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Masterpiece Enemy MP-15/16-E

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-15/16-E Enemy
Function: Reactionary Soldier
His preferable strategy is relentlessly aiming at what his opponent holds dear. Baits the other Destrons into hating him by keeping his distance and being uncooperative.
STR...4; INT...8; SPD...2; END...8; RNK...2; CRG...9; FPR...3; SKL...7

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MC-01 Micro Cassette Robo Micross (red & blue type). Source: TFW2005 user Billprestonesq

In 1983 Takara introduced Micro Change, a spin off of their popular Microman toy line. This line was separate from Diaclone where household objects turned into robots. The first toy released was designated MC-01 Microcassette Robo Micross and was released in three colours - blue (initial release), red (second release) and a combination of blue and red (third release). Each of these three figures were released individually in the same style of box and a gift set (Micro Cassette Robo DX3 Figure Set) of MC-01 Micross, MC-02 Jaguar & MC-03 Condor was also released. This gift set came in two variants MC-01 blue type, MC-02 black type and MC-03 red type. The second rarer version had MC-01 red & blue type, MC-02 blue type & MC-03 blue type.

Micro Cassette Robo DX3 Figure Set. Courtesy of Maz

When MC-01 was released under the Transformer line in 1984 only two of the colour types were released; the blue type became Frenzy and the red type became Rumble. The blue and red version was largely forgotten about until perhaps the following year in 1985.

Nasta International Inc, an American electronics company released merchandise for multiple brands such as He-Man and Transformers under their "Power Tronic" line. Amongst their releases was an "AM Radio & Headset" simply named "Evil Decepticon".

AM Radio & Headset version 1 "Evil Decepticon". Source: eBay

The radio receiver was purple with a Decepticon badge. When the badge was removed it revealed a small "transformable" robot which resembled Frenzy / Rumble however the colours were identical to the third Micro Change Micross figure. The figure could not be removed from the radio  and it could fold up to resemble a micro cassette however the head does not retract and the legs to not turn at the hips so it is not a complete transformation. I'm not sure whether these colours were chosen intentionally to resemble the forgotten Micross figure or whether it was just a coincidence.

Close up. Source: eBay

Later releases featured a red coloured radio and the figure was renamed "Enemy" on the box.

Second version now called "Enemy". Source: eBay

Canadian version of Enemy. Source: eBay

Following the AM Radio, Nasta also released an Electronic Voice Changer which was a large replica of Frenzy / Rumbles head but cast in red plastic, again resembling the third Micross figure. Once again this figure was called "Enemy" on its box. (Note: Nasta was acquired by Tyco Toys in 1990 which itself was bought out by Mattel in the late 90's, Hasbro's main competitor.)

Electronic Voice Changer. Source: eBay

Italian version: Modificatore Di Voce Elettronico Distructor Nemico. Source: eBay

In 2012 Takara Tomy reissued Soundblaster under its Transformers Encore series. To set this apart from the reissue 7 years earlier Soundblaster featured a slight redeco and it came with two new cassettes, Wingthing and Enemy.

Enemy is based on the original red & blue MC-01 Micross and uses the name given to the Nasta produced merchandise. Unlike the original Micross version, Enemy now has the cassette detailing tampographed on rather than foil stickers and a sticker of Fortress Maximus schematics instead of the tape reel sticker in the centre of the cassette.

Five years later in 2017, Takara Tomy Enemy once again in the Masterpiece toy line in the Cassettbots vs Cassettcons boxset. Enemy is a repainted MP-15 Rumble / MP-16 Frenzy and is the only figure in the box set to come with accessories, mainly the two weapons, pile drivers and connector. The Hasbro Asia release came with a collectors coin, one side of the cardboard case is coloured as Enemy, the coin itself features Enemy's face.


New Masterpiece Cassettes Enter the Battle! (Translated from the back of the box) 
Following the Destron Cassettron Units, new Cassette Warriors enter the Masterpiece series! Cybertrons “Cybertron Stripes” & “Nightstalker” alongside Destron’s “Enemy” & Wingthing”. It is now possible to reproduce the intensifying battleground between the Cybertron and Destron cassettes. Cybertron Stripes is a tiger, Nightstalker is a lion, Wingthing is a bat and Enemy transforms into a humanoid figure. Beside a newly modeled figure, Nightstalker, the others are based on Cassette Warriors who have already appeared in the Masterpiece series. Each figure has been faithfully reproduced with the Masterpiece quality, new colours and added weaponry. Although these are small figures that transform into cassette tapes, each have a transformation system synonymous with the Masterterpiece technology and all can display a wide range of articulation. As with the the other Cassette Warriors in the Masterpiece series so far, 3 of them can be stored in cassette mode at the same time in MP-13 Soundwave’s chest (sold separately). The new Cassette Warriors whilst being micro have carefully calculated transformation technology; now you can tell new stories of the Transformers by yourself. 

■Enemy (Translated from the back of the box) 
A humanoid type Cassettron, with precision modelling he has 20 points of articulation at only 80mm in height. The character of Enemy is faithfully reproduced with the models colouring. Alongside his Hammer Arm, his favourite weapons which can be attached to his fists or his back, the Versus Crowd Photon Blaster & Microwave Plasma Gun are also included.

Enemy (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Function: Reactionary Soldier
Motto: “The greater the presence, the more enemies.”
Despite his small stature, as his name suggests he is an “enemy” of everything; an unscrupulous Destron who enjoys directing his opponents hatred towards himself. His preferable strategy is relentlessly aiming at what his opponent holds dear. Baits the other Destrons into hating him by keeping his distance and being uncooperative. His very form could be considered an embodiment of hostility such as an enemy of the world. No one calls him by his original name, fellow Destron warriors just refer to him as “Enemy”. Mainly keeps his distance from everyone, even Soundwave’s Cassettron Unit; however as the Cassettron Unit often undertake espionage activities alone, his uncooperative nature is not seen as a problem. His cunning strategy works well on the battlefield as it causes a division in the opposing forces. Has a Crowd Photon Blaster and Microwave Plasma Gun on his back, each a weapon responsible for attacking and neutralising opponents; they are indispensable to him as they more than compensate for his small size.

Appearance: Cassette Mode (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Each member of the Cassettbot / Cassettron unit has the ability to transform into cassette recording media. As well as being housed in the chest of their leader who is the sound system, while stored, they can communicate with each other sharing senses and collected information. It can be said in the world of the Transformers, their small size can be a negative however a mysterious bond between the sound system and cassette has been created, an almost symbiotic relationship.

Weapon: Versus Crowd Photon Blaster / Microwave Plasma Gun (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Both weapons are highly destructive directional energy weapons; the Microwave Plasma Gun vibrates its selected target which instantly heats to destroy. Any machinery which isn’t shielded will also malfunction. The Crowd Photon Blaster will vibrate his opponents electronic brain by vibrating the air molecules causing opponents to lose consciousness; a useful weapon when encountering numerous hostiles.

Weapon: Hammer Arm (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Can transform both his arms into huge piling pistons which are environmentally destructive weaponry as he can generate earthquakes by striking the ground with incredible force. With the impact of the strikes the ground tears apart and can cause flooding. This technique can also cause other natural disasters such as rock falls. This causes confusion on the battlefield and is a vital attack for Enemy who is much smaller than the other Transformers.

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