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Masterpiece Black Convoy MP-10B

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card) 
MP-10B Destron Unicronian Herald Black Convoy
Function: Unicronian Herald
Motto: “Demise is the destiny of all life forms.”
A clone of Convoy has been created by Unicron. A formidable fighting force, destruction is an urge arising from the depths of its being. Launches attacks throughout the cosmos against Transformers making no distinction between Cybertron or Destron. The destructive energy on the battleground is dedicated to the resurrection of his Lord. He follows the will of Unicron, evil incarnate.
STR...10; INT...10; SPD...9; END...10; RNK...5; CRG...10; FBL...9; SKL...10

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Black Convoy has been a staple figure in the Transformers series for a while now with the first "Black Convoy" appearing in the 1998 Beast Wars Second line as Black Lio Convoy and in the Masterpiece series, MP-1B Convoy Black Ver was released in 2009. MP-1B was an exclusive whose bio was identical to MP-1 Convoy. While the Asian release came with a die-cast plaque the Japanese e-Hobby version came with an exclusive comic which gave a different story to MP-1B. In the comic the black Convoy was a drone with Convoy's appearance who was controlled by Daniel Witwicky.

History of Black Convoy (as of 2013)

"Convoy Black Version" from 2000

MP-10B Black Convoy was an inevitable repaint and revealed on Famitoys blog on the 4th October 2012 and is the first repaint of MP-10 Convoy.


The initial test shot shows Black Convoy in slightly different colours to the final product including the yellow plastic on the waist section and the teal stripe on the side of the truck mode.

MP-10B Black Convoy at the Dengeki Hobby Festival

A version closer to the final product went on display at Takara Tomys booth at the Dengeki Hobby Festival between the 20th and 21st October 2012. 

MP-10B was released in March 2013 and is a brand new character as this Black Convoy was created by Unicron to destroy the Transformers and the Matrix. The last "Black Convoy" created by Unicron was Nemesis Prime / Scourge from Transformers Armada in 2003.

"Bare Minimum" accessories

Unlike MP-10, Black Convoy only came with a gun, axe and Matrix so was a much cheaper release than the original. It just so happens the story that comes with Black Convoy (see translations below) explains why he doesn't have the trailer or Roller.

In hand Black Convoy has an impressive glossy black finish, the eyes are a dark red colour but are so dark the colour doesn't show up very well in the photographs. Compared to modern Masterpiece figures (especially MP-44 Convoy) articulation is limited however you can get this figure to pose well with a bit of work. 

The recent MP-49 Black Convoy is an incredible piece however next to MP-10B it looks lacking and this is down to the paint finish. MP-10B is still impressive in robot mode and this mould suits the black deco rather than MP-49 as he looks big and chunky which fits the evil look whereas the MP-49 mould has a more heroic feel in my opinion. Weapon wise MP-10B comes with a huge translucent red axe which looks incredible when fitted, I much prefer this look to the smaller teal axe that came with MP-49. The gun which is my least favourite accessory folds up and stores in Black Convoys back. It is this gimmick that has affected the size of the gun which in my opinion is far too small, something which was corrected with MP-44 Convoy.

MP-10B (Left) & MP-49 (Right)

MP-10B handles much better than the original MP-10, especially with the ankles which have been tightened for this release. Transformation is still impressive and despite the glossy paint finish you don't need to worry about paint chipping. Vehicle mode looks impressive and if you have MP-10 he is still compatible with all the accessories from that release such as Spike and the trailer.

MP-10B was reissued in Asia late October 2013 and came with a collectors coin. MP-10B was reissued one last time in December 2017 and was released in both Japan and Asia; the Asian version came with the same collectors coin that was released with the 2013 version.

