Monday 28 December 2020

Masterpiece Autobot Jazz MPM-9


Movie Masterpiece Jazz was revealed alongside Movie Masterpiece Megatron at a Hasbro China event in January 2019. Unfortunately Jazz was only in the first live action film but this figure is the best representation of his only appearance, complete with his grizzly end.

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Jazz was released in September 2019 and retailed for $89.99 which was rather expensive for its size however in my opinion Jazz is one of the best Movie Masterpiece figures so far. 

Jazz's vehicle mode is a Pontiac Solstice concept car which was showcased in 2005 at the SEMA (Speciality Equipment Market Association) show. The original was painted a gold colour but for the 2007 live action movie this would be replaced with a metallic grey colour.

2005 Pontiac Solstice Weekend Club Racer Concept. Source

The Pontiac Solstice used in the 2007 Transformers film. Source

Unfortunately Jazz was not able to have his original Porsche alternate mode but there was a nod to this in the live action film in a scene where Sam and his father were looking to buy a car and drove past a Porsche garage. Despite not being a Porsche however, the Pontiac Solstice is a reasonable substitute.

Jazz comes packaged in his vehicle mode along with a non-posable figurine of Sam Witwicky in a running stance holding the AllSpark along with his gun and a robotic spine to replicate his death scene. Jazz holds together quite well in vehicle mode and is an excellent representation of the real world car. In this mode you can attach the gun to the spoiler and for some reason you can also attach the spine to the gun in this mode for storage. The car body is a painted plastic and this will scratch with rough handling.

Transformation is quite complex for the size of the figure but it is not as frustrating as Movie Masterpiece Optimus Prime.

In robot mode Jazz is the best representation of the 2007 character, taking the crown from the 2010 Human Alliance figure. Jazz has decent articulation in robot mode allowing for many great poses however I found his arms quite restrictive and the joints on my copy are rather loose.

Another great feature in robot mode is the flip out visor which is a nice homage to the original G1 figure.

There is a button on Jazz's back which when pressed allows you to separate the figure. Once the figure is in half you can attach the spine accessory to the underside of the torso and replicate that scene where Megatron tears Jazz in two. This is quite an unusual and morbid feature but the gimmick doesn't hinder the rest of the figure.

Overall this is a decent figure and the best representation of the 2007 Movie Jazz that Hasbro / Takara Tomy have released and is well worth picking up, especially if its on offer. Now if only they would release a Masterpiece G1 Jazz...

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