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Nightbird Shadow LG15 (Legends, 2015)

LG-15 Nightbird Shadow
Nightbird was a creation of Japanese scientist Dr Hamada. Megatron succeeded in mass producing clone robots called “Nightbird Shadow” using Nightbird's schematics. His plan however was foiled by the Cybertron warriors and Commander Convoy, but during the battle several finished robots escaped. These ninjas lurk in the shadows and plot the assassination of Commander Convoy.
STR...6; INT...4; SPD...9; END...6; RNK...4; CRG...9; FBL...8; SKL...7

Nightbird the titular character from "Enter The Nightbird"

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Nightbird Shadow is a really nice repaint of LG-10 Arcee which was also released in 2015. Nightbird Shadow is based on the one-off character, Nightbird, seen in the G1 cartoon episode, "Enter The Nightbird". The Japanese episode was called "Shadow of the Nightbird", hence why this release is called Nightbird Shadow. Nightbird was a non transforming ninja robot who was stolen by the Deceptions and manipulated thanks to Bombshell's cerebral shells. This particular character, Nightbird Shadow, is not the same character but is a mass produced robot created by Megatron using the original Nightbird schematics.

Although Nightbird Shadow is a repaint and minor remould (head and chest) of Arcee, the paint scheme works well and the new head sculpt calls back to the original animated version. The head on mine is rather wobbly and appears to be moulded in clear plastic and painted silver. Nightbird Shadow comes with the same weapons as Arcee, the guns are cast in black plastic and the swords in translucent yellow plastic. Nightbird comes with two more additional accessories, two translucent yellow sais which Nightbird had in the cartoon. Unfortunately Nightbird Shadow did not come with nunchaku weapons which were seen in the cartoon. Like LG-10 Arcee, Nightbird Shadow has plenty of ports to store the weapons in robot mode, on the forearms, upper thighs and on the back.

Arcee's vehicle mode works well for Nightbird Shadow's colour scheme. As with the robot mode, you can store all all the weapons away. The guns fit underneath the car mode while the swords and sais attach to the body of the car.

Overall this is a very nice figure of an otherwise obscure character from the Transformers past, however this was neither the first nor last Nightbird figure. A Kre-O Nightbird figure was released in June 2015 as a Botcon Souvenir set, limited to 900 pieces. LG-15 Nightbird was released that same year in October.

Nightbird from Botcon 2015 "Earth's Most Wanted"

In 2019, Hasbro released a Generations Selects Deluxe Class Nightbird which was a retool and recolour of Transformers Siege Chromia.

2019 Generations Selects Nightbird

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