The Asian collectors coin


■ Black Convoy, the Star Emperor’s evil assassin, has arrived.  (Translated from the back of the box) 
MP-10 Convoy in the Masterpiece series had reached a new pinnacle. Painted in a luxurious black colour with the evil Destron symbol adorning left shoulder, Black Convoy, is a completely new character. Created from fragments of Convoy’s body by the Star Emperor, Unicron, Black Convoy is a ruthless killing machine. He possesses the same appearance, weapons and transformation as Convoy but he is jet black in colour and pure evil. His mission is to eradicate all Transformers, specifically the Cybertrons and the Destrons. He will use the destructive energy he collects on the battlefield to revive the disembodied Unicron, and this time he will ensure the Matrix is completely destroyed. Unleashed by Unicron as a Transformer assassin, he operated under the guise of an unknown Destron but this was a means to an end. Black Convoy is the only one left standing on the battlefield. As soon as he eyes his target, his true nature is revealed and he destroys all before him making no distinction between Cybertron or Destron. Using his Battle Axe and Laser Blaster to mow down his enemies, he will then open his chest panel revealing the Dead Matrix which absorbs the destructive energy and explosions that fill the battlefield. The sight of which is the same as Unicron devouring an entire planet……..
Standing alone on the battlefield, the red glow of his Matrix shines brighter to signify that Unicron’s resurrection is close at hand. Once all of the Transformers are wiped out, Black Convoy’s mission will be accomplished. Black Convoy confronts the original Convoy and the fate of the universe hangs in the balance…..

Unicronian Herald Black Convoy (Translated from the instruction booklet) 
Black Convoy is a clone of Convoy, the Cybertron Commander. He is a ruthless killing machine created by the Star Emperor, Unicron, fabricated from remnants of Convoy’s body which had been drifting throughout the universe. He has the same appearance, weaponry and transformation ability as Convoy. Unicron implanted an evil spark into his core which stained his entire body black. His primary function is the destruction of Unicron’s enemies, the Transformers, both Cybertron and Destron. Collecting the destructive energy generated on the battlefield he offers it in tribute to the disembodied Unicron, in order to restore him to his complete self. At the same time Unicron schemes to completely destroy the Matrix and the powerful form of Commander Convoy is just what he needs in order to achieve his goal. Black Convoy was initially sent by Unicron as an assassin under the guise as an unidentified Destron. His only strategy is destruction and his true nature is only revealed on the battlefield; he destroys without mercy making no distinction between enemy or ally. There have been several recorded cases where all members of the Cybertron and Destron armies were eradicated on the battlefield with Black Convoy left standing. Beyond the resurrection of Unicron, Black Convoy sees a world of destruction to be a true utopia. Whilst he worships his creator, he only sees this as a means to reach this utopia. Destruction is a shortcut to reach his ideal world and it also defines his existence. To satisfy his destructive impulse as a Destron, he uses a Battle Axe that can be discharged in place of his right hand utilising the entire energy of his body. He also uses his Laser Blaster at maximum output; this weapon does not drain his energy. He will not stop until the Dead Matrix in his chest is filled with the energy of destruction and when Unicron has been resurrected.

Laser Blaster (Translated from the instruction booklet) 
The Laser Blaster is Black Convoy's main weapon. It possesses the same specs as Commander Convoy’s laser rifle however, the warlike Black Convoy always uses it at maximum output without regard to any harm it may have to himself. Its power can topple a medium sized Transformer. Usually stored within his back but when he takes it out, he turns the battlefield into a scene of hell with its awesome firepower.

Battle Axe (Translated from the instruction booklet) 
As a clone of Commander Convoy he possesses the same appearance and abilities. The Battle Axe is formed from the energy that flows through his body; when the energy is focused it takes the form of an axe in place of his right hand. This high-energy blade easily cuts through matter; using it he instantly turns his enemies into scrap metal.

Dead Matrix (Translated from the instruction booklet) 
Its appearance mirrors the Matrix of Leadership, a crystal that contains accumulated wisdom which is inherited by successive Cybertron leaders. Its ability however, is the exact opposite to the original Matrix that destroyed Unicron, and this Matrix is the key to his revival. The destructive energy that Black Convoy unleashes on the battlefield is stored in the Dead Matrix and when it is full, Unicron will return.

Transform (Translated from the instruction booklet) 
When arriving on other planets, Transformers scan domestic vehicles and change their form allowing them to fit in unnoticed. As Black Convoy is a clone of Commander Convoy he did not scan a vehicle form, he just looks like Convoy, or rather he mimics Commander Convoy.

