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Grandstand Convertors: Silorg Warrior

Grandstand Convertors: "Silorg Warrior" (Source: eBay)

The Silorg Warrior is a soldier of fortune who joined the Convertors simply for money. Originally an android from a distant galaxy, he was invested by Omegatron with the special power to convert into a winged warrior or a bird-like fighter plane.

(Source: eBay)

The Grandstand Convertors Silorg Warrior is one release which has eluded me for for a long time. Its one of the rarer and unique pieces in the Convertors line. This figure was originally released as "Deathcross" in late 1979 in Takaras Machine Saurer line and then again in GiGs I Micronauti line as "Red Falcon" around 1980.

Grandstand Convertors version is identical to GiGs third release of Red Falcon with 4 safety missiles and the blunt beak of the falcon head, however Silorg Warriors main body is dark blue rather than the pale blue of the originals and the safety missiles are black instead of red. Unique colour changes like this are not seen elsewhere in the Convertors line.

Source: eBay

Source: eBay

Source: eBay

Additionally Silorg Warriors copyright stamp on the figures back is a sunken circle with the markings "1979 TAKARA MACAU". Red Falcon either has a gold "Made in Hong Kong" sticker or raised lettering simply saying "MACAO".

Silorg Warrior Copyright Stamp (Source: eBay)

Red Falcon Copryight (Source: goku7 of

Red Falcon Copyright "Made in Hong Kong" sticker (Source: eBay)

It could be argued that Deathcross was the first transforming robot, or certainly one of the first. Really a parts former and being a Magnemo figure the arms, legs and head are all attached by magnets. By attaching the torso to the other parts which come with the toy you get a mechanical falcon. I'm not sure how the 4 safety missiles work with Silorg Warrior. The original toy came with 6 yellow missiles which attached to the wings, due to the large mushroom end, the missiles which come with Silorg Warrior won't fit. They could attach to the wrists seeing as they are spring loaded.

Silorg Warrior is the hardest to get out of all the Grandstand Convertors and usually commands a high price due to its rarity; at the time of writing you are probably looking at paying £300 boxed complete, any more than that is far too much. GiGs Red Falcon may be a more price conscious alternative, if you would like an example of this magnemo figure these are much easier to get hold of.

Source: eBay


Deathcross, Dinosaur Cyborg Machine Saurer toy line (Takara, 1979)

Death Cross (Source: Yahoo Auctions)

The first use of this mould was released in Japan late 1979 as part of Takaras Magnemo "Dinosaur Cyborg Machine Saurer" line.  (Magnemo - toys which were held together by magnets and their parts were interchangeable)
Deathcross was the villain in this series, an alien ruler of the Planet Gorugosu; he came with several interchangeable parts and was able to transform into a falcon type vehicle.

There were three other smaller variants of Deathcross which were available in 3 different colours priced at 850 yen each.

Mini Deathcross Green (Takara, 1979)

Mini Deathcross green version (Source:, User: Kilik)

Mini Deathcross green version (Source:, User: Kilik)

Mini Deathcross Black (Takara, 1979)

Mini Deathcross black version (Source: Yahoo Auctions)

Mini Deathcross black version (Source: Yahoo Auctions)

Mini Deathcross Blue (Takara, 1979)

Mini Death Cross blue version (Source: Yahoo Auctions)

Red Falcon (I Micronauti, GiG / Takara, 1980)

Red Falcon (Source: unknown)
The Micronauts line were released in North America in 1976 by toy company Mego who had licensed Microman moulds from Takara, as well as releasing a few of their own design. Mego stopped releasing the Micronauts line by 1979 however the line was continued in 1980 by Italian company GiG who dealt directly with Takara, releasing a few toys exclusive to the Italian market. The boxart was kept similar to Megos previous offerings albeit with the text now in Italian. Takaras facilities for producing Micronauts for Mego were based in Hong Kong which possibly explains why a version of Red Falcon has a "Made in Hong Kong" sticker on its back, so this may be an early version of the figure before production was moved to Macau.

One of these toys was Deathcross, now renamed "Red Falcon" released around 1980. The initial Red Falcon release was identical to Deathcross, however the second release had the pointed tips of the missiles literally cut off. The third release replaced the 6 yellow missiles with 4 safety missiles instead; the falcon head also received additional moulding to remove the sharp beak.

First release with 6 yellow missiles (Source: eBay)

Second release with the missile tips cut off (Source: eBay)

Third release with 4 safety missiles and blunt beak of the falcon head (Source: eBay)

Silorg Warrior (Grandstand / Takara, 1985)

Source: eBay

Palisades Micronauts (2002 - 2003)

Palisades Toys acquired the rights to produce reissues in 2002, however this was a costly venture for the company and this led to their bankruptcy in 2006. The moulds did not exist any more for Palisades to use so collectors donated figures for them to produce the reissues. In Series 2 in 2003, Palisades released 3 versions of Red Falcon plus a further fourth figure as an auction exclusive. The main 3 colour variants released were based on the Mini Deathcross colours (blue, green and black). These releases also came with a new chromed accessory.

Red Falcon Original Red & Blue (Source: eBay)

Red Falcon Clear Red & Black (Source: eBay)

Red Falcon Army Green (Source: eBay)

Red Falcon Gold & Clear, Auction Exclusive (Source: eBay)

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