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Shockwave, ToyCo & Knock-Offs (Part 2)

Astro Magnum bootleg (Source: eBay)

Following the release of Astro Magnum in 1983 and Shockwave in 1985 there was a spate of knock-off (KO) versions released making this figure one of the most copied. The majority are mainly based on the Astro Magnum mould and colours, many of which were high quality reproductions. The main way to tell the difference is to check the inside of the right leg, if there is no "ToyCo Trademark" or "ToyCo Trademark 1983" stamp its not an official toy.

The following is a list of all the ones I'm aware of, there could well be more out there.

#1 Astro Magnum
Taiwanese Astro Magnum KO (Source: TFW Member Diaclone_Seeker)

This particular version could almost be a variant of the original. The box looks like an alternate wedge shaped version of the original Japanese release and the toy inside is near identical as well. The box does not have any mention of ToyCo, only a "Made in Taiwan" in the corner. The toy itself on the other hand is the only knock off to have a ToyCo stamping on the inside leg, the stamping says "ToyCo Trademark 1983" which is only present on Radio Shacks Galactic Man and Hasbros Shockwave. Other versions of this knock off do not appear to have the trademark stamp. The original Astro Magnum simply said "ToyCo Trademark". The translucent fist and gun hand are just a clear plastic, not a tinted pink, therefore the figure alone outside of the box could easily be mistaken as Radio Shacks Galactic Man. Some of these figures also have an unpainted eye. When the trigger is pulled the chest on this version also lights up as well as the gun hand, something which the original doesn't do.

Astro Magnum KO out of box (Source: ConteDDracula of GV

Box Scan courtesy of, and thanks to ConteDDracula

#2 Extrachageable Electron Robot 4 Changeable Astro Magnum (TT-3085)
Astro Magnum TT-3085 (Source: eBay)

A few of the KOs in circulation have "batch" numbers, this particular one is no exception with the code "TT-3085" printed on its box along with "Made in Taiwan", not really signifying anything important it helps to give them a name when they are all called "Astro Magnum". Packaged in robot mode, the box itself is reminiscent of the official version though there is an obvious spelling error with "Extrachageable" rather than "Extrachangeable". This example in unusual from the rest as although it looks the same as the original, using die cast parts, the sound box has been modified and as you can see on the photo above on the right hand side, there is a prominent grey switch. Rather than 2 sounds, this one has 8 different varieties. The other main alteration is the clear plastic used on the chest, fist and gun hand is dark red in colour.

Bottom left is the code TT-3085 (Source: eBay)

#3 Robot Fighting Gun (TT-3085)
Robot Fighting Gun TT-3085 (Source: eBay)

This example from Four Star (Taiwanese knock off producer) is identical to the "Extrachageable Electron Robot 4 Changeable Astro Magnum" apart from the box which is completely different. The GiG logo on the box implies it was available in Italy.

Gun Mode: Robot Fighting Gun TT-3085 (Source: eBay)

#4 Transformable Robot Pistol (TG-117)

This KO is very close to the original Astro Magnum from the red eye (some versions came with an unpainted eye), pink translucent plastic and die cast feet and legs. The plastic on this one however isn't as sturdy as the official version and it features no copyright stampings. I own a boxed version of this figure so I'll take some comparison photographs with Shockwave.

#5 Super Electronic Gun 4 Changeable Astro Magnum (HK-106)
Astro Magnum HK-106 (Source: eBay)

This Astro Magnum does not have any die cast metal at all and it also features a trademark "GG" (a G within a G) logo. The translucent plastic has a slightly brighter pink tint and the plastic replacing the die cast metal is a light matt grey colour. The battery cover is the same light matt grey plastic instead of the darker grey and it is stamped "Made in Taiwan".

Astro Magnum HK-106 Robot Mode (Source: eBay)

Astro Magnum HK-106 Gun Mode (Source: eBay)

#6 Super Electronic Gun 4 Changeable Astro Magnum (89-1001)
Astro Magnum 89-1001 (Source: eBay)

This version is pretty much identical to the #6 Astro Magnum HK-106 above, however the box code in the bottom right corner is "Item: 89-1001" instead of "HK-106". Additionally the translucent fist and gun arm are slightly different colour and the chest is more transparent.

#7 Super Electronic Gun 4 Changeable Astro Magnum (GE-2819)
Astro Magnum GE-2819 (Source: eBay)
Another example as the 2 above where the only difference is the box code.

#8 4-in-1 Electrobot
4-in-1 Electrobot (Source: eBay)

Electrobot is another example without any die cast metal. The toy itself is identical to the #6 Astro Magnum HK-106 mentioned above.

