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Bruticus 16 (Encore, 2009)

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
16 Combatron / Combination Soldier / Bruticus
Function: Combination Soldier
Transformation: Combatrons
Ability: Destroys enemies using ultrasound. Has the power to tear down an iron bridge using one hand.
Character: Cruel, and likes nothing but to destroy Cybertrons. Once his rage starts, he is unable to stop. His small brain circuits make him simple-minded.
Weapons: Sonic Stun Gun, Missile Gun
STR:10; INT:3; SPD:1; END:9; RNK:5; CRG:10; FBL:8; SKL:6; TTL:52

Released in July 2009 for 8,000 Yen (around £55 or $70 USD), Bruticus was the first combiner released in the Transformers Encore toy line. Originally released in 1986, the Bruticus gift set was only sold in Japan and Italy, elsewhere with the team members only being sold individually.

It was a surprise when Bruticus was announced as the next reissue however the mould has been used extensively over the years so it was a logical choice.

1986 Hasbro Bruticus

1986 Takara Bruticus

Source: eBay

1986 GiG Multiforce

Source: eBay

1991 G1 Hasbro Classics

1992 G1 Battle Gaia

1994 G2 Bruticus

2000 Takara Baldigus

2001 Hasbro Ruination

2003 Ruintion Walmart exclusive

2004 Ruination desert camo Walmart exclusive

Source: eBay

2009 Encore Bruticus

The figures in the set are all plastic like the original Japanese giftset; it would have been nice had Takara opted for the robot modes to have die-cast metal chests like Hasbro's initial versions. Like the other Encore figures a lot of the stickers on the figures have been tampographed on.

Unfortunately as the Combaticons / Combatrons have seen many releases the moulds have degraded and it shows in this release. Additionally this set uses the 2001 Robots in Disguise Ruination mould so the weapons still combine but unfortunately Onslaught's handgun is shorter than the original. However the one difference and selling point for the Encore release is that Takara Tomy reinstated the spring loaded launcher for Onslaught's base mode which was present in Takara's original 1986 release but was omitted from Hasbro's and every release of this mould since.


16 Combatron / Attack Staff Officer / Onslaught (Translated from the Trading Card)
Function: Attack Staff Officer
Transformation: Missile Trailer
Ability: Decreases the accuracy of enemy missiles with his electromagnetic waves. Becomes Briticus’ body.
Character: Strongly believes in victory and sets out elaborate strategies according to his perfect plans. However once his fighting spirit is riled he becomes a ferocious warrior.
Weapon(s): Photon Missile, Sonic Stun Gun
STR:8; INT:8; SPD:3; END:7; RNK:7; CRG:8; FBL:8; SKL:9; TTL:58

Onslaught is the leader on the Combatrons and transforms from a cannon truck, to a base and then a robot mode. In base mode the launcher pushes the smaller Combatrons down the ramp. For some reason Onslaughts main cannon comes misassembled out of the box but luckily this is an easy enough fix with a Phillips screwdriver.


16 Combatron / Sniper / Brawl (Translated from the Trading Card)
Function: Sniper
Transformation: Tank
Ability: In tank mode travels at 72km/h, with a range of 960km. Becomes Bruticus’ right leg.
Character: Impatient, uncontrollable and belligerent. Unimaginable strength and is resistant to most weapons.
Weapon(s): Main Gun, Dual Guns & Electron Gun
STR:8; INT:2; SPD:4; END:9; RNK:5; CRG:2.5; FBL:8; SKL:7; TTL:45.5

Brawl transforms from a green tank (based on a Leopard 1A3) to robot mode. In tank mode Brawl has a large cannon which sits above his main turret. The large cannon can't be used in robot mode.


16 Supply Soldier / Swindle (Translated from the Trading Card)
Function: Supply Soldier
Transformation: Off Road Car
Ability: Very knowledgeable of explosives, and an ammunition expert. Becomes Bruticus’ left leg.
Character: Easy going and personable. Passionate about bargaining and has eyes on making money for his own benefit.
Weapon(s): Diffusion Blaster & Gyro Gun
STR:5; INT:9; SPD:5; END:6; RNK:6; CRG:5; FBL:7; SKL:10; TTL:53

Swindle transforms from a mustard coloured jeep to robot. His two weapons combine and placed inside the jeep mode as well as being held in each hand in robot mode.

Blast Off

16 Combatron / Space Soldier / Blast-Off (Translated from the Trading Card)
Function: Space Soldier
Transformation: Space Shuttle
Ability: Flies at speeds of 41,600Km/h. Becomes Bruticus’ right arm.
Character: Aristocratic and aloof; during battle he is ruthlessly effective.
Weapon(s): Ion Blaster
STR:3; INT:8; SPD:10; END:3; RNK:5; CRG:5; FBL:9; SKL:10; TTL:53

Blast Off transforms from a brown Rockwell Space Shuttle orbiter to robot mode. The two cannons that come with Blast Off are plugged into the shuttles booster rockets and on the underside of the wings in robot mode.

Volter (Vortex)

16 Combatron / Reconnaissance / Volter (Translated from the Trading Card)
Function: Reconnaissance
Transformation: Helicopter
Ability: Maximum speed is 480Km/h, with a range of 1,920 Km. Becomes Bruticus’ left arm.
Character: His companions refuse to fly with him due to his wild flights.
Weapon(s): Glue Gun, Rotor Blade
STR:4; INT:9; SPD:6; END:5; RNK:6; CRG:7; FBL:7; SKL:8; TTL:52

Volter transforms from a grey Kaman Aerospace SH-2G super seasprite into robot mode. The green cannons fit on the sides of the helicopter mode and on the side of the arms in robot mode. Volter's handgun also fits in the front of the helicopter mode.


The main combiner is comprised of all 5 Combatrons and like each of the Scramble City combiners, each limb is interchangeable.

This Encore giftset appears to be quite pricey on the second hand market but this figure is certainly of lesser quality than the original. It would be cheaper and much more worth while to pick up the original or the 1991 Classics version.

View the full gallery here on Flickr.

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