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Super Convoy C-307X (Exclusive Reissue, 2001)


C-307X Nucleon Quest / Super Convoy
Function: Cybertron General Commander
Transformation: Trailer Truck
Background: At a certain point in history, Planet Seibertron faced a severe energy crisis. During this period, Convoy, along with Hi-Q, a scientist from the planet Nebulos, undertook a perilous mission to find an alternative energy source to replace Energon.
Ability: To harness the super energy known as 'Nucleon' found within black holes, Convoy's entire body has been enveloped in a phase-transfer shield, allowing him to function in the most extreme hyper-gravity environments.
Character: A guardian of freedom, possessing great courage and wisdom.
Weapon(s): Impact Blasters; 2 Particle Beam Cannons
STR…10; INT...10; SPD...7; END...10; RNK...10; CRG...10; FPR...9; SKL...10; TTL...76

In November 2001, Takara unveiled an exclusive Transformer known as C-307X Super Convoy, released through Toys R Us to commemorate the store's 10th anniversary in Japan. This figure was priced at 4,999 Yen and marked the first time in Japan that this particular mould was named Convoy, previously known as Super Ginrai, a distinct character in its own right.

This release introduced Western story continuity elements, including the concept of Powermasters (not God Masters) and the introduction of the planet Nebulos. Although Planet Nebulos had already appeared in the three-part G1 cartoon episodes titled "The Rebirth," it hadn't been aired in Japan and was instead replaced by the Headmasters series. The Rebirth episodes only became available in Japan in 1996 on home video.

(Translation) What is a Powermaster: These Transformers originated when humans and robots on the planet Nebulos merged through a process known as 'binary bonding.' This incredible technology enables the cyborg Nebulons to transform into engines and channel powerful bio-energy into the robot. In their vehicle mode, the Nebulons can unite with the Powermaster Engines, turning the vehicle into a formidable robot warrior!

The figure comes in packaging reminiscent of C-307 Super Ginrai but differs in that it doesn't feature a window display. On the box, Convoy is now referred to as "Super Convoy," and his designation is "Nucleon Quest," a part of the toy's story.

Upon opening the box, Convoy is securely seated in a sturdy brown cardboard tray, accompanied by a sticker sheet, a character card, and an instruction sheet. The instruction sheet is a blend of new and old, with the header indicating the name "Super Convoy" and stating that Super Convoy shares the same transformation as Super Ginrai. The remaining instructions mirror those of the original Super Ginrai toy.

Super Convoy is predominantly moulded in black plastic, which remains unpainted, creating a striking contrast with the chromed grille and smokestacks. The colour scheme bears resemblance to Car Robots Black Convoy, released a year earlier, especially with the addition of red cab windows.

The trailer can accommodate all four weapons and features a fold-down door that reveals a small compartment for storing Minibots or the large robot's removable head. This is a welcome feature reminiscent of the original G1 toy, although the storage space is relatively limited.

The trailer can transform into a base mode, requiring a bit of suspension of disbelief. The small Hi-Q figure can fit into one of the double-barrel cannons and transform into the engine needed to transform Convoy. Alternatively, you can simply push in the vehicle mode grille to release the locking mechanism and transform the cab without the Powermaster figure.

This figure marked the first time Convoy could merge with his trailer to form a larger robot (excluding Ultra Magnus). The result is an impressive robot, although some may find it more visually appealing when the robot mode carries all the weapons and lacks proportionally smaller arms. This colour scheme accentuates the robot mode, with the red cab windows forming the robot's chest and the chromed thighs, making it stand out even more.

In terms of posability, while the arms can be moved, it remains an aesthetically pleasing but somewhat limited in articulation figure.

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