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Megatron Black Version 16-S (G1, 2001)

16-S Destron Emperor of Destruction Megatron
Function: Emperor of Destruction (Destron Leader)
Transformation: Walther P-38 (Pistol)
Ability: His Fusion Cannon has tremendous devastating power. The Fusion Cannon links to a black hole where he draws out antimatter creating a fearful destructive force.
Character: The Destron Emperor is set on the conquest of the universe. He is determined to destroy the Cybertrons and plans to possess Earth's resources.
STR…10; INT...10; SPD...4; END...8; RNK...10; CRG...9; FPR...10; SKL...9; TTL...70


Megatron Black Version was announced shortly after the standard Megatron reissue was announced on the 14th November 2000. This was an e-Hobby online exclusive which was also made available for purchase at Botcon Japan on the 17th December 2000 held at the Tokyo Toritsu Sangyo Boeki Center. On the e-Hobby website you had to pre-order before the 31st January 2001 to secure a purchase. This figure is limited to 1,000 pieces in all.

Megatron reissue from Takara's Transformers website

The original Micro Change Gun Robo Walther P-38. Source: eBay

The initial photographs of Black Megatron made it appear to look like the original Micro Change Gun Robo Walther P-38, however later product shots revealed it to be very different.

Megatron was released late March 2001 and came in the standard Megatron reissue box, however this did come with two additional stickers. The Destron logo on the front of the box reads "Transformers Black Version Limited Edition" and there is a sticker on the back of the box featuring Starscream in shadow with the text "I'll be back! Limited Edition".

Everything in the box apart from the main figure is identical to the standard Megatron reissue including the character card. Back in the early 2000's the exclusive redecos were not given their own backstories.

The main body of the gun is chromed in gunmetal, the barrel and lower trigger section of the gun is cast in black plastic and the grip is cast in sparkly brown plastic. In robot mode the inner limbs are red whereas the Micro Change version was blue.

In February 2009 e-Hobby released a second run of the Megatron Black Version in a "Collectors Edition" styled box. Once again it came with the standard Megatron character card, however, when purchased from e-Hobby instead of Hasbro Asia, Megatron came with a mini-comic which also had an extended character bio on the reverse. The story describes Megatron was bombarded with quantum surge particles turning him into a Transmetal (see Beast Wars). In theory, Megatron was exposed to the Quantum Surge when he was deactivated during the events of the Beast Wars. The 2009 reissue figure is identical to the original 2001 release.


To date there have been at least 3 versions of “Megatron”.
First of all, with the “overseas version” the body is chromed and the inner limbs are red, also included are the stock, silencer, scope and laser gun. Next up was the “domestic version” which had blue inner limbs, a sword and the body uses the colour of the moulded plastic. As well as these two versions there was the “Goodbye Gift Set Version” featuring specifications which fell between the two previous versions. This time around we have a “Complete Megatron” featuring the plated colouring of the “overseas version” and all accessories from the “overseas” and “domestic versions” have been included.
Please take the opportunity and add this piece to your collection.

Reverse of the Megatron Black Version Comic Source: eBay

Affiliation: Destron
Function: Emperor of Destruction (Leader of the Destrons)
The day’s battle between the Cybertrons and Destrons appeared to end with the Cybertrons taking the upper hand. This was how battles usually appeared to turn out……until that fateful moment. With the help of Hound and Drag, Cybertron Commander Convoy took a clean shot at the Emperor of Destruction Megatron’s body. Megatron initially thought his gyrocompass, which controls his body’s stability, was damaged. However, Megatron knew at that moment something was happening to his body. Megatron’s body suddenly began to glow with a dark metallic sheen. Following Megatron’s extraordinary appearance, the Cybertrons fired a barrage of firepower at Megatron but were unable to inflict any damage on his glowing body. Convoy faltered. Just then a communication from the Engineer Wheeljack back at Cybertron headquarters came through,
“We have a situation here Commander. It appears that Megatron is covered by particles from a quantum surge! Now I don't know much about quantum surges other than quantum wave energy but Teletraan I’s records indicate this has happened in the past.”
CRUNCH! After a powerful blow from Megatron, Convoy’s communications were cut off from Wheeljack.
“Even I can’t comprehend what has happened but this must be a sign from the gods that the Cybertron’s must be defeated. I am grateful for this gift. Destrons, Attack!”
And so began the Destrons counterattack, led by the metallic black Megatron.
“It would appear good deeds are rewarded. Wa Ha Ha Ha”.
Megatron’s laugh echoed through the wilderness. Are the Destrons finally going to be victorious!?

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