Vehicle Mode (Translated from the instruction booklet) 
Black Convoy transforms into a jet black trailer truck cab. Although he never scanned an Earthen vehicle, when he was cloned from parts of Commander Convoy’s body, the trailer truck data was also copied. His speed and power is identical to Convoy’s, however he can surpass Convoy as he doesn’t use a limiter. Like Commander Convoy he boasts incredible combat ability in his truck mode such as using his powerful truck form as a battering ram. Its main features are the two windshields and front grille which are also present in his robot mode; coupled with the jet black colouring it certainly leaves a lasting impression. As he is only a clone of Commander Convoy he is without the Container and Roller. Like Convoy, the body of Black Convoy contains communication circuitry to contact the Container and Roller. This can lead to confusion on the battlefield when the Container and Roller are present.

Story of Black Convoy (Translated from the instruction booklet) 
In the midst of a ferocious battle between the Cybertrons and Destrons, “He” landed. The inferior number of Cybertrons were relieved that support had arrived whilst the Destrons were petrified.

However in the moments that followed….. 

The Cybertron forces were obliterated, their destroyer had the appearance of their Commander. Many Cybertrons later called him a “devil in the guise of Convoy”.

The wisdom held in the Cybertron’s Matrix had been released but it is being constantly refilled with new wisdom. There is only one who is worried about this - Unicron. Disembodied in his current state he orbits Seibertron like a satellite. Defeated and destroyed in the last great war, Unicron plots his revenge.

A small piece of metal floating in outer space came under Unicron’s gaze. The shining dark fragment was wrapped with the dignity of the holder of the Matrix. After pursuing the Matrix for years and it didn't take Unicron long to realise the metal fragment was from the current owner of the Matrix, the Cybertron Commander, Convoy.

Unicron took the piece of metal in his mouth and synthesised it with his own metal parts to create a robot. Entrusting his resurrection and the destruction of the Matrix to the robot, Unicron unleashed him on the universe.

After destroying so many Cybertrons he was invited to join the Destrons. The nameless soldier came to be known as “Black Convoy” due to his appearance. Many Destrons were weary of him due to his appearance, however as his incredible power achieved results and he rose through the Destron ranks. This however was all part of his plan.

On the day when Unicron’s head faced Seibertron in orbit, he chose to strike.

The largest Energy Dock was stationed on the planet's capital, Iacon and he wanted this under Destron control. This was part of his plan to resurrect Unicron.

Black Convoy entered the energy dock and started to absorb the energy into his Dead Matrix. The next moment an emergency alert started to echo around him and Destron security forces surrounded him.

“What are you doing with our energy?”

“Hahaha, this energy belongs to my Lord. When my Dead Matrix is filled, Unicron will finally be restored!”

The security forces were flabbergasted. They tried to seize Black Convoy but were easily outmatched and overpowered.

Unicron watched from the heavens as Black Convoy went berserk, slicing through his enemies with the huge Battle Axe on his right arm. With his left arm he used his Laser Blaster to destroy enemies behind him with pinpoint accuracy. The battle was getting more and more intense and with the Destron forces waning, Black Convoy was showing no signs of slowing down. After being informed of the battle, Convoy and the Cybertrons arrived at the Energy Dock.

Cybertrons, Destrons and Black Convoy; this three-way battle waged on. Convoy then confronted Black Convoy.

“Good. I’ll destroy your “Matrix” and complete the resurrection of my Lord.”

Facing Commander Convoy was a battle that would decide the fate of the universe.

Robot Mode (This description is beneath the story of Black Convoy)
MP-10 Convoy has been designed to be based on the original cartoon version using the latest technology in the Masterpiece series. The heroic red and blue colours have been eliminated in favour of a black colour which instantly changes the impression. Black Convoy has been created to symbolise pure evil. A Destron symbol also adorns his left shoulder cementing his evil intent.

Vehicle Mode (This description is beneath the story of Black Convoy)
Transforms into a trailer truck. Not only was it designed to be animation accurate, the vehicle mode was produced to be as realistic as possible with such details as rubber tyres and chromed parts. Just like in robot mode the black colouring looks impressive and also gives the truck a resilient appearance which enhances its evil charm.

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