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Masterpiece Cordon MP-42

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-42 Cybertron Reserve Trooper Cordon
Function: Reserve Trooper
Motto: “My body knows best”
A Cybertron who was convicted following an indiscretion. Because of his misdemeanour he was not imprisoned but sent to a planet with a new human settlement and ordered to carry out community service. Despite his youthful appearance and immaturity, surprisingly he has a wide range of talent, excelling at everything he puts himself forward for. Among other things his cooking for humans is unrivalled. His long forgotten past is linked to these abilities.
STR...6; INT...7; SPD...7; END...5; RNK...4; CRG...7; FBL...3; SKL...10


Cordon is the eighth of the Diaclone Car Robot's not seen in the original Transformers series to be introduced into the Masterpiece toy line and was released at the end of October in 2018. Cordon is based on the Diaclone Car Robot No. 3 Countach LP500S Patrol Car Type which was released in June 1982 and features many deliberate homages to the original Diaclone version.

The Diaclone Countach LP500S Patrol Car Type did not have any art created for it, but the Nitto / Takara model kit did.

In vehicle mode Cordon has the Asahikage badge (logo of the Japanese National Police Agency), it is a lot smaller than the original Diaclone version but it is still there. The registration plates read "CR 03" referencing the Diaclone "Car Robots" third release. Incidentally in the Transformers Car Robots series from 2000, Mach Alert, a Lamborghini Diablo was also based on the Diaclone Countach Patrol Type and also had a number designation of C-003. Cordon also retains the Japanese Kana on the side of the vehicle mode which translated to "Metropolitan Police Department" which mainly pertains to Tokyo.

The main standout feature in vehicle mode is that the chromed booster engine can be hidden, transforming Cordon to a regular Countach LP500S. This renders Cordon looking similar to MP-14C Clampdown however they do have stand out differences in vehicle mode.

Masterpiece Sunstreaker set a new standard for the Cybertron / Autobot cars transformation. In hand comparing Lambor to Sunstreaker you can see why the latter retails at almost double the price. Sunstreaker / Cordon has a lot more weight to it and complexity; you can now open the doors and bonnet cover as well as the clever transformation to flip over the chrome booster. However the increased complexity has increased the fragility of the figure. There have been many accounts when transforming this figure of breakages to the windscreen and the "backpack" section which twists round also breaks as this can be very tight. For the backpack section I took the option to remove the single tight screw so I could take the backpack off; it may be parts-forming but it stops any breakages.

In robot mode Cordon is highly posable and additionally you can see further differences from MP-39 Sunstreaker. Cordon features a new head sculpt based on the original toy version and it even retains the red eyes which are usually reserved for Destrons, however this fits with his background story. Cordons chest features the the new light bar gimmick; the chest is the car roof and when this rotates around the vehicle mode light bar is pushed in which pushes the light bar out for robot mode. The robots shins also feature new detailing based on the original toy.

Cordon comes with a new accessory the "Cordon Wand" based on the chromed missiles that came with the original toy. The weapon can either be held or plugged into the wrist. Cordon's other accessory, the Speed-Trap gun is a chromed redeco of Sunstreakers "Electron Pulse Gun" which is stored in Cordons legs in robot mode or beneath the chromed booster in vehicle mode.

Cordon is a must have for any Diaclone enthusiast and this is a much more affordable alternative to the original figure.


Translated Extended Bio & Descriptions

A policeman and a convict!? There must be a reason for this all-rounder. (Translated from the back of the box)
This Lamborghini “Super Car” Transforms into a new Masterpiece character, Reserve Trooper Cordon. It is a tribute to one of the first Car Robots from the Transformers predecessor line “Diaclone”, modelled after the specifications of the Countach LP500S patrol car type. The name Cordon relates to the “Keep Out” police tape used to block crime scenes. Unprecedented among Transformer characters with police livery, he is a police officer and a convicted criminal at the same time. As well as being one of the original Car Robots, character wise he is also one of the original founding Autobots which plays an important factor in his story. If you are the owner of Cordon, please pay attention to the detail within. This product’s performance has already been demonstrated with the release of Sunstreaker. The vehicle mode features remain intact but to produce the look of the original Diaclone a few changes were made which are completely different from Sunstreaker. It is no exaggeration to see that this figure boasts one of the most outstanding forms of all robot toys. A new head has been produced based on the original toy and he can use an arm gun without removing his fist. Other original design elements are the patrol light giving this super-car an authoritative presence and the shin panels; with Sunstreaker the shin panels daringly omitted the detailing of the original toy. The old Car Robot, the Countach LP500S Patrol Car Type has now been modernised maintaining the products transformation concept and making it a reality. Respect for Diaclone has become established practise within the Masterpiece brand allowing the creation of new characters who now have a major influence. Because this is a toy orientated cast, the story is not limited to words on paper but the owners imagination. We hope you add them to your collection and we wish you an exciting adventure!

Masterpiece Police Cars

Lamborghini Countach LP500S
(Translated from the back of the box)
The Countach LP500S was announced in 1982 and 320 units have been produced to date. It is based on the Countach LP400 but has a front spoiler, a front and rear fender and a rear mounted wing. It has a futuristic wedge shape, a mid-mounted V type 12 cylinder monster engine and the gearbox placed in front of the engine. The reversal of the powertrain attracted a lot of attention at the time. The “LP” attached to its name stands for “Longitudinal Posterior” meaning the mid-positioned engine and 500 cones from the 5 litre engine. 30 years have passed and still this is the king of the super cars and is still incredibly popular.

