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Sixbuilder (Reissue, 2003)


6 Robot Combiner Cavalier / Sixbuilder (Translated from the Instruction leaflet)
A combiner robot formed when the six members of the Build Team unite. Of all the Micromasters, he possesses the greatest strength. Although they use their full power to its full potential in battle, they would rather use their abilities to create rather than destroy.


In 1986 toy company Galoob brought out the Micro Machines which were small vehicles sold in sets. There were also modular playsets to accompany the small vehicles. Micro Machines has one early Transformers connection as the voice over for the television adverts was John Moschitta Jr, aka the voice actor for Blurr. 

The Micro Machines were incredibly popular and two years after their inception, Hasbro and Takara "borrowed" the idea and created the Micromasters who debuted in the Transformers series in 1988. It would be two years until the Micromasters would appear in Japan in 1990 under the Transformers Zone series. 

In 1991 under the Return of Convoy line, there would be an exclusive Japanese Transformer called C-370 Sixliner. This would be a giftset of 6 individual Train Micromasters who could also combine into a larger robot. In 1992 under Operation Combination, Takara would release a further four sets of combining Micromasters, one of these was TF-01 Sixbuilder. 

Sixbuilder case. Each Micromaster cost 300 Yen

Sixbuilder is comprised of six individual construction vehicles:-

  • Crush Bull: a lime green (Constructicon green) bulldozer with a purple shovel
  • Digger: a yellow power shovel
  • Iron Lift: a white mobile crane
  • Gran Arm: a red payloader
  • Treader: a black dump truck
  • Mixing: a lime green (Constructicon green) cement mixer truck

The Micromaster combiners are similar to the old Diaclone era combiners (Devastator & Raiden) where additional accessories are required to combine all six members. The additional gun, head, chest, waist, hands and feet can combine into a jet which can be piloted by a Micromaster figure.

In May 2002, Takara reissued their original Micromaster combiner Sixliner. The figures were not in a giftset as the original but were boxed individually in identical packaging. They were shipped out in cases of 12 figures. Each case would contain all 6 members and the only way to tell which figure you had was by the small punched out window in the bottom left hand side of the box which displayed a number from the instruction sheet. Unlike the originals the reissue Micromasters features tampographed decals instead of stickers.

Sixbuilder was released the following year in March 2003. Each Sixbuilder case would come with a special chase variant which was a green Destron recolour. Each of the main Build Team figures were very different colours from the original version.

Reissue (left) & Original (right) Sixbuilder. Courtesy of Transformers @ The Moon.

Hasbro would later release Sixbuilder as a Decepticon naming him "Constructicon Devastator". The figures were sold individually on blister card packaging under the Transformers Universe branding in 2004 as a KB Toys exclusive. Constructicon Devastator would be made available in the UK & Europe in 2005 on Transformers Energon branding. 


Bulldozer / Crush Bull (#1) (Translated from the Instruction leaflet)
Leader of the Build Team. He is a designer and likes to get things done systematically. Sensitive and compassionate. His weakness is that he can easily be deceived. Glide says “He’s one calculating city-bot.”

Power Shovel / Digger (#2) (Translated from the Instruction leaflet)
Incredibly powerful. Skilfully operating his shovel, he puts a lot of effort into construction activities during combat. He sets the mood for the Build Team and is attentive to his fellow teammates. The Destrons know him as a great host during recreational activities. 

Mobile Crane / Iron Lift (#3) (Translated from the Instruction leaflet)
A martial artist, well versed in all forms of hand-to-hand combat. Incredibly nimble and excels at working in high altitudes. In an incredible jumper, he resembles a ninja as he leaps from building to building. Rumour has it that he’s more of a ninja than Night. 

Shovel Dozer / Gran Arm (#4) (Translated from the Instruction leaflet)
The Build Team’s comedian. Dashes through the battlefield making the best use of his tight turning vehicle mode. Has lower offensive power than the other 5 members but his thick armour gives him the best defensive capability. Has appeared on a TV show alongside Digger. 

Dump Truck / Treader (#5) (Translated from the Instruction leaflet)
Despite his reserved manner, the Destrons fear his incredible combat ability. Spark and Leif adore him like a big brother. Long ago he owed a debt to Crush Bull which would take a lifetime to repay and is now forever loyal to him. 

Mixer Truck / Mixing (#6) (Translated from the Instruction leaflet)
Like Road Police, He’s quite the gun-nut. Has an unparalleled knowledge of weaponry. His hobby is modifying Earthen weaponry for his own use. Despite this he is a pacifist and has a theory that “if all the weapons were his, there would be no war.”

Micromaster Story

Sixbuilder story

Part 4: Sixbuilder - Warrior of misfortune!? (Translation courtesy of Doug Dlin)
The appearance of Berserker Sixwing had resulted in a strong sense of impending crisis among the Cybertron Micromasters, casting sizable doubts upon their pride as Cybertron warriors. Compelled to suffer endlessly repeated attacks by the Destron forces, many of them were injured, and sometimes they were even robbed of their Seiberdroid Capsules. As the balance of power began to crumble, there awakened a power to turn things around. This was the debut of Sixbuilder!! One nearly moonless night, the Cybertrons somehow managed to drive off a Destron night assault, but a portion of the Seiberdroid Capsules they'd successfully protected had received shocks in the battle and thawed out, and once more Micromasters wakened. The six warriors took on the forms of Earthly construction vehicles, and thus the Build Team was born. Their combat strength rivalled even Beserker Sixwing's, and their high level of technological skill showed a remarkable impact on everything from repairing their comrades to reinforcing their base. On one such day, word arrived at the Cybertron base that the Destrons were on a mission of destruction in the city. Glide and Road Police charged onto the scene, but the Destrons had already retreated, after which the pair discovered from testimony by the local residents that there was a high probability it was a new Destron offensive force. Upon returning to base and analyzing the information, they found the local citizens had recorded some startling images. Diego and the others called in the Build Team and pressed for a confirmation in front of the monitor:
"There's some images we want you to see."
Displayed on the monitor were Treader and Mixing engaged in acts of destruction. Images taken from different angles showed the other Build Team members doing the same.... The Build Team could not conceal the astonishment on their faces. However, while their projected selves were the same in form, they were totally different in colour, with bodies of light green hue. Then Sireen announced in an enigmatic tone,
"According to the information from the locals, Mixing, it seems the version of you shown in these images was calling himself Mixmaster."
Then Diego spoke: 
"For the moment, it doesn't appear to be a plan to introduce fakes, but we can't read the Destrons' intentions. You should all exercise plenty of caution." 
After he'd finished and the Build Team had moved to another room, their eyes met and they nodded to one another. At length, the Build Team found the fakes with a stakeout strategy, but could not hide their bewilderment at the enemies' total copying of their appearances. Their minds made up, the Build Team combined, and thus Sixbuilder appeared. However, the Destron Build Team also achieved fusion as if they were made for it. The two giants stood face to face. Then the Destron Sixbuilder issued a warning in a demonic voice: 
"You cannot defeat me--no Cybertron can. And that's and I are one!!" "!?" 
"Originally, we were no more than a single Seiberdroid. We developed only Destron minds, while you developed only Cybertron minds, yet we were two states of the same byte. Until one of us is gone, our true selves cannot exist," his shout came like a weapon. 
"Once we have destroyed all Cybertrons, I will merge with you and return to our original form. Until then, our battle with you must wait." 
Sixbuilder watched his departing enemy until he could no longer be seen. 
"Will we Cybertrons and Destrons have to continue fighting forever...?" 

To be continued...

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