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Masterpiece Ultra Magnus MP-22


MP-22 Cybertron City Commander Ultra Magnus
● Function: City Commander
● Motto: “Consistency is victory.”
● Profile
Ultra Magnus restrains his personal ambitions, helps his comrades and fights for victory. He is an exceptional warrior, displaying great strength in combat and a willingness to sacrifice himself to protect his comrades. His versatile skills make him capable of handling any mission that comes his way. Ultra Magnus maintains a solemn and focused personality, rarely indulging in humour. His primary armaments are the formidable missile launchers mounted on his shoulders, known for their remarkable accuracy, capable of striking targets up to 50 kilometres away.
STR...9; INT...9; SPD...6; END...8; RNK...8; CRG...9; FBL...6; SKL...8

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In 2005, Ultra Magnus was introduced as a white repaint of the original MP-1 Convoy. However, in 2011, a significant shift in the Masterpiece line's design direction accompanied the release of MP-10 Convoy, prompting Takara Tomy to revisit Ultra Magnus.

MP-2 Ultra Magnus

On September 22, 2011, Takara Tomy developer Shogo Hausi created intrigue by sharing a blurred photograph on his Twitter and Photozou accounts. The photo showcased MP-10 Convoy wearing parts from G1 Ultra Magnus' trailer, resulting in a striking combination. Shogo Hausi expressed that with sufficient support, they could bring this figure to the market.

Source: Shogo Hausi

Back in 2011, Takara Tomy aimed for stylised versions of the original G1 cast rather than strict cartoon accuracy. Judging from the concept, it seemed they contemplated releasing an Ultra Magnus as a white repaint of MP-10, designed to combine with the trailer, akin to the original toy.

The long-awaited MP-22 Ultra Magnus was unveiled in April 2014 in Figure King issue 195, presented as an unpainted resin prototype. The article disclosed that MP-22 didn't have a smaller robot mode and would feature a transformation more faithful to the cartoon. Ultra Magnus was finally released in December 2014, retailing for 19,440 Yen. This package included Ultra Magnus in vehicle mode, along with a sizeable rifle, an extra shouting face, two additional fists, and Spike and Daniel Witwicky figures.

Straight out of the box, Ultra Magnus made a striking impression, thanks to its die-cast metal components. It embodied the appearance of the character from the cartoon. The conspicuous rear flap hanging down by the back of Ultra Magnus' legs, originating from the transformation, was somewhat distracting but understandable. Addressing this might have raised part count issues or compromised the cab mode's integrity.

Notably, this release came before the significant articulation improvements seen in later figures like MP-36 Megatron or MP-39 Sunstreaker. MP-22 offered relatively basic articulation in comparison. Ultra Magnus' fists could open and close, effectively gripping the large rifle. However, it didn't include a Matrix; instead, it relied on MP-10's Matrix. The package added two additional hard rubber fists designed to hold the Matrix securely.

The missile launchers on the shoulders couldn't be detached but were rotatable, featuring removable missiles held in place by friction. The front of Ultra Magnus' helmet could be removed to reveal a shouting face, reminiscent of the iconic scene from the 1986 movie. Underneath this front piece, there was a hidden face that paid homage to the original small robot head from the G1 toy, crafted from die-cast metal. Additionally, a hidden compartment on Ultra Magnus' back provided storage space for extra faces.

One of the standout features was the Matrix storage chamber. The blue chest piece would rise, and the chest would open, revealing a Matrix Chamber where MP-10's Matrix snugly fitted, replicating a scene from the 1986 movie.

The package also included small Spike and Daniel Witwicky figures dressed in the futuristic jumpsuits seen in the Season 3/2010 series. Luckily these mini-figures are much sturdier than those that came with MP-44 Convoy.

Ultra Magnus' main attraction was its transformation, allowing the entire robot to change without removing any parts, although the cab could still be detached, making the process easier, and it was the preferred method for many.

In car carrier mode, Ultra Magnus was impressively large. The cab closely resembled MP-10's cab mode, complete with details like foldable wing mirrors and rivets. Opening the roof revealed a seat where you could place Spike and Daniel.

The large rifle was seamlessly integrated into the vehicle mode, securely holding the top section of the trailer, which was originally the robot's arms. The missile launchers offered two configurations, on the sides of the vehicle or on the front, akin to the G1 toy. The trailer could accommodate four MP cars, and they could be rolled off on the ramps with a lowering top ramp section.

When MP-31 Delta Magnus was introduced, it came with two additional faces that could also be used with MP-22, featuring larger "visor" eyes as seen in some cartoon episodes.

 While no other Ultra Magnus figure has surpassed MP-22 as the definitive G1 Ultra Magnus, the recent Studio Series 86 Ultra Magnus has gained recognition. It leverages the lessons learned from MP-22 and retains a similar transformation but boasts several improvements, including concealing the robot thighs in trailer mode and enhancing articulation and including a waist swivel in robot mode.