■ Length: 4140mm         
■ Weight: 1490kg
■ Width: 1995mm           
■ Maximum Power: 375 Horsepower / 7000rpm
■ Height: 1029mm         
■ Maximum Torque: 41.7kgm / 4500rpm
■ Wheelbase: 2443mm   
■ Maximum Speed: Over 290km/h

MP-39 Sunstreaker and MP-42 Cordon

Vehicle Mode: Lamborghini Countach LP500S (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
The Lamborghini Countach is Cordon’s vehicle form, it was given to him so he could adapt to life on the planet with the human settlement. The accelerator added to the rear portion of his car body is an electronic propulsion booster which propels him at a phenomenal speed. On such a peaceful remote planet there appeared to be no use for it – until he was accosted by a mysterious blue truck. Haunted by events from his past he pondered whether this was a member of the Cobalt Sentries? For the first time Cordon activated his accelerator and instantly pulled away from his assailant putting a distance between them and let the truck follow him to a warehouse district. “I should be able to take care of myself. No, I’ll admit it, I’m brilliant.” The truck suddenly transformed and he realised who he was, the Cybertron Senior Commander Delta Magnus. “The situation has changed, the search for our ancient data has developed. A few facts about you have been revealed Cordon. You may not remember but you are a robot born during the ancient era. You rebelled against your cruel creators and gained freedom throughout the legendary era.” When robots of Cordons generation had to upgrade their hardware, their data was temporarily transferred to an external storage facility. Apparently Cordon lost all his memories resulting from an accident at his work and he ended up aimlessly wandering the stars. “However the storage facility ‘Diadem’ still exists! It is an information facility that not only holds information about yourself but also the entire memories of your brothers. Your biometrics are essential to unlock the facility and as you happen to be the only key left you have been marked as an important person by the allies as well as your enemies." Diadem is a fortress located within a giant gas planet in a certain solar system. For the chance to regain his original memories he told Delta “Let me think about it.” He opened up his accelerator and sped down the one road leading to the ends of the earth. It seemed there was no other choice.

Robot Mode: Cordon (Translated from the instruction pamphlet)
Function: Reserve Trooper
Motto: “My body knows best”
Cordon is a Cybertron Warrior and after a mistake he was convicted. He was originally recruited into the Cybertron army after he was found on the battlefield despite being an unknown individual. During training, he was accused of violence and aiding the escape of enemies. However after he was reviewed by experts there was evidence of major damage to his memory banks; due to this it was discovered that his “memory is reset after a fixed period.” Although he was found guilty he was regarded as having blank state of mind, incapable of rational judgement. He therefore received a very light sentence serving 300 years of community service. Cordon received treatment for his malfunctioning and was sent to a planet where humans had settled. He took the position as a Reserve Trooper and was the only Cybertron based there. The local inhabitants were uneasy about him as he seemed young, immature and lacked any practical experience however Cordon set them at ease with his surprising abilities. He has solved various difficult problems exercising his skill such as detoxifying Iron Habu poison and the repair and improvement of their homestead generator. At the harvest festival he even served an exquisite cuisine. The cynical robot policeman had unwittingly become a local celebrity. The secret of Cordons adaptability is that he is a robot born an extremely long time ago. Having lived for that many years he has subconsciously accumulated a vast array of skills to adapt to various environments. His existence however is known by the enemy and they are after him. The blue bird shaped Destron, Garboil, appears and attracts his attention. “We, the Cobalt Sentry, are looking for evil talented individuals. I think blue would suit you, a colour similar to Cordon Bleu (First Class)”. Cordon’s throat was tight yet he did not deny Garboil’s words.

Cordon with Garboil

Weapon: Isolation Light a.k.a. “Cordon Wand”
This mounted barrel is specialised equipment which emits a ribbon-like glow projection. The band of light lasts for 6 hours unless intentionally erased; onlookers avoid entering an area surrounded by the ribbon as it also has a strong psychological effect. Cordon sets the light band to yellow which is used as a police blockade (cordon) which is where his name originates. It is also used in self defence to prevent the approach of suspicious individuals or adversaries.

Weapon: Speed-Trap Gun
A portable multi-functional gun. Normally used to control traffic speed with its laser measurement but can also be used as a tractor beam to force deceleration and it can also switch to a low powered blaster in emergencies. As Cordon is restricted to use powerful firearms he has to apply to the Cybertron Probation Office to unlock this feature in emergencies. His weapon records its use as a gun which is then subject to evaluations when Cordon is assessed at later dates.

Weapon: Rear Mounted Isolation Light
A built-in projector which can create the same type of ribbon projection in vehicle mode as the Cordon Wand. This particular ability allows the band of light to project from any light emitting component on his body. This ability however is inferior to his barrel attachment.


1) Diaclone: No.3 Countach LP500S Patrol Car Type (Takara, June 1983)

Courtesy of Maz

This version was also released by GiG in Italy, however it came in the standard Countach LP500S box.

2) Diaclone Model Kit No.17 Countach LP500S Patrol Car Type (Nitto, licensed by Takara)

Source: Yahoo Auctions

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