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Sharktron & Sweeps LG44 (Legends, 2017)

Profile (Translated from the instruction sheet)
LG44 Sharktron & Sweeps / Sharkticon
Sharktrons do not have a high degree of intelligence but their destructive impulses are as good as any other Destron. Especially when in large groups their ferocity make the Cybertrons tremble. They have previously been sighted in certain areas but after the great war they have been seen all over the universe; there is now Cybertron research that suggests that Unicron is responsible for their ecology. As the Sharktrons are all identical, much like the Sweeps, they seem to get on well.
STR:6.5; INT: 3; SPD: 4; END: 7.5; RNK: 2; CRG: 8; FBL: 4.5; SKL: 4.5

LG44 Sharktron is a cartoon accurate redeco of Hasbros Titans Return Gnaw whose colour scheme was based upon the original 1986 figure. Their first appearance was in the 1986 Transformers the Movie where they served as executioners for the Quintessons.

Although smaller than the original figure, this is a welcome update. Shark mode is cartoon accurate and transformation is surprisingly more involved than the original figure. Robot mode is quite squat in appearance and articulation with the legs is quite limited, however this is only a small figure.

Sharktron comes with a Sweeps headmaster which is identical to Scourges Headmaster / Titan Master Fracas, however the face has a remoulded moustache. The Sweep can fit in Sharktrons mouth as with any of the Headmaster figures. If you own the Scourge mould, this can be used as the head to create a full bodied version although this has been painted to march up with Takara Tomys version of Scourge.

Sweep (left) & Scourge (right)

View the full gallery here on Flickr.

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