Wednesday, 3 June 2015

Lio Kaisar D-335

Abilities: Concentrating the Breast Power of all Breast Force warriors save Deszaras, the combat strength of his attacks surpasses even that of the Cybertron's Road Caesar!
Weapons: Strike Missile Gun
Transformation: Six-Robot Gestalt
Final Attack: The "Battle Explosion" - Using this battle technique, he appears temporarily to self-destruct, but in fact he splits up to attack his enemy from above, below and all sides.

Trading Card:
Codename: Lio Kaisar
Code No.: C-335
Level: 75
Origin: Death Zone
Profile: As might be expected from the assembly of three air and three land warriors, he is known as a Super Gestalt Transformer who can counter all manner of battle patterns. However, due at least in part to the inability of his six components to get along, he cannot move well when they must suddenly try to act as one and fight.

The Breastforce: Robot modes
The Breastforce: Vehicle modes

Lio Kaisar is one of 3 combiners in the Victory line up who is comprised of 6 smaller robots (Road Caesar being a combination of 3 robots) which is a first for the Transformer line up - if you consider both Devastator and Raiden originate from the 1983/1984 Diaclone lineup.

When combined Lio Kaisar and Dinoking are very solid looking combiners/robots and hold together well, whereas on the Cybertron side, Landcross and Road Caesar look very awkward in comparison.

Lio Kaisar combined form
In combiner mode, Lio Kaisar hardly has any articulation, his elbows bend and that's about it. I find his fists and feet are rather small in proportion with the rest of his frame but its by no means offputting. One of the best features of this combiner is that it does not need and extra accessories to assist in the combination (other than the head).

Holding weapon
Lio Kaisar has one weapon which is a combination of Jargua and Killbisons weapons.

The main weak point in the combiner is Killbison, purely because he is cast in the brittle gold plastic but the 1992 Rescue Force version is a cheap alternative albeit in the wrong colour.

Lio Kaisar was among the Chinese reissues released in 1995 although it was not released in the giftset version and these boxes are easy to tell apart from the originals with the Transformer logo in Chinese and a small Hasbro sticker on the front of the box.

This figure is hard to recommend due to the price it seems to go for nowadays, it certainly wouldn't be in my collection if I had to pay the current asking prices. That being said if you can find one in good condition for a good price, snap it up, it's certainly my favourite Victory combiner.

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