Electrobot robot mode (Source: eBay)

#9 4 Changeable Super Gun
Source: eBay

The 4 Changeable Super Gun is similar to Galactic Man with a clear fist and gun hand, however the chests translucent plastic has been remoulded and the robots eye remains unpainted. The toy also features die cast metal. When the trigger is pressed the chest lights up as well as the gun hand.

Super Gun robot mode (Source: eBay)

Super Gun (Source: eBay)

#10 4 Changeable Robot-Gun
Robot-Gun (Source: eBay)

This is a Korean bootleg which has a few additional changes to the mould. The chest is no longer transparent plastic and has been remoulded as well as the forearms, the translucent fist and gun hand are now orange. The barrel has two additional wings and there are 2 bat-like accessories which attach to the chest and the robot head. This figure also features die cast legs and feet and the eye is unpainted.

Robot-Gun (Source

Robot-Gun with accessories attached (Source

Robot-Gun gun mode (Source

#11 Robot Fighting Gun (RG-908)
Robot fighting Gun RG-908 (Source: eBay)

Another Taiwanese knock off from a company called Four Star with a remoulded chest, gun barrel and fist (to hold the gun barrel). Most of the detailing around the figure has been remoulded as well. This has a translucent face as well. The box is similar to Four Stars other release, the Robot Fighting Gun TT-3085, and as with this release, it was made available in Italy by GiG. The rubber hose is also a lot closer to the original depiction of Astro Magnums box art and it has die cast metal legs and feet.

Robot Fighting Gun (Source:

GiG release of the Robot Fighting Gun (Source: ConteDDracula of GV

Box Scan courtesy of, and thanks to ConteDDracula

Robot Fighting Gun RG-908 instructions scan courtesy of, and thanks to ConteDDracula

#12 Robot Electronico 4 Formas Cambiable Astro Magnum
Argentinian Astro Magnum (Source: ConteDDracula of GV

This example is an unusual version of Shockwave, made in Taiwan it was produced for Argentinian company Min Young. Dark grey, almost black in colour, with two red gun hands, both of which light up. The unusual thing about this example is it does not have any legs, only the upper half of the body is transformable. The gun handle has been moulded to the body and are not transformable so this figure contains no die cast metal. The eye is also unpainted.

Argentinian Astro Magnum (Source: ConteDDracula of GV

Argentinian Astro Magnum (Source: eBay)

Argentinian Astro Magnum (Source: eBay)

Argentinian Astro Magnum (Source: eBay)

#13 3 Changeable Astro Magnum
3 Changeable Astro Magnum (Source: Flickr ShakiraIsabel)

The 3 Changeable Astro Magnum is almost identical to the Argentinian Min Young Astro Magnum and was made in Taiwan. This particular version though is a lighter grey.

#14 Gun God Biography Laser Wave
Gun God Biography Laser Wave (Source: eBay)

This was a more recent KO which was released in 2 box variants and in 3 different colours (orange, dark purple or light purple). It is a heavily remoulded Shockwave with a completely different head, new fist and gun hand. The electronic sounds it emits are from the Gogo Sentai Boukenger (Power Rangers Operation Overdrive) Morpher toy and the instructions on the back of the box depict the original Shockwave.

Gun God Biography Laserwave boxed version (Source: eBay)

Gun God Biography Laserwave boxed orange version (Source:

Gun God Biography Laserwave (Source: ConteDDracula of GV

Gun God Biography Laser Wave (Source:

#15 G1 Shockwave
Shockwave (Source: eBay)

This is the more recent G1 Shockwave high quality knock off. Unless you know what to look for it could easily be mistaken for the original. The main way to tell the difference is to look at the screws, if they are silver then its the knock off version. Early releases of this figure also came with a purple barrel and some had a silver chromed eye.

#16 Spaceship Yamato (宇宙船 大和)

This gun was made in Japan and is an unofficial toy for the Japanese anime series "Space Battleship Yamato" (the English dub was known as Star Blazers). The gun is based on Shockwaves gun mode and is non transformable but it can fire a foam bullet.


#17 4 Changeable Astro Magnum

Source: eBay

Source: eBay

This version is the same as the 4 Changeable Super Gun (#9 above).

If you know of any other Astro Magnum / Shockwave knock-off versions please let me know or leave a comment below.

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  1. They really loved this design of Transformer to rip it off so much.

  2. Hi, I picked up an astro magnum KO recently which I cannot identify. There are no copyright stamps, it has translucent pink fists, but there are three pegs/sockets on each arm, rather than the usual two that my original galactic man has. I thought it was. Tg-117 but the arm pegs differ from the photo on this page. It has die-cast upper legs and feet too.