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Masterpiece Sunstorm MP-11S

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-11S Sunstorm
Function: Aerospace Soldier
Motto: “You must soar the heights to reach the heavens.”
Sunstorm is a powerful soldier, uses demonic-like forces to manipulate the sun. He has no interest in the supremacy of the Destrons but saw from a distance Starscream’s magnificent attire during his coronation which sparked his desire for transcendence. He has imitated the attire of champions as an expression of his vanity as well as a practical function with it being able to enhance his control of fusion power.
STR:6; INT:6; SPD:9; END:7; RNK:5; CRG:8; FBL:9; SKL:7

Decepticons from More Than Meets The Eye Part 1

Sunstorm was initially an unknown Decepticon jet who appeared in the first episode of The Transformers, More Than Meets The Eye Part 1 which aired on the 17th September 1984. This was his first and only appearance in the original cartoon; Sunstorm is also with three other Decepticon jets which have also since been named Hotlink (with flamethrower), Bitstream (far right in blue and white) and Nacelle (slightly obscured in between Sunstorm and Hotlink). Although he never transformed in the cartoon, his alt mode would have been the Tetrajet, see image below. In this episode two Decepticons presumably Skywarp and Thundercracker transform into their alt modes to pursue Bumblebee and Wheeljack.

Decepticon Tetrajets from More Than Meets The Eye Part 1
A second yellow Decepticon jet appeared in the episode "Divide and Conquer" which aired on the 20th October 1984. This yellow jet is not to be mistaken for Sunstorm and has since been named Nova Storm.

In Megatrons monitor, Acid Storm (far left), Ion Storm (centre) and Nova Storm (far right)

A toy for the orange/yellow jet was released by e-Hobby in 2003 in a set with Road Hauler (green repaint of G1 Grapple). Hirofumi Ichikawa, a fan turned Takara designer, came up with the names Sunstorm and Road Hauler and provided their bios. Sunstorm was a brighter orange then when he appeared in the cartoon but in 2012, Sunstorm was released in the Masterpiece toy line with a slightly more cartoon accurate appearance albeit more detailed. Sunstorm was released as an exclusive in Japan but was also available through Hasbro Asia and came with a commemorative coin.

Much like the original Sunstorm, Masterpiece Sunstorm was a direct repaint of MP-11 Starscream and also came with the coronation attire; the crown and shoulder armour were chromed purple, the holo pilot was chromed and the cape is cast in a translucent pearlescent purple. The Decepticon jet moulds had been getting more expensive over time, MP-3 Starscream was originally 9,800 Yen then MP-11 Starscream was 12,012 Yen; Sunstorm was sold for 13,650 Yen (around $130 USD) which is why I initially passed on Sunstorm and opted for the Hasbro version instead.

Translated extended bio

Back of instruction booklet

Hasbros Sunstorm was released 2 years later as a Toys R Us exclusive and Hasbro opted for a very different colour scheme although keeping the character in its main yellow and orange colouring. Comparing the Hasbro and Takara Tomy version, I prefer the latter but price wise Hasbros is more appealing, especially as I got my version for a reduced £35.

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Destron / Sunstorm (Extended Bio Translated from the Instruction Booklet)
Function: Aerospace Warrior
Motto: “I will soar the heights to reach the heavens.”
Created with a built-in fusion reactor running at higher than original efficiency, he can use it as a weapon to generate intense light and heat or other powerful electromagnetic waves. These energy emissions are constantly radiating from his body, inducing negative effects in his nearby team-mates' internal systems, so unless he provides rigorously secure shielding, he is only rarely included in unit activities. His top atmospheric speed is 2400 km/h, while he can reach 16000 km/h in outer space. Sunstorm is secretly convinced he is a supernatural being, and his frequent flashes of bizarre speech and behaviour tend to keep his comrades at an excessive distance.
Weapons: Gamma-Ray Laser Cannons, Burst Missile

In the first episode of the TV animated series “The Road to Earth” there is a scene where numerous Destron soldiers attack Wheeljack. Sunstorm is based on the yellow bodied aerial soldier and only has a fleeting appearance. He was only one of a few nameless characters adorning a corner of the screen; however after 19 years he is now a true character sporting a name and a background. As one of e-Hobbys redesigns of the existing 2003 products, Starscream was recoloured and released in a set with Road Hauler, a Cybertron warrior based on Hauler who also appeared in the first episode. The name “Sunstorm” follows the naming pattern of the other Aerial Warriors such as “Starscream” and “Skywarp”, whose names are determined by combining words relating to the “sky” with a “serious circumstance”. Other names under consideration were “Flareburst” and “Flarestorm”, both representing solar activity reflected in his profile. Although at the time his character was not fully explained, this project was sufficiently recognised in Japan and gained momentum abroad where a PVC version of the e-Hobby Sunstorm was announced and given away to visitors at the 2003 Official Transformers Convention the “OTFCC” in North America. From this moment, Sunstorms name, character and colour scheme was positively accepted in the North America. His history is outlined below.

