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Masterpiece Lambor MP-12+

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-12+ Cybertron Warrior / Lambor
Function: Warrior
Motto: “I don't break rules, I bend them - a lot!"
Lambor is a warrior with respect for justice and dedication to the mission. On the other hand he will take reckless action to ensure the mission is accomplished. He has the ability to transform into an Earthen Lamborghini Countach LP500S. Capable of aerial combat allowing him to fight head to head with the Jetrons. Quite often as a result of his careless behaviour he is under the care of the medic, Ratchet.
STR:6; INT:7; SPD:7; END:7; RNK:5; CRG:10; FBL:3; SKL:6

Translated extended bio

Released just ahead of his brother Sunstreaker MP-39, MP-12+ Lambor is a cartoon redeco of MP-12 Lambor released in October 2012. Picking this up a second time if you already have the MP-12 version will depend on your preference; this mould does not improve on the original and its paint scheme does remove some of the detail you'd expect from a Masterpiece figure. Even though this mould has been used quite a number of times the version I have still seems to hold up, Lambor can grip the gun in his hand without it loosening and he stays together in vehicle mode.

In vehicle mode the windscreen is now tinted a blue colour rather than the smokey tint of the original; the Lamborghini badge has been painted red on the cars bonnet and at the rear of the car the "Lamborghini Countach" text is gone with the rear now painted over in black and the rear lights are now an orange colour; this was painted so this will blend in better with the legs in robot mode. The wheels are now light grey in colour instead of black; the airboxes and engine cover at the rear of the vehicle are now painted red like the rest of the car instead of black. Finally the side mirror covers have also been painted red instead of black.

In robot mode the Cybertron / Autobot logo on Lambor's chest is now larger and in the animated style. Another main difference is that Lambors face uses MP-14 Alerts face painted in a mat grey colour. In my opinion this is an improvement over the original MP-12 Lambor's face. The posts either side of Lambors head, his knees and feet are now painted the same matt grey as Lambors face instead of silver; and Lambors elbows are moulded in white plastic instead of black.

Lambor also comes with the same and more accessories as MP-12 Lambor. The Missile Launcher is still white in colour but Lambor's Flare Gun is now matt grey in colour instead of silver. Lambor comes with three sets of pile drivers, the initial set called "Pile Drivers B" came with the original MP-12 Lambor as standard; "Pile Drivers C" which were chromed and exclusive to are now a pale blue colour matching their appearance in the cartoon episode "Dinobot Island Part 2". "Pile Drivers A" were initially released with MP-14C Clampdown from 2015 and are now painted in the same matt grey finish as Lambors flare gun and were seen in the episode "S.O.S Dinobots".

Lambors extended bio is also largely unchanged from the MP-12 version however Lambor and Sunstreaker are now referred to as "brothers" instead of "twin brothers". Lambors Missile Launcher has now been misspelt as "Missile Rauncher" in the English text and there is an updated description of the 3 sets of Pile Drivers.

Vehicle Mode: Lamborghini Countach LP500S (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
The Lamborghini Countach LP500S is Lambors vehicle mode. It’s safe to say the bright red vehicle mode embodies his passionate and vibrant nature, a particularly stylish appearance out of the Cybertron warriors who transform into cars. However contrary to his immaculate appearance, characteristically, Lambors driving is rough and he can’t stand scratches on his body. His brother Sunstreaker also transforms into a Countach, although they have very different personalities, he too hates getting scratches on his body. In emergency situations he heads directly to the scene with Commander Convoy to support him. While he doesn’t lead the advance, he sometimes acts as commander directing his fellow Cybertrons. In the overseas version developed in America, the character's name is Sideswipe meaning “a side on collision”. When released domestically in Japan in 1985, he was named Lambor, inspired from “Lamborghini” the manufacturer of the Countach LP500S, a more memorable name for the Japanese audience.

Robot Mode: Lambor (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Function: Warrior
Motto: “I don’t break rules, I bend them - a lot!”
Lambor has a bold and impulsive character who acts first and thinks later. A natural warrior, fearless of pain he will speed to the frontline. Has exceptional strength amongst the Cybertron warriors and by transforming his arms into pile drivers he can crush rocks. Although a good warrior, because of his strength and destructive power he is often side-lined to work on civil engineering duties. He is also capable of high speed flight, one of the few Cybertrons who can take on the Destron warriors who specialise in aerial attacks. Sometimes able to disperse Destron forces by pretending to attack Starscream, the Destrons main aerial power. During tactical manoeuvres he frequently teams with his brother Sunstreaker who transforms into a yellow Countach. Their combination puts the Jetrons in a predicament when they utilise their aerial slaughter method. His reckless nature however often leaves him injured and constantly under the care of the medic, Ratchet.

Weapon: Missile Launcher (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
A large launcher equipped on Lambors left shoulder. Normally equipped with flares for aerial battle at night but by changing the mounting at the tip he can fire a variety of items such as live ammunition, lasers and a flamethrower.

Weapon: Flare Gun (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
The Flare Gun is Lambors favourite weapon. As well as being able to throw fire, he can also use it as a laser weapon against the Destrons. In episode 7 of the original cartoon “Birth of the Dinobots,” Wheeljack uses this flare gun to cut through the Energon chains which were holding Convoy prisoner.

Weapon: Pile Driver 
Like the other Cybertron warriors, Lambors arms can transform into various shapes. Pile Driver A unearthed dinosaur fossils in the 7th episode of the animated series “Birth of the Dinobots”. Pile Driver B appeared in episode 59 “Mystery of the Insectrons”. Additionally Pile Driver C is used rescuing Bumble in “Dinobot Showdown Part II”.

Pile Driver A

Pile Driver A

Pile Driver B

Pile Driver B

Pile Driver C

Pile Driver C

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