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GiG's Diaclone & Trasformers (Part 6: Crono Trasformer)

Crono Trasformer Magazine advert (Source: eBay)

In late 1984 / early 1985 GiG released 5 of the watches from Takara's Watch-Q toyline. These figures were not directly from Watch-Q but were repackaged from Takaras 1984 Kronoform Time Machine line, one of which was from the Diakron line up. Similarly with the Kronoform versions, the sticker sheets that came with the watches have the Watch-Q branding.

The packaging for the Crono Trasformers are near identical to their Kronoform alternatives, the only change being the Trasformer branding and the text in Italian.

1) Robot Clock

Black version. Source: Lastbattle of

Gold chrome version. Source: Doraemon77 of

Japanese Name: ウォッチロボ

Article Number: Art. 877

Originally released in Takaras Microchange line as Watch Robo in 1983 this is one of the more common examples. This particular version does not have the Trasformer logo and uses the box art from the Diakron Kronoform. This figure was released in gold, silver or black. The robot clock was rereleased with the Trasformer logo and renamed Crono Robot.

2) Crono Robot

Chrome version. Source: CounteDracula of

Black Version. Source: mind_domain

Japanese Name: ウォッチロボ

Article Number: Art. 877 A

The Robot Clock repackaged and renamed Crono Robot. As with the initial release this came in gold, silver or black.

3) Crono Laser

Black Version Source: eBay

Gold Version Source:

Grey version. Source: eBay

Japanese Name: コルトコンバットカスタム

Article Number: Art. 885

Initially released in Takaras Watch-Q line as the Colt Combat Custom, this watch comes in 3 variants, gold, black or grey. The square watch transforms into a gun and comes with extensions similar to Megatron, a stock, scope and silencer, 6 pellets which can be fired from the gun and a stand for the silencer. The silencer also doubles as a torch.

4) Crono Radio

Grey version. Source: eBay

Black Version. Source: mau81 of

Japanese Name: コンポクォーツ

Article Number: Art. 886

Released in the Watch-Q line as Compo Quartz and the Kronoform line as Hi Band Blaster. This watch came with a variety of accessories and doubles as an AM radio. It comes with earphones which plug into the main body of the watch with the digital display. The box photographs show the earphones plugged in while the watch is still on the wrist strap. It also comes with 2 speakers which can be plugged in either side of the watch's main body, the left hand side speaker is an actual speaker, the right hand side "speaker" is a battery case. The Watch-Q version came with a solar panel, it was the same size as one of the speakers which can be plugged into the side of the radio to save on battery life, however this does not seem seem to be depicted on the box. Crono Radio was released in 3 colours, blue, grey or black.

5) Crono Jet

Blue Version. Source: eBay

Black Version. Source: CounteDracula of

Grey Version. Source: eBay

Japanese Name: F-15 イーグル

Article Number: Art. 811

Released in the Watch-Q line as F-15 Eagle and Kronoform as Inviceptor, this watch detaches from the wrist strap and transforms into an F-15 Eagle Jet. It also comes with a stand for the jet mode. This was released in 3 colours, blue, grey and black.

6) Crono Car

Black Fairlady Z version. Source: eBay

Red Fairlady Z version. Source:

Black Lamborghini Countach version. Source: eBay

Japanese Name: GTカークォーツカウンタックLP500S / GT カークオーツフェアレディZ 300ZX

Article Number: Art. 882

Released in Watch-Q as GT Quartz Car or Kronoform as Autokron I, this small car has a digital display on its roof and can be removed from the watch strap and has a pull back motor. This came in either the Nissan Fairlady Z or Lamborghini Countach models, both of which were available in two colours, either red or black.

Source: eBay

Source: Franco_V on flickr

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