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Masterpiece Reboost MP-54

Profile (Translated from the Character Card) 
MP-54 Cybertron Citadel Guardian Reboost

Function: Citadel Guardian
Motto: “Cities are crazy, yet beautiful,”
After a long time in space and hardships on an alien world, Reboost became a provisional member of Cybertron City on Earth. Right now he is enjoying the prime of his life, blessed with a new car mode and a new city to protect. Very social, quickly made friends with Adams and other Cybertrons. Has a variety of hobbies such as driving people around, taking multi-spectrum landscape photography and hand knitting with cy-fibre.
STR...8; INT...7; SPD...6; END...5; RNK...5; CRG...7; FBL...8; SKL...9

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Honda City R with Motocompo scooter. Source: Wikipedia

MP-54 Reboost was released in November 2021 and retailed for 10,780 Yen, almost 6,000 Yen cheaper than the last Cybertron car, Arcee. Indeed following interviews with Kojin Ono (Takara Tomy toy designer), this was the intention with the Honda City cars within the Masterpiece line as well as having a less complicated transformation. Both Yuya Onishi and Kojin Ono looked back at what was achieved with MP-12 Lambor and MP-17 Prowl and replicated the design with the Honda City. This was a realistic car mode with a transformation very similar to the original Diaclone / G1 toy; however with the Honda City robot modes the designers were able to achieve a lot more articulation as well as a few surprises with the transformation.

The original Diaclone No.6 Honda City R was released in September 1982, the first of the Honda City cars to be released, yet this red version did not see a Transformers release until now. As with many of the early Diaclones, the Honda City R robot was designed by Kojin Ono who would get to modernise his design 39 years later. As disclosed in an interview, Kojin Ono also owned the real life version of the red Honda City R. The Honda City R was repainted silver and released the next month, the silver version was also made available in a giftset with the blue Hilux Tow Truck. The Honda City R would eventually be released in the Transformers Collectors Edition (e-Hobby exclusive) series as Crosscut.

MP-54 Reboost comes packaged in vehicle mode and comes with similar accessories as the Diaclone counterpart. The weapons are chromed and the rocket pod has a removable rocket which does not fire out. Like the Diaclone Honda City's, Reboost comes with the mini Motocompo scooter named "Component-X". The scooter is very detailed and its handles can fold under the seat exactly like the real world version. A holo-avatar also comes with Reboost and can sit on the scooter; this is a clear version of the Spike Witwicky which came with MP-45 Bumble.

Reboost's vehicle mode is packed with details such as painted key holes and even a painted engine underneath the bonnet. The doors can open and you can seat the holo-avatar inside and the boot opens up where you an either store all the weapons or Component-X. The wing mirrors are positioned over the front wheels and are made of solid plastic and aren't removable but I wouldn't say they were exactly fragile unless you dropped it. The red colour is nice and glossy and the windows have a smoke tint. If you weren't aware this was a Transformer it could easily be mistaken for a scale model.

Transformation is not complicated which was Takara Tomy's intention to have a Masterpiece more like MP-12 Lambor and MP-17 Prowl. The leg transformation is slightly more involved and there are even "fake" windows for the back of the lower legs. The back-pack plugs securely above the waist but you need to be careful of the car roof aerial nub.

Despite the more simplified transformation the robot mode is still relatively articulated, not on a par with the likes of MP-51 Arcee but is still enjoyable nonetheless. Reboost is slightly more than a standard repaint of Skids as he has a different head sculpt, the front grille is fuller (without the "TURBO" working on Skids) and the bonnet is flat and doesn't feature the bulge. The robot mode offers a fantastic update of the original Diaclone and the robot head retains the yellow eye colouring. 

Another nice detail about Reboost is the "hidden" Cybertron / Autobot insignia which is only revealed in robot mode. This was possibly intentionally done to keep the vehicle mode looking like a realistic Honda City R, but it also fits in well with his character background. The small insignia is in his upper chest in front of the robot head. 

The weapons can tab into slots on forearm or on the side of the forearm. The robot feet feature an ankle tilt and the legs allow some great poseability. The arms, although not featuring a "butterfly" joint, are still quite articulated. 

Overall Reboot is a fantastic addition to the Masterpiece line, the designers have managed to keep costs down yet retained an articulated figure with an enjoyable transformation which you can pull off in under 5 minutes.


