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Grandstand Convertors: Deltarian Shuttle

One of Omegatron’s back-up force led by the Deltarian Fighter, the Deltarian Shuttle is equally at home on land as a futuristic train or in the air as a space shuttle helping bring fuel and arms to other Convertors.

Deltarian Shuttle is one of 3 transformable vehicles released in the Grandstand Convertors line and is still quite common to find on the secondhand market. Released from 1985 for around £10 this vehicle converts from a train into a shuttle at the touch of a button.

Whilst in train mode when you push down on the two chromed sections in the top centre of the train, its motorised function will turn it into a shuttle without the use of batteries. A word of warning though the front chromed section of the shuttle is very brittle plastic, as it transforms from train to shuttle, this section is on a strong spring and will flip up with force and along with age this section has a tendency to snap off.  Therefore as you transform the train to shuttle, keep hold of the chrome section and carefully fold it up manually.

As with the majority of the Diaclone releases that featured in the Grandstand Convertors line, Deltarian Shuttle did not come with the Diaclone Drivers, though if you had Zetanoid you could use the two pilots that came with this figure.

Train mode is quite plain but there is an opening cockpit which can also be used in shuttle mode where you can sit two pilots. Just as the 1984 Kronoform verson, Protectron (see below), the stickers on the side of the train mode no longer have the text "D-Train".

When transformed to shuttle mode it increases in length and the wings that flip out also need manually extending; these also feature a missile launcher in each wing. The tail section of the shuttle also needs folding up. There is also a chrome weapons platform which can be raised up and can seat a Diaclone Driver.

The transforming vehicles may not be as popular as the robots in the Convertors line, though if you are after a Diaclone Dai Train, this version is by far a cheaper alternative albeit missing 2 pilots.


Dai Train (Diaclone, Takara 1981)

Source: Ultra Gold Group

Dai-Train (Diaclone, GiG 1982)

Source: Il Grande Armadio

Prorectron (Kronoform, Takara 1983, 1984)

Protectron 1983 release. Source: eBay

Protectron 1984 release. This version removed the "D-Train"text from the stickers on the side of the train. Source: eBay

Daitrain (Diaclone, Joustra 1984)

Daitrain Source: eBay

Deltarian Shuttle (Grandstand Convertors, 1985)

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  1. Hey, I lost this during the Gulf War and I couldn't remember what it was called. I stumbled onto your site and finally found it exact same toy.

    Do you know where I can get buy it used or second hand?