Saturday 5 December 2020

Quintesson Allicon (Earthrise, 2020)


I tend not to collect mainline figures nowadays but the Quintesson Allicon figure was hard to pass on. This is the first official toy release since the characters debut in the 1986 animated movie.

Allicon's from "Transformer the Movie" (1986)

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In the movie, Kup and Hot Rod who had become separated from the Dinobots after crash landing on planet Quintessa (unnamed in the movie) encountered a group of Allicons who took them to their masters, the Quintessons, for judgement.

The Allicons were very similar to the Sharkticons as in they both serve the Quintessons and are both great in numbers and each are seemingly identical to one another. Both the Sharkticons and Allicons also made appearances in Season 3 of the cartoon however only a toy of the Sharkticon was released, for some reason the Allicons were skipped over.

34 years later however Hasbro finally released a movie accurate Deluxe Class Allicon in the War for Cybertron: Earthrise toy line. Given the Studio Series toy line is now focusing on the 1986 movie, in hindsight I find it strange that they released the Allicon under Earthrise.

Allicon is packaged in robot mode and is very accurate to the cartoon model. Although initially looking like a statue I was surprised by how much articulation the robot mode has. 

Allicon comes with two weapons, the main weapon is the spear which can be held or stored on the robots back. The tip of the tail section is removable and this can also be brandished by the figure as a sword.

Transformation to alligator mode is simple but effective with the end result looking like the animation model. The only downside is the robot arms sticking out behind the figure but this is only minor. The mouth opens and closes and the smaller arms can also hold the spear weapon.

Overall this is a great figure and I hope Hasbro also release a Deluxe Class Sharkticon to compliment the Allicon figure.

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