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Masterpiece Spinout MP-39+

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card) 
MP-39+ Cybertron Assault & Rescue Spinout
Function: Assault & Rescue
Motto: “It's not right to spin out history with petty details.”
Spinout was originally a battle machine (Car Robot) on an Earth from another dimension. He was unprecedentedly given consciousness by the Cybertron's ancient computer, becoming a Super Robot Lifeform. Impulsive and hot headed yet demonstrates obedience and loyalty to the Earthlings. Clearly remembers his past life as a battle machine and doesn’t feel confident fighting without a pilot.
STR...5; INT...7; SPD...7; END...8; RNK...4; CRG...8; FBL...9; SKL...4


Released November 2020 as a TakaraTomy Mall exclusive, Spinout is a very special release. Spinout is a cross between the moulds previous releases (Sunstreaker and Cordon) with the overall body from Sunstreaker and the leg detailing and head sculpt from Cordon as well as an assortment of their accessories.

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Spinout is based on the very first Diaclone Car Robot toy, "Countach LP500S Super Tuning" which was released in March 1982 and retailed for 1,500 Yen. This toy was only available in Japan in the red colour scheme with two different versions of the box. The initial release featured an open window while the second release and running change featured a smaller window.

The harder to find boxed version of Countach LP500S Super Tuning. Source: Yahoo Auctions

The second release of Countach LP500S Super Tuning. Source: Yahoo Auctions

When Hasbro licensed the Diaclone and Micro Change moulds from Takara, they also brought in Marvel to come up with a storyline and character names for the robots to be used in a comic and a cartoon series. The comic would be produced by Marvel and the cartoon would be produced jointly by Marvel Productions and Sunbow. Marvel produced the "Transformers Production Bible" outlining their treatment for the series. Two of the robot characters within this treatment were Sunstreaker and Sideswipe.

Sideswipe was the red Countach who was actually intended to be the "Countach LP500S Super Tuning" therefore Sideswipe was in fact the original Transformers name for the red Sunstreaker. Within Sideswipe's bio it mentions his twin brother who was called "Spinout". Somewhere down the line the name Spinout was dropped and the robot was renamed Sunstreaker who was a yellow "New Countach LP500S".

Either intentionally or unintentionally the toys an their colours were switched around so Sunstreaker became the "Countach LP500S Super Tuning" model and Sideswipe became the "New Countach LP500S" model.

Spinout comes packaged in vehicle mode an you need to partially transform him to remove the thin pieces of plastic which are protecting the paint work. One thing I've noticed about Spinout in comparison to Cordon and Sunstreaker is a bit of paint chipping, not on the red paint but the large gun and the silver of Spinout's face.

Spinout also came with a sticker sheet which features two sets of stickers, the left hand side is the Diaclone sticker set for use with Spinout, the right hand side are the Transformers sticker set which can be used with MP-39 Sunstreaker.

Spinout's sticker sheet

Much like Cordon, Spinout's car mode features more paint detailing rather than the basic colouring of the cartoon version of Sunstreaker. And just as Cordon featured a Diaclone callback on the registration / license plate, so does Spinout as it reads "CR-01" front and back in reference that he is the first Car Robot. The chromed exposed engine and spoiler certainly make this car mode stand out. You can also split the spoiler and fold the sections out of the way in order raise the Tail Gun.

Just as with the other Sunstreaker moulds this exposed engine can cleverly fold away leaving the standard Lamborghini Countach LP500S mode, albeit with a chromed spoiler. The additional paint detailing make this look very close the original MP-12 Lambor / Sideswipe. With the chromed engine folded away, a port is revealed in the roof where you can plug in the weapons that come with Spinout.

Spinout comes with the N.C Beam Rifle which is identical to MP-39 Sunstreaker's Flare Gun, looking at them both I believe the colours are the same yet as mentioned above the paint is a bit more hard wearing on Sunstreaker's Gun.

The small chromed Spinizer Gun is the same weapon which came with both Cordon and Sunstreaker and folds up and fits inside either of Spinout's legs. Being chromed it is near identical to Cordons gun than Sunstreaker.

The final weapon that Spinout is included with is identical to Cordon's Isolation Light which replicates the original missiles that came with the original toy. The weapon can either be plugged into Spinout's wrist or it can be held as a weapon.

Overall Spinout is an excellent release and is the first figure to explicitly tie the Diaclone story line together with the Transformers. 


“The first Car Robot is the first Autobot?!” (Translated from the back of the box) 
The first in the Car Robot series, the “Countach LP500S Super Tuning”, is the forerunner of the real world transformable robots and is now a new Cybertron Warrior! Assault and Rescue Spinout is a modified Lamborghini LP500S supercar. The name “Spinout” was the initial name used for Suntreaker on his draft character profile for the 1984 comic and the pseudonym was written on the animation guide. It is also a suitable name for this long awaited red Sunstreaker Transformer. Many fans are going to be enamoured with the debut of this character. Strictly speaking we are going to digress but it is important to touch upon this character's past. Very early on the toys for the characters of Sideswipe and Sunstreaker were switched. When the characters were being written, the yellow New Countach was Sunstreaker and the red Super Tuning was Lambor. The names and colours stayed the same and it was the toys that were switched. This explains why Lambor's “Rocket Booster” and “Pile Drivers” were actually based on features of the Super Tuning toy. It is a well known fact that these two characters were switched. Spinout the yellow New Countach eventually became Tigertrack and Sideswipe would in fact be the very first name of the red Super Tuning character. (Does this make sense?) This figure is a homage to toy history and also explains his relationship with Tigertrack. If you have both please place them side by side. We hope you appreciate the accompanying weapons and sticker sets and enjoy this set to your heart's content. 

