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Masterpiece Nightstalker MP-15/16-E

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
Function: Shogun
Adept at covert activity with his high sensitivity sensors and electromagnetic radiation field allowing him to silently defend himself and closely guard his escort.
STR...6; INT...7; SPD...5; END...6; RNK...6; CRG...10; FPR...7; SKL...9

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The Cassettebots vs Cassettetrons were released in December 2017 as a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive and use the cassettes released with the Transformers Encore Twincast and Soundblaster. Unlike the Encore versions the Masterpiece releases do not have the schematics of Fortress Maximus or Mega Zarak.

Nightstalker is the second Autobot in the Cassettebots vs Cassettetrons and is the only original mould of the set and unfortunately the weakest figure in my opinion. Possibly a sign of figures yet to come, Nightstalker like the original Encore release is based on Steeljaw who is yet to see a release in the Masterpiece toy line.

Nightstalker is first mentioned in page 36 of the Marvel Comics Transformers 1987 annual in a story called "State Games" written by James Hill. In this story Nightstalker is described as "An ebony, cat-like Transformer...", and towards the end of the story he sacrifices himself using his internal explosive device to destroy Megatrons shock troops.

Nightstalker saw his first toy release in 2012 with Twincast and Cybertron Stripes. The Encore reissue is a black redeco of the 1986 Steeljaw and the cassette mode detailing is identical to Jaguars (Ravage) design. Nightstalker also came with Jaguars waist weapons.

Masterpiece Nightstalkers cassette mode design is near identical in design to Masterpiece Jaguar but is closer in design to the original toy as it features the text "Japan" and the capacity "60". The lion mode has good articulation for a figure this size however the waist weapons let the figure down. However considering these figures are identical in size to the original G1 cassettes it is a testament to the design team who incorporated the weapons in with the actual figures rather than having separate accessories.


New Masterpiece Cassettes Enter the Battle! (Translated from the back of the box) 
Following the Destron Cassettron Units, new Cassette Warriors enter the Masterpiece series! Cybertrons “Cybertron Stripes” & “Nightstalker” alongside Destron’s “Enemy” & Wingthing”. It is now possible to reproduce the intensifying battleground between the Cybertron and Destron cassettes. Cybertron Stripes is a tiger, Nightstalker is a lion, Wingthing is a bat and Enemy transforms into a humanoid figure. Beside a newly modeled figure, Nightstalker, the others are based on Cassette Warriors who have already appeared in the Masterpiece series. Each figure has been faithfully reproduced with the Masterpiece quality, new colours and added weaponry. Although these are small figures that transform into cassette tapes, each have a transformation system synonymous with the Masterterpiece technology and all can display a wide range of articulation. As with the the other Cassette Warriors in the Masterpiece series so far, 3 of them can be stored in cassette mode at the same time in MP-13 Soundwave’s chest (sold separately). The new Cassette Warriors whilst being micro have carefully calculated transformation technology; now you can tell new stories of the Transformers by yourself. 

■Nightstalker (Translated from the back of the box) 
A proud Shogun guards his escorts with his life, Cybertron Nightstalker appears as a completely new figure! A new cassette warrior who transforms into a jet black lion, never seen before in the Masterpiece series is a breath of fresh air for the Cybertron Cassettbot troops.

Nightstalker (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Function: Shogun
Motto: “For the noble mission and life!”
Nightstalker is a Cassettbot serving as bodyguard and escort to senior Cybertron officials and dignitaries. A serious individual loyal to his superiors, no matter who he is guarding, he will lay down his own life in order to protect them. The Destron warrior Jaguar is a former partner and colleague who protected the same dignitaries; they both share similar abilities. Adept at covert activity with his high sensitivity sensors and electromagnetic radiation field allowing him to silently defend himself and closely guard his escort. He has the ability to harden his bodies surface and in emergencies his body will act as an impenetrable barrier both protecting his escort subject and himself. If attacked he will use his waist Spear Missile Launcher with rear detection capabilities. Also as a last resort to protect his subjects, he has a built in self-destruct device. Although he hoped never to use it, it became a symbol for Nightstalker of his strong sense of duty.

Appearance: Cassette Mode (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Each member of the Cassettebot / Cassettetron unit has the ability to transform into cassette recording media. As well as being housed in the chest of their leader who is the sound system, while stored, they can communicate with each other sharing senses and collected information. It can be said in the world of the Transformers, their small size can be a negative however a mysterious bond between the sound system and cassette has been created, an almost symbiotic relationship.


Nightstalker 22, Transformers Encore (2012, Takara Tomy)

Nightstalker MP-15/16-E, Transformers Masterpiece (2017, Takara Tomy)


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