAV07 Roadblock”. In the comic released at the same time, Burnout was one of the robots who visited Axiom Nexus, a Seibertron city which was used as a hub for dimensional travellers, both good and evil Transformers. Burn Out was portrayed as a mysterious figure who worked undercover with her partner, “Lift Ticket”. This Masterpiece version is a double homage figure, inheriting its character from the oversea comic, a “female pilot and a combat mecha with an advanced AI copy of her personality”. It also features a new head sculpt but it has always been intended to be a homage of the original black Honda City Turbo. This is the first time the Turbo model has been released in its original form. 

Honda City Turbo (Translated from the back of the box)  
The “City” is a 3 door hatchback compact car announced by Honda Company Co.,Ltd in 1981. It adopted a “Tall Boy” design to accommodate a large interior space. Its unique design was a massive hit, especially amongst the younger generation. The City Turbo which was released the following year in 1982 became the car model for Skids. The newer model incorporated a different shaped grill and bonnet with a power bulge. Many other variations derived from the initial car model such as the Turbo II, nicknamed the “Bulldog” and the convertible Cabriolet. This famous car representing the Shōwa era has many admirers.

Length: 3,380mm
Width: 1,570mm
Height: 1,460mm
Wheelbase: 2,220mm
Empty Weight: 690kg
Engine: In-line 4-cylinder 1,231cc
Power: 75kW (100PS)
TorqueL 15.0kgm/3000rpm

Vehicle Mode: Honda City Turbo (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)  
In a room within Cybertron City, a black Honda City Turbo is surrounded by medical equipment. Just as the room's interior CCTV camera watched on, Dia Burnout made a sound that resembled a pleasant sigh. She remains in her true form, a reinforced armoured vehicle. No abnormalities were detected from the human vital signs within her. How could they be separated and the original Dia restored…it shouldn’t be difficult with the Transformers technology. However there is no data available which is necessary to reconstruct Diacinders.
“We could try to restore her using randomised data but that would make your Dia a completely different person. Who knows what abnormalities could occur later on...more than anything I feel sorry for her.”
Diaburnout asked the distressed First Aid, “Isn’t there the same Dia in this world too? In other words, her counterpart?” She thought her idea sounded far fetched. Surely the Transformers and their world have a completely different history.“The Transtechs we’ve encountered before were dimensional world experts. According to them, there is a horizontal continuity between parallel worlds…anyway, check this out.”
Astonishingly there is a Dia Cinders residing in this world. The information retrieved showed a woman whose name, race, age and appearance all matched Dia. The only issue was the data was retrieved from the interstellar police criminal record.
“Is this world's Dia a criminal?!”
For simplicity's sake, this world’s Dia is called “Mirror Dia” who travelled from planet to planet finding human colonies and committing crimes such as fraud, theft, smuggling and jail breaking. She was last seen on the planet Epsilon Ariadne. After subduing her security detail, the Cybertrons rushed to the hotel she was staying in. However she was nowhere to be seen. They had missed her by mere minutes. However they were able to recover a genetic sample from the guest room and the separation procedure could be carried out immediately.
“I’m sorry, but I must go after her. I can’t forgive someone who could tarnish Dia’s name. I want to catch her with my own hands and extract the biometric data myself. Spinout, can you help me?”
“Of course, I’ll be with you until the end.”
Tigertrack, his chaperone, interjected, “Well I don’t have a choice here. The next clue is on Planet Speedia. Come on, let's go!!”

Robot Mode Dia Burnout (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)  
● Function: Munitions Expert
● Motto: “Skills and experience lead to congruity.”
● Profile:
One day, a rift in space opened up at low altitude above Earth and a mass of molten metal shot out. This is how the robot known as “Dia Burnout” arrived. Spinout took part in the investigation and the object triggered his internal enemy/ally code. It transpired that the object was a similar Earth Defence Weapon as himself, also originating from the same world. It was restored and reconfigured into its original transformable robot form using the Cybertron’s “G2 Technology”. However, after the procedure, it became clear that this City Turbo type robot had a human pilot and some kind of trans-dimensional accident had quantum-mechanically fused the pilot with the machine! After fighting off the invaders during a long guerilla war, the Defence Force that this machine belonged to was restructured and they were used as a test bed for advanced AI technology. The City robot was given an artificial personality programme based on its pilot, Cadet Dia Cinders. Now upgraded to a semi-autonomous robot, it named itself Burnout, after Dia’s family name. Together with their comrades they went into the field for deep space adaption tests when they were attacked by a swarm of enemy Marauder Drones. They were caught up in the enemies dimensional travel and were taken to a Seibertron like planet ruled by highly advanced Transformers called “Transtech”. The Marauder hordes burrowed into the depths of the planet causing chaos. Dia and her team worked with the local law enforcement and fugitives and successfully drove the Marauders out. When travelling back to their home world, they encountered a cosmic phenomenon which affects dimensional travel, the “Shroud”, and they were driven off course. They ended up on Earth instead of their home world. This is how they became the human/machine super robot “Dia Burnout”. Spinout and the Cybertrons have promised they would spare no resources until Dia regains her human form and is returned to her home world.

Equipment: Ghost Pilot & Loadout (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)  
Since becoming Dia Burnout, she has witnessed a faint transparent woman by her feet, behind her or even in her driver's seat in vehicle mode. It is thought to be a psychological projection of Dia who is trapped within her, longing for freedom. She was also given an Attack Drone, a relay device which extends the scope of her operations.

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