The perfect warrior of justice! Lead your Car Robots into battle now!
Ultra Magnus first appeared in an OVA within the original animated series "Fight! Super Robot Lifeform Transformers," in an episode titled "Scramble City Mobilisation." Following his debut, he became a courageous warrior, serving as a prominent member of the Cybertrons' main warriors for many years to come. Possessing advanced combat skills, unwavering determination, and the bravery to make self-sacrifices to protect fellow Cybertron warriors. Upon arriving on Earth, he was entrusted with overseeing the development of the massive citadel, Scramble City. Upon its completion, he took on its command, in addition to serving as the acting commander and deputy commander of the Cybertrons. Ultimately, he made the ultimate sacrifice, giving his own life to save planet Earth. This product is designed to faithfully replicate the cartoon version of Ultra Magnus, featuring a seamless transformation from vehicle mode to robot mode without any part separation. He comes equipped with missile launchers on both shoulders and his iconic super blaster rifle, just as depicted in the original cartoon series. Additionally, the package includes figures of both father and son, Spike and Daniel, which can be comfortably seated in the cab, mirroring the scenes from the cartoon. Other MP figures can be placed on Ultra Magnus’ car carrier mode adding plenty of play value. Furthermore, you have the option to replace Ultra Magnus' face and hands, allowing you to recreate the iconic moment from "Transformers: The Movie" when he received the Matrix and grappled with releasing its power. (Please note that the Matrix shown in the images is from MP-10 Convoy, available separately.)
This product stands as a true Masterpiece, offering a wealth of play value through its faithful recreation of the cartoon design and its seamless compatibility with other Masterpiece car robots. Secure the ultimate Ultra Magnus figure for your collection today!

City Commander Ultra Magnus
Ultra Magnus served as a Cybertron Executive Officer, responsible for venturing into war-torn regions of Cybertron to mark his army's emblem with a stamp-bot. Over time, he honed his skills and, at Convoy's request, he came to Earth to oversee the construction of Scramble City and the completion of the mega-city robot, Metroflex. Just before Convoy's death, he was designated as the next commander, though the Matrix did not accept him for this role. He temporarily led and then passed the mantle to Rodimus Convoy, who was chosen by the Matrix. As an experienced leader, Ultra Magnus provided crucial support to the young and inexperienced Rodimus Convoy. Even though he had been granted command by his superiors, he felt unsure about his qualifications, believing himself to be merely a soldier. Consequently, Ultra Magnus offered both guidance and a sympathetic ear to Rodimus Convoy, who shared similar concerns. He acknowledged Rodimus's qualities and, once Rodimus became a confident and true leader, their conversations were characterised by respectful language, and Ultra Magnus remained loyal to him.
In his later years, Ultra Magnus took charge of Earth's defence alongside Metroflex. He valiantly fought and met his end on Earth, driven by his deep affection for the planet. His body was laid to rest on the ocean floor, but decades later, he was resurrected by Convoy's Matrix and confronted new cosmic threats as Laser Ultra Magnus. His guiding principle was "Fight fair and square." Ultra Magnus was a just, resolute warrior with an unwavering sense of justice, always willing to sacrifice himself to protect others. Admired by fellow Cybertrons and greatly respected by his adversary, Cyclonus, Ultra Magnus, despite his lack of humour, stood as a noble Transformer.

Face: Facial Expression
Ultra Magnus typically maintains a serious and reserved demeanour. However, in combat situations, he courageously confronts all adversaries. He generally doesn't express much emotion, yet in "The Movie," he shows sadness at Convoy's death, and in Episode 25 of "2010," titled "Grimlock's New Brain," he displays a big smile upon the completion of the new energy unit.

Item: Matrix of Leadership
In ancient times, Primacron, an alien scientist, created robotic lifeforms. The body of his assistant, Oracle, resided in this container. It has the power to record the bearer's wisdom and experience which is transformed into an uncharted energy and is stored within. After the Oracles departure, the container passed into the possession of the Quintessons and was later passed through a generation of Cybertron commanders as a symbol of leadership.

Weapon: Super Blaster Gun
This stands as Ultra Magnus' specialised rifle, a formidable weapon that he asserts can potentially best Megatron. While his primary armament consists of shoulder launchers, he reserves the rifle for firefights when taking up strategic positions. An exemplary display of his marksmanship occurred on the music planet, where he skilfully wielded the rifle to thwart Galvatron's threat and rescue the inhabitant, Allegra.

Ability: Transform
Originating over 9 million years ago on the planet Seibertron, the Cybertrons, in response to the looming threat of a civil war with the Destrons, honed a remarkable ability. This skill significantly enhanced their manoeuvrability when transitioning into vehicular or aerial forms. The Cybertrons retained a dominant edge with this transformation ability for several centuries until the Destrons too managed to acquire and harness the power of transformation.

Weapon: Missile Launcher
These missile launchers are affixed to Ultra Magnus' shoulders. They are exceptionally precise and can hit an enemy at a distance of up to 50 kilometres. These are his primary and frequently employed weapons. In "The Movie," they played a crucial role in numerous battles and were used for obstacle removal. Notably, these launchers remain equipped in his vehicle mode, a distinctive feature for a car robot.

Appearance: Vehicle Mode
Ultra Magnus can transform into a carrier trailer. The cab resembles Commander Convoy, and with the original toy, it could convert into a robot like Convoy, while the trailer became a powered suit. However, in the cartoon series, the entire vehicle transforms into one large robot, just like this product's design. Notably, the shoulder launchers are available in vehicle mode, enhancing the vehicle's offensive capabilities. His trailer possesses the capacity to transport multiple car robots. In a striking scene from 2010, he's depicted carrying Sprung and Char. Additionally, in Episode 27 of 2010, titled "Save the Telepathy World," he aids in transporting the injured Perceptor. Furthermore, Ultra Magnus can assume disguises, as evident in Episode 20 of 2010, "The Ultimate Weapon," where he alters his colour scheme to infiltrate the Destron base.

Vehicle: Carrier Trailer
Similar to the original film, Ultra Magnus' transformed carrier trailer can accommodate Cybertron car robots. In the "2010" series, the spotlight primarily fell on the warriors who transformed into futuristic vehicles, hence there were no instances of him transporting them within the series itself. Nevertheless, these scenes can be found in overseas commercial videos and unused footage from "The Movie."

Masterpiece Design Works (Transformers Generations 2014 Vol.1)

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