He was the major villain in the first half of the regular Dreamwave Comics. e-Hobby added their own interpretation to the figure whose style has been subsequently repeated with later releases. In the “Transformers Universe” line, Micron Legend Thrust was recoloured and sold as a store exclusive, only available in North America. This version of Sunstorm also appeared at the OTFCC event where he was depicted in a live voice actor drama.
Palisades Inc released a statue limited to 300 pieces worldwide.
In “Transformers: Cybertron” (Galaxy Force), an EZ Collection version was released. As well as this version Sunstorm was also released as an evil Micron, part of the Sky Terror Team who also appeared in a fan club comic.
In the die-cast toy line “Titanium Series”, War Within Thundercracker was repainted as Sunstorm, this character was based on the Dreamwave version.
In “Transformers: Animated”, Sunstorm was a clone of Starscream and this was his first appearance on television in 24 years. Due to the demand from the Asian market a reissue of e-Hobbys original version was released and sold with an additional comic by Eiji Yoshioka.
In the “Transformers: Revenge of The Fallen” video game, Sunstorm was made available as a DLC (download offer) character.
When “Animated” was launched in Japan. An EZ Collection version of Sunstorm was available as a campaign exclusive. A Diamond Select Toys inc mini bust was released, limited to 600 pieces worldwide. 2012 then led to the Masterpiece version. It is unparalleled that a once unknown soldier has left such a mark on the series.

Weapon: Burst Missile (Translated from the Instruction Booklet)
Burst Missiles are live ammunition built into Sunstorms body; they explode when close to their target, ideal for wide range attacks, destroying everything in the vicinity. Although high-powered they reduce the influence of Sunstorms own energy; they have a primitive guidance system and are often failing with a danger of inducing explosions.

Equipment: Ostentation (Translated from the Instruction Booklet)
When the Destrons appoint a New Emperor of Destruction, they hold a special succession ceremony. The stage is set at the “Deston Hall of Heroes”; with statues of past Destron Leaders lined up, this is an important sanctuary for them. (※In the initial draft of the “Transformers: The Movie” screenplay, when a Transformer dies, their soul called the “Life Spark” separates from their body. When Megatron is on the brink of death after his battle with Convoy, there is a scene where Megatron appeals to his subordinates; ”Place my dying Life Spark in the Hall of Heroes”.) It is here where Starscream has his coronation in accordance to tradition, and at this climactic moment of his life, Galvatron suddenly appears and obliterates him. Although Sunstorm was indifferent to the ongoing power struggle, he was fascinated by the ceremonial robes worn by Starscream and came to think that they would be worthy for his moment of glory. Sunstorm soon completed his imitation robes, satisfying his twisted self-confidence. In order that his new robes are not destroyed by his energy, he has incorporated a high-powered rectifier circuit. Together with his original defensive capabilities, he can now focus the excess energy emitted from his body and use this greatly enhanced electromagnetic force as a weapon.

Function: Configuration (Translated from the Instruction Booklet)
In various situations Transformers can change their form by “reformatting” their motif. Sunstorms appearance in the animated series was from 4 million years ago and his transformation was the same as the other Aerial Warriors and had the shape of a machine called a Tetrajet. As he is currently on Earth, he has reformatted himself into a jet aircraft. Incidentally, in episode 6 of the cartoon there was an appearance of the flying squad the “Rainmakers” who transformed into Tetrajets, though one of these soldiers were similar in appearance to Sunstorm, they are separate characters.

History: Untold Story (Translated from the Instruction Booklet)
Sunstorms fully fledged appearance in mainstream media was in 2004 in an American comic book series published by Dreamwave. The title was the “Transformers” which was an ongoing series, a Number 1 seller though not released in Japan. Sunstorm was a central figure early in the series who goes on a variety of rampages. A super-soldier created by Shockwave where a clone of Starscream was fitted with a powerful fusion energy reactor; when downloading data from Vector Sigma there was so much information that some of the compressed data filled the clones body and he awoke as Sunstorm. He came to Earth with a fanatical character and a mysterious purpose; he alone defeated the Autobot army and tries to solve the mystery of a seal left on the ocean floor by ancient Transformers. During a fierce battle with Jetfire to prevent the release of this ancient power, his fusion reactors became unstable and he ended up exploding in space. With the demise of Dreamwave, Sunstorms story was unfinished but according to the intended storyline, Sunstorms behaviour would have been explained that he was possessed by one of the original 13 Transformers, “The Fallen”.

Function: Holo-Pilot (Translated from the Instruction Booklet)
Many Transformers with vehicle modes have a function to place a fake pilot behind the controls. They either use a mechanical device to bring out a dummy or they project a hologram which makes the disguise more realistic. The virtual pilot installed within Sunstorm is made from a holographic pseudo substance called Holo Matter. This image can touch physical objects and Sunstorm often uses this as an avatar which he operates remotely.

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