Wednesday 12 October 2016

Galvatron LG23 (Legends, 2016)

(Translated from the instruction manual)
LG-23 Galvatron
New Emperor of Destruction
Megatron the Emperor of Destruction regenerated into Galvatron, the new Emperor of Destruction. His new body is covered in heavy armour; he transforms into a high speed jet allowing for long distance travel. His powerful fusion cannon is also used in his Self Propelled Cannon mode, a formidable weapon against the Cybertrons. He reigns supreme as absolute ruler, feared throughout the Destron ranks.
STR...10; INT...9; SPD...9; END...10; RNK...9; CRG...9; FBL...9; SKL...10.

This latest offering by Takara Tomy and Hasbro could have been the definitive Galvatron released to date but falls short on a few aspects, but overall this is a great figure.

The Titans Return line has been re-imagining the original G1 Transformers and releasing them as Headmasters / Titan Masters. Rather than the earlier Generations series, this new line of figures remain faithful to their original source material.

Galvatron is a Voyager class figure and the Legends version is packaged in cannon mode so the box is surprisingly deep compared to Hasbro's version. The main difference with the Legends version is the colour; Galvatron is now a lighter lavender colour rather than the dark purple on the Titans Return version. This lighter shade seems to be favoured somewhat by Takara Tomy (Henkei Cyclonus, Masterpiece Laserwave).

The "Science Fiction Cannon Mode" looks near identical to the 1986 G1 animated model which may only be surpassed if there happens to be a Masterpiece version. Unlike the original G1 figure there are no wheels to push this cannon along the ground, although in the original cartoon he was a static cannon.

As with the other larger Titan Master figures and the original figure, Galvatron is a triple changer and transforms into a "Science Fiction Jet Mode", or something that is attempting to look like a jet. There is also a cockpit in this mode for the Head Master to be seated.

The Head Master figure itself is Megatron, this figure sees a definite improvement over Nucleon, the Titans Return version, which other than the eyes has no pain applications whatsoever in its robot mode.

Megatron transforms into Galvatron's head, one thing to note is like my figure you may need to rotate the head masters head 180 degrees so it easily fits into the port. This is incredibly tight and I wouldn't want to risk breaking it. The standard head mode resembles the original Galvatron toys head and crown which is a nice touch.

In robot mode Galvatron looks like the original animation model, when you open the chest section the flip up mask gimmick automatically springs up and resembles the head of the G1 animated model. Although this is a good idea, this gimmick limited the heads ability to turn and the mask recesses the face too much. Robot mode is very poseable but another hindrance is the large arm cannon; when raising the arm it barely clears the shoulder pad.

Despite these minor niggles this is the best Galvatron figure released so far. I'd recommend the Titans Return figure over the Legends version though, it has a better shade of purple in my opinion, closer to the G1 animation model, despite the Titan Master not being painted at all.

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