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Masterpiece Wingthing MP-15/16-E

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-15/16-E Wingthing
Function: Autonomous Weapon
When commanded by his master he will disrupt photons using the Photon-Negator in his eyes to distort his enemies vision.
STR:5; INT:6; SPD:4; END:7; RNK:1; CRG:6; FBL:9; SKL:6

Wingthing is the fourth member of the Cassettbots vs Cassettrons set and is a repaint of Masterpiece Ratbat which was released with MP-13B Soundblaster in 2014. Wingthing is based on the 1990 Actionmaster partner that came with Soundwave. Whereas the Actionmasters themselves did not transform, their partners or vehicles did; in Wingthing's case it transformed from a robotic bat into a Concussion Cannon.

Soundwave with Wingthing (Source: eBay)

In 2012 Takara Tomy reissued Soundblaster once again under the Encore line, this time coming with two new cassettes, Enemy and Wingthing. As the original Wingthing was a bat it makes sense that Ratbat was used for the mould. His weapons are now called Concussion Blasters similar to the named Concussion Cannon he once transformed into. Early promotional photographs of Wingthing depicted a colour scheme closer to the 1990 version with a black head and weapons.

Five years after the Encore version, the Masterpiece version was released as part of an exclusive 4 pack. Wingthing is possibly the weakest in the set in terms of articulation but it has a straightforward transformation which doesn't feel like you'll break it. Much like the other Cassettes (apart from Rumble / Frenzy & Enemy) the weapons have been integrated into the figure itself; considering it is exactly the same size as the Encore version it is quite impressive.

Wingthing (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Function: Autonomous Weapon
Motto: “Espionage, Secret Maneuvers, Please Select.”
A member of the Destron Cassette Unit commanded by Soundwave; Wingthing is a partner droid created when Soundwave modified weaponry. Although he is a droid created by a Transformer, he is almost an autonomous sentient lifeform. Has an inbuilt high-precision emulator developed by Soundwave which gives the appearance that he has his own intelligence and emotions. Willingly obeys the commands of his master which include wiretapping and manipulation of information; although its main targets are Cybertrons and humans, fellow Destron warriors are no exception. Understands Soundwaves exact preferences. Faithful due to his programming and due to this he is disliked by fellow Destrons with the exception of his master and fellow Cassettrons. When commanded by his master he will disrupt photons using the Photon-Negator in his eyes to distort his enemies vision. The Concussion Blaster on his back is a terrifying weapon which vibrates and destroys his enemies electronic brain through its armour without even coming into direct contact with his opponent.

Appearance: Cassette Mode (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Each member of the Cassettbot / Cassettron unit has the ability to transform into cassette recording media. As well as being housed in the chest of their leader who is the sound system, while stored, they can communicate with each other sharing senses and collected information. It can be said in the world of the Transformers, their small size can be a negative however a mysterious bond between the sound system and cassette has been created, an almost symbiotic relationship.

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