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Masterpiece Cybertron Stripes MP-15/16-E

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
Cybertron Stripes
Function: Battle Beast
Has an advanced sense of smell and excellent leg strength, performs exceptionally well in guerrilla warfare.
STR:9; INT:2; SPD:5; END:8; RNK:2; CRG:9; FBL:3; SKL:7

Cybertron Stripes was originally set to appear in the Transformers Movie in 1986 being mentioned in a draft of the script dated 27th April 1985; however he was replaced with Ramhorn in the finished film and was since unheard of until he made his "toy" debut in Takara Tomy's Transformers Encore line in 2012.

Mention of Stripes in the draft script.

Released in a set with Twincast and Nightstalker, Cybertron Stripes was a tiger striped redeco of Ravage with Steeljaws gold chromed weapons. In 2016 in Hasbro's Titans Return line Autobot Stripes was released as a Legends class figure which had a tiger robot mode and transformed into a jet or tablet mode. Cybertron Stripes was later released in December 2017 in the Masterpiece line as a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive in a set alongside Night Stalker, Enemy and Wing Thing who also appeared in the Transformers Encore line.

Like the Encore version, Cybertron Stripes is a redeco of MP-15 Jaguar but his weapons have been remoulded. Just like MP-15 was, Cybertron Stripes is a fragile figure and my version tends not to stay flat in Cassette mode. However I feel the figure is a welcome addition to the toyline, even though Cybertron Stripes and the other 3 cassettes are obscure characters is nice to see they have a history in the Transformers universe.

Cybertron Stripes (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Function: Battle Beast
Motto: “Eat or be eaten. This is the law of nature.”
Cybertron Stripes is a Cybertron warrior born by taming and converting wild animals native to planet Seibertron. After conversion he was given transformation capabilities just like any other Transformer; as a Nitro Tiger he attacks with his existing ferocity and agility planting fear in enemy soldiers with his sharp claws and fangs. He belongs with the Cassettbot Unit but in the past he has also worked alongside Tigertrack. Although his intellect is by no means high, his fighting prowess is valued by companions. As with the other cassettes he is similarly small however he is one of the best Cassettbots that make up the unit. Has an advanced sense of smell and excellent leg strength, performs exceptionally well in guerrilla warfare. When he was modified he was equipped with a battle harness equipped with tactical independent artificial intelligence. Reacting regardless of Cybertron Stripes intention, it performs defensive and offensive activity using a Pulse Laser and a 20mm Machine Cannon. Excels at combat support with his battle harness but his true combat ability is demonstrated when his harness is removed.

Appearance: Cassette Mode (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Each member of the Cassettebot / Cassettetron unit has the ability to transform into cassette recording media. As well as being housed in the chest of their leader who is the sound system, while stored, they can communicate with each other sharing senses and collected information. It can be said in the world of the Transformers, their small size can be a negative however a mysterious bond between the sound system and cassette has been created, an almost symbiotic relationship.

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