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Streak BT-03 (Binaltech, 2004)

Profile (Translated from the Character Card) 
BT-03 Cybertron Gunner Streak

● Function: Gunner
● Transformation: Subaru Impreza WRX
Despite his speed and manoeuvrability, Streak is not a warrior. His constant talking is tedious yet can ease tense situations but in reality he uses it as a shield to hide the emotional scars from past battles. Streak's body was built before the other Binaltech numbers but after an EDC audit and concerns over his mental state, his introduction into service was postponed. He proved his abilities through gruelling simulations and verbal examinations and was successfully returned to the line of battle.
● Weapon(s): Ion Charged Dispersion Rifle
STR...6; INT...6; SPD...7; END...9; RNK...5; CRG...2; FPR...9; SKL...7

Tech Spec values are taken from Hirofumi Ichikawa's initial notes

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BT-03 Streak is the third Binaltech figure released in March 2004, yet he was intended to be the first release. It was Takara who pushed the release of Smokescreen to be the first as they thought the rally car would encourage more enthusiasm for the new toy line. Takara were right and when people think about Binaltech, Smokescreen is the figure who springs to mind. Streak is a minor remould and brilliant silver redeco of Smokescreen, being the street version of the Subaru Impreza WRC. Streak features a new front bumper with headlights, a new roof, different wing mirrors, rear wing and wheels.

Streak is an impressive looking right hand drive Subaru Impreza WRX with a detailed interior and a rear number plate white reads "SLV STRK". Streak was later redecoed in blue and renamed "Bluestreak" as a Japanese only release in 2008. Unfortunately this release suffers from fading paint on the plastic parts which has also happened to my version. The bonnet opens to reveal the red engine with the Cybertron / Autobot insignia. During transformation this is removed to form the gun.

Transformation is identical to BT-01 Smokescreen and robot mode is a mix of silver and red just like the original G1 Bluestreak. In robot mode Streak features a new head sculpt, new shoulders, and a remoulded abdominal section and waist.

The robot mode gun is red and black but is a similar shape to G1 Streak's gun. Posability in robot mode is identical to Smokescreen's and by modern standards it is very limited but you can appreciate the limitations from the time.

Overall this is a fantastic Binaltech figure and certainly worth picking up, even if it is the Alternators version. 


Back of the box

Transformers Binaltech
The transforming car robots were the core product of the original Transformers. Now they have been upgraded for the modern era with fully licensed vehicle modes. The vehicle mode is 1/24 scale with opening and closing doors as well as a detailed interior. The car is fully painted to reproduce the quality of the real car with a finish to match that of a scale model. The robot mode is fully articulated allowing you to enjoy various action poses. 

Instruction Manual Page 1 & 2 (Same text as the back of the box)

Subaru Impreza WRX
The basic grade Impreza WRX sedan version is modelled on the “GDA C/D Type”. The Subaru’s premium metallic silver colouring has been faithfully reproduced with the domestic right hand drive cockpit, champagne gold wheels, Bridgestone Potenza tires, wing mirrors and registration plate all matching the commercial version. 

Cybertron Streak
The character of Streak was once the blueprint of the car robot series due to his orthodox design. Now he has been revived in the modern era acquiring the Impreza WRX alternate mode. He shares parts with BT-01 Smokescreen but many more components have been created to ensure they are not completely identical. The result has an uncompromising finish. 

The front bumper has a powerful appearance with built-in fog lights. 

The bonnet can open and close. The engine mounted inside is used as a weapon in robot mode. 

The front wheels move in sync by means of a power cylinder coupling mechanism. 

The newly designed head has a distinctive appearance. It is fully poseable with the use of a ball joint. 

As well as holding the weapon, the posable hands can be used for a variety of expressions. 

Transforms from an intercooler to an Electro Disruptor Rifle. 

This is the rear wing for the standard “WRX”.

Instruction Manual Page 9 & 10

The head module includes a high-precision composite targeting system. Equipped with multi-spectrum sensors in both eyes and a tight-beam aiming device in the centre of his forehead. The left and right crests contain multiple antennae components and function as a phased-array radar.

The main weapon is the Ion Charged Dispersion Rifle, an electronic weapon which charges particles in the air in the line of fire towards the target and hits its marks as a powerful beam of charged particles. Although its accuracy is limited due to the nature of its function, it has an output of 80,000 volts and can punch a 3m deep hole in a concrete wall at a distance of 20km.

The main drive engines of a Binaltech Autobot are independent in-wheel superconductive motors in each of the four wheels. When Streaks personal components were undergoing an eligibility review, the BT-03 team continued to make their own adjustments which resulted in significant improvements in speed, frame positioning control and ground contact efficiency when compared with the other BT models. 


What is Binaltech…
Twenty years have passed since the Transformers made contact with humankind and since then the world has dramatically changed. The Cybertron’s and humans are now inseparable partners in destiny. By combining their technologies they have created a new generation of warriors, the “Binaltech Transformers” who have made great strides against the more powerful Destron threat. At the same time on planet Seibertron which has long been dominated by the Destrons, Megatron the Emperor of Destruction has finally launched a war of conquest to wipe out all Cybertron resistance. While the greatest Cybertron warriors were being sent into battle, this left Earth, their vital source of energy, exposed as a target for their enemies to conquer. Thus the future of Earth and the Cybertrons is in the hands of the Binaltech Transformers, their warriors of hope! 

It is no exaggeration to say the Impreza was created to win rally’s. Subaru began competing in the WRC (World Rally Championship) in 1990 with their “Legacy” model. In November 1992 Subaru launched the Impreza which utilised a highlight reliable powertrain and improved competitiveness thanks to its reduced weight and the more compact body improved weight distribution. In August 2000, the first generation GC series which was established as a new series of a 4 door sports sedan, underwent a complete remodel into the GD series. In November 2002 the headlights were changed to a “teardrop” shape. The current model after the C type (D type from September 2003) underwent minor changes creating a more bold styling. 

The unique feature of the Impreza is the combination of the horizontally opposed (boxer) 4-cylinder turbo engine (very rarely seen in the automotive world) and a 4WD drive system. This distinctive layout is called “symmetrical 4WD”, where the flat-four engine and transmission are arranged vertically to produce a smooth rotation and reduced vibration. These are the ideal qualities for a rally car due to its low centre of gravity and weight distribution. Compared to its WRC rivals, there are minimal differences between the commercial car and the rally car. In the latest model update, improvements to the engine have centred on the exhaust system which has seen improvements with the torque performance in the mid to low speed rotation range. Maneuverability has also improved by increasing the chassis's rigidity and aerodynamic design. Improvements have also been made in its safety and environmental performance and its utility as a commercial vehicle has also been significantly refined.

In the WRC, the team won the Drivers’ Championship twice and the Manufacturers Championship three times. In the 2003 season, Petter Solberg (car number 7) won the Drivers Championship and the car finished third in the Manufacturers category. The Impreza dominated the PC (Production Car) WRC Division (cars which are similar to the commercial vehicles), taking 1st through to 3rd place. 

Length: 4415mm
Width: 1740mm 
Height: 1425mm 
Wheelbase: 2525mm 
Weight: 1360kg 
Engine: Horizontally opposed 4 cylinder DOHC turbo 
Bore x Stroke: 92.0 v 75.0mm 
Total Displacement: 1994cc 
Maximum Output: 250ps/6000rpm 
Maximum Torque: 34.0kgm / 3600rpm 
Compression Ratio: 9.0 
Transmission: 5 Speed MT 
Wheels: Aluminium Alloy 
Fuel Tank Capacity: 60L

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