Lamborghini Countach LP500S (Actual Car Notes) (Translated from the back of the box) 
The Countach LP500S was announced in 1982 and 320 units have been produced to date. It is based on the Countach LP400 but has a front spoiler, a front and rear fender and a rear mounted wing. It has a futuristic wedge shape, a mid-mounted V type 12 cylinder monster engine and the gearbox placed in front of the engine. The reversal of the powertrain attracted a lot of attention at the time. The “LP” attached to its name stands for “Longitudinal Posterior” meaning the mid-positioned engine and 500 cones from the 5 litre engine. 30 years have passed and still this is the king of the super cars and is still incredibly popular.

■ Length: 4140mm
■ Width: 1995mm
■ Height: 1029mm
■ Wheelbase: 2443mm
■ Weight: 1490kg
■ Maximum Power: 375 Horsepower / 7000rpm
■ Maximum Torque: 41.7kgm / 4500rpm
■ Maximum Speed: Over 290km/h

Vehicle Mode: Lamborghini Countach LP500S (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)  
Spinout’s vehicle form is a Lamborghini Countach LP500S illustrating both the mystery and paradox behind his origins. Below is the story.
“Delta Magnus’ personal log:” The outer space facility, “Diadem”, stores a vast amount of ancient Cybertron data and in our haste to secure it events took a turn for the worst. The facility had already been decimated in a fierce battle between the Destrons and Quintessons and a lot of valuable data had been lost. Fortunately I was able to recover Cordon’s original memory but he did not seem interested to install it. What we also discovered...was not what we expected, evidence which completely changes the view of Seibertron’s history. One robot, “Spinout” was discovered in a chamber in the depths of the Diadem, lying in stasis for nearly 10 million years. In other words, an ancient robot with an Earthen vehicle mode existed on this planet! What is going on? According to the Diadems artificial intelligence, “Anterior Zeta”, Spinout was originally a battle machine from an Earth in another dimension and a space-time anomaly caused him to be stranded on this ancient planet. Spinout was affiliated with the “Diaclone” force. Zeta had analysed the Diaclone spacecraft and was fascinated with the events of the Diaclone war against their enemy, the Waruder. Either Zeta went crazy or he was hacked...but anyway, Zeta ensured the continuation of the Diaclone mission and put into motion a secret protocol. He created a genetic command programme and ensured it was spread throughout the Transformer race using his planetary repair network. Upon detecting any Waruder presence the hidden programme would automatically activate and ensure the destruction of all Waruder was of top priority. It’s hard to believe there had been such an intervention with our race yet we have already seen evidence of this programming. There has already been the “Bluestreak Case”, when Streak encountered the Waruder army’s Probe Insecter and seemingly had his programming completely altered. We need to take action! If the Waruder are such an evil menace, I would fight them regardless. Nonetheless, the decision and determination to do so should be our own! 

Robot Mode: Spinout (Translated from the instruction pamphlet) 
Function: Assault & Rescue
Motto: “It's not right to spin out history with petty details.”
Spinout’s motto is a direct quote from the ancient Roman historian, Ammianus, which is where he gets his name from (spin out). Before he was known as Spinout, he was known as “Car Robot No.1 Countach Super Tuning”. He was once a human piloted robotic weapon created in another dimension and was part of the Earth Defense Force. At one point the Car Robot army had mobilised to capture the enemies Space-Time Missile Battleship to prevent them from carrying out “Operation Timehole”. Following confusion in the space battle, the enemy unleashed their space time missiles and the singularity it created swallowed everything in its presence. A wrecked spaceship crash landed on the world of the Transformers, more than 10 million years in its past. The Cybertron’s space facility, Diadem, discovered the wreckage and began repairs. It’s artificial intelligence, “Anteria Zeta”, used its creation programming from Vector Sigma to give life to the least damaged occupant, “CR-01”. His body was encoded with CNA (Cyber Nano Algorithm, the genetic code for robot lifeforms). Zeta took the threat of evil from another dimension very seriously. He planned to unify the Cybertrons, who were currently in the middle of a civil war, as a counter offensive to this threat. After 10 million years in stasis, Spinout was activated and learned that his presence had a huge impact in this world and had to accept that he would be under the watchful eye of the Cybertrons. Whenever humans are in danger he will not hesitate to help. He sees his supervisor, Tigertrack, as a brother and shares a close bond with the other robots who remind him of his friends from his previous life.

Weapon: N.C. Beam Rifle (Translated from the instruction pamphlet) 
This large energy gun is the N.C. (New Countach) Beam Rifle and was not originally equipped with CR-01. It was used by his Car Robot wing-man when they set off to capture the missile ship. Although this weapon fires a powerful electro beam, he can’t use it at its maximum output due to the age of its internal components. However, he carries it as a keepsake of his old friends.

Weapon: Heavy Laser Cannon (Translated from the instruction pamphlet) 
Following Spinout's initial repair, his arm module was the only part of his body heavily modified. His multifunctional launcher was removed and replaced with a Heavy Laser Cannon but the shape of the launcher was retained. This powerful firearm was modified from weapons mounted on his spaceship.

Weapon: “Spinizer” Gun (Translated from the instruction pamphlet) 
A force field weapon which cancels the ground reaction force causing targets to fall or run off the road. This weapon is more effective with Cybertrons than the aerial Destrons. The weapon was presented by the Cybertrons as a special gift for Spinout as proof of their trust in him. 

Weapon: Tail Gun (Translated from the instruction pamphlet) 
Due to the hidden risks in Spinout’s genetic makeup, he was under constant surveillance. However it didn't take him long to win the trust of the others because of his personality. Although he is no strategist, he is still an important Cybertron. Being heavily armoured he excels at defensive manoeuvres. To enhance this function, an Electric Shock Gun was installed at the rear of his car body.

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