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Crosscut isn’t known for his accomplishments in battle, but his role is no less valuable to the Autobot cause. The ambassador’s vast knowledge of languages and civilisations enables him to forge alliances across the universe. The Autobots can establish footholds on other worlds without firing a shot.

Crosscut as a character was originally introduced in 2002 as an e-Hobby exclusive in Japan. He was released with Road Rage (red repaint of G1 Tracks) who served as bodyguard to Crosscuts ambassador function. Before 2002 the Crosscut mould of Skids had not previously been released in the Transformers toyline.

Crosscut is a Honda City R and his mould pre-dates the Honda City Turbo (which would become Skids) by 5 months or so. The Honda City R was released in Takara's Diaclone toyline in September 1982 and was the sixth Car Robot released. At this point it was only available in red but there were 2 variations of this red Honda City - one with a sunroof and one without. It also came with a small scooter, a Honda Motocompo Trunk Bike. 

In October / November 1982 the Car Robo W Set was released which was a blue 4WD Hilux Wrecker (blue G1 Hoist) and a silver repaint of the Honda City R which was now called a Honda City S. The silver Honda City S was also released individually in October 1982 and came in the same box as the Honda City R. In February 1983 the Honda City Turbo was released in black, blue or red.

The Generations Deluxe Crosscut is a repaint and remould of Generations Skids. Apart from the head and colours the figures are identical, however the silver and metallic red make it a more appealing figure. The first wave of Generations Skids came with an assembly error where his hips were on the wrong side, it didn't affect transformation but affected poseability. Luckily Generations Crosscuts have had no such errors as far as I'm aware.

In robot mode Crosscut is quite poseable but with restrictions in his shoulders. However the big issue I find with this figure is he won't easily stand unaided.

As with Skids, Crosscut is heavily armed and comes with the same weapons. The two guns can combine into a larger weapon; there are 2 guns on each forearm which can open out, there are missile pods moulded into the shoulders. There are also spring loaded cannons which are initially hidden but can be flipped up either side of the head. 

In vehicle mode he is no longer a Honda City R/S but a small sports type car. There are holes by the rear wheels where his hand guns can plug into.

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