■ Mechanical City Boy! (Translated from the back of the box)  
The new Cybertron warrior, “Citadel Guardian Reboost”, transforms into a Honda City R, an 80’s compact car. This original character is a collaboration to celebrate the 40th anniversary of the City. The robot design is based on the “Car Robot No.6 Honda City R” from the Transformers predecessor series, “Diaclone”. It represents both the Car Robot City R and the actual vehicle. At the time, it was the red car model that was used in commercials and publicity shots and this is a homage made into a Masterpiece using the latest technology. In terms of his character, Reboost is a warrior who merged with an actual earthen Honda City R and became a Super Robot Lifeform. The name Reboost means reacceleration / reinjection; it can also mean rejuvenation and elevation. We hope you support the success of Reboost and anticipate future Masterpiece releases!

■ Honda CITY R (Translated from the back of the box)  
The Honda City debuted in the early 1980’s. The Tall Boy style was a new reinterpretation of comfort. Although at the time it was out of the ordinary, its uniqueness appealed to the younger generation who were the target market. A wide range of variations were produced such as the high roof model named the “Manhattan Roof”, the “City Cabriolet”, the first convertible since the Honda S800 and the latest hot model, the “City Turbo”. As well as an inbuilt refrigerated glove box to keep food and drinks cool, it had a compact scooter, the “Motocompo” which could be stored in the boot. It could be reasoned that the present day compact cars are still influenced by this car in terms of design. 

Vehicle Mode: Honda City-R (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)  
The journey which led to Reboost’s encounter with the Honda City-R is rather unique. He was once a surveillance satellite robot and a member of the Cybertron Outer Planetary Support Unit. Having spent so long in space, he had long awaited a ground-based mission. He found his calling when he joined the regiment on the allied planet Engari, defending the noble city’s fortress. After some time he received an unexpected offer from the local House of Lords. He was asked to marry the heir of a distinguished family as a ritual to strengthen the alliance. The Engari have 8 genders and their people have a complicated marriage system yet Reboost agreed to the terms after finding a kindred spirit with Melai, the heir. However, from the very beginning rival nobles had their sights on Reboost’s unique abilities and a conflict broke out. Attacked, Reboost went offline and was transferred to a research facility on another planet. When he came back online he found his body disassembled and his central life core they had dubbed “Component X” was undergoing testing and examination. Secretly he hacked into the facilities network and discovered it was a division of the “Marlboor” company which was colluding with Engari’s treacherous forces and that Melai and her companions were safe, reunited with the other nobles. Although this relationship was over he was about to enter another one. As he was searching the enemies network he discovered the specifications of a Honda City-R, a red Earth car. At first glance he felt this was his ideal vehicle mode and took the decision to escape to Earth. Using his holomatter avatar to distract the enemy, he transformed into a self propelled Motocompo and headed to the facility's ground bridge where he reached the solar system’s warp gate. From there he was able to sneak onboard a cargo ship from Pluto where he was finally able to reach Earth. Landing at his destination, the Destrons were in the middle of their assault and the human city was in danger. He sped to the exhibition hall that he had researched and merged with the City-R! Using nanovector infusion he was able to transplant his life core and the City-R became a Super Robot Lifeform. Transformed into a Cybertron Warrior, he easily repelled the Destron forces. Hence the City-R and Reboost were reborn and became guardians of a new city.

Robot Mode: Reboost (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)  
● Function: Citadel Guardian
● Motto: “Cities are crazy, yet beautiful,”
● Profile:
After a long time in space and hardships on an alien world, Reboost became a provisional member of Cybertron City on Earth. Right now he is enjoying the prime of his life, blessed with a new car mode and a new city to protect. Very social, quickly made friends with Adams and other Cybertrons. Has a variety of hobbies such as driving people around, taking multi-spectrum landscape photography and hand knitting with cy-fibre. He does tend to have altercations with Tailgate who views Earth's machines as living creatures. Carries multiple weapons, each specialised for urban defence. Despite being medium sized, his Laser Gun can fire super focused laser dot rounds which can pass through a target 150km above ground. His Rocket Pod fires ammunition which can alter the atmosphere within a 300m radius, creating a dense fog which weakens energy weapons. His short-range Double Laser Gauntlet fires a destructive solid light which tracks enemies whilst avoiding people and buildings. It also doubles as a dual edged energy blade. His enemy search drone “Component X” was originally his own self propelled life core and is used with his holomatter avatar for advanced reconnaissance and espionage missions. It can also be used to store his life core once again in case he needs a means of escape. The “Boost Key” is his innate special ability which reactivates biological functions of organic or inorganic matter. It can be used to temporarily increase the energy and vitality of himself or others to raise their spirits and revive those from suspended animation. As Reboost lacks medical knowledge, its operation is limited and effects are random. 

Equipment: “Component X” & Loadout (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)  
“Component X” is the special code name given to Reboost’s life centre. Left as a bare component, he was able to escape his predicament by transforming into a bike-type device. After combining with a City-R and transferring his life core, his old body is used as a drone to hunt down enemies.

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