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Masterpiece Burning Convoy (Beast Wars) MP-38+

Profile (Translated from the Character Card) 
 MP-38+ Cybertron General Commander Burning Convoy (Beast Wars) 
● Function: General Commander 
● Height: 2.8m (In Robot Mode) 
● Weight: 2.0t (In Robot Mode) 
● Profile: 
Cybertron General Commander Convoy transforms from a gorilla to a robot. Summoned across time and space, he met Lio Convoy in the future. Their Energon Matrices synchronised and Burning Convoy was born along with Flash Lio Convoy. The two confronted the God of Destruction, Majin Zarak, and were victorious. 
STR...10; INT...10; SPD...10; END...10; RNK...10; CRG...10; FBL...10; SKL...10

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In September 2019, a listing appeared on a North American online toy shop for MP-38+ Burning Convoy with an estimated release date of March 2020. A few days later on the 13th September, TakaraTomyMall posted their reservation for Burning Convoy and revealed its price as 12,960 Yen, slightly more expensive than the original MP-32 Convoy from 2016.

In Japan this was a TakaraTomyMall exclusive but it received a wider distribution through Hasbro Asia. Accessory wise it has a lot less than MP-32 or MP-38, coming with an additional beast mode face, masked robot face and the two swords.

Burning Convoy is a release to coincide with MP-48 Lio Convoy which was released a month earlier in February 2020. On the 19th December 1998, an extended cartoon titled "Beast Wars II: Super Lifeform Transformers: Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger" was released theatrically and featured the appearance of Convoy (Optimus Primal) from Beast Wars. To defeat the big bad of the episode, Convoy and Lio Convoy synchronised their Energon Matrices and they both changed into Burning Convoy and Flash Lio Convoy respectively.

A month before the theatrical release a translucent red redeco of C-1 Convoy. The box was identical to the original release but it has a special sticker on the box window which says "Beast Wars Special Movie Celebration. The bravest of the brave returns. Burning Convoy." My version of this toy is incredibly loose despite being sealed when I bought it. It is also covered in a red dust which I'm guessing is the plastic breaking down and I don't think this is just my copy of the figure. The head of this figure is a pale gold colour rather than the darker blue colour seen in the cartoon.

In December 2004 RM-21 Burning Beast Convoy was released in the short lived Robot Masters series. This was a translucent red redeco of RM-11 Beast Convoy. This is a downsized version of C-1 Convoy (Ultra Class Optimus Primal) and other than its smaller size is near identical. It is not quite identical to the cartoon as the head is also cast in translucent red plastic.

Burning Convoy is a translucent red redeco of MP-32 and other than the colour, it's identical. The colours are a perfect match for the animated version although I do think the gold colour is a little too bright. Being translucent plastic this is quite nerve wracking to transform, especially from gorilla mode to robot mode where you have to lift the gorilla's back from the shoulder area. Even the pink sections (chest and feet) are translucent plastic. Whereas the original Burning Convoy was an opaque red plastic, the plastic used for MP-39+ is clear and it does look incredibly striking and stands out on the shelf.

Overall this is a fantastic figure especially if you don't already own a version of the MP-32 Convoy mould. Initially I wasn't that impressed with MP-32 but it has grown on me and it is probably one of the best Masterpiece figures. It is solid in both modes, a simplistic yet enjoyable transformation, great articulation and lots of features.


Back of the Box

 ■ It’s time to burn, Legendary General Commander! 
The iconic character from the 3DCG cartoon “Beast Wars Super Lifeform Transformers” is the Cybertron General Commander, Convoy. Due to his incredible popularity he made a guest appearance in the theatrical release of “Beast Wars II: Lio Convoy in Imminent Danger”. This is a Masterpiece based on that appearance and reproduces his burning appearance with the use of translucent red parts. The gold painted fists and weapons are worthy of a special edition. We hope you feel the excitement of the movie once again with this product! 

Burning Convoy (Beast Wars)
● Function: General Commander
● Height: 2.8m (In Robot Mode)
● Weight: 2.0t (In Robot Mode)
● Profile
The God of Destruction, Majin Zarak, is an evil Transformer who threatens the entire cosmos. Burning Convoy is a form Convoy took when his Energon Matrix synchronised with Lio Convoy’s when they both confronted this huge adversary. Cybertron General Commander Convoy transforms from a gorilla to a robot; he is a great warrior who fought through the “Beast Wars” on Planet Energoa. The achievements of this Legendary General Commander have been spoken about for generations. Now, millions of years after the Beast Wars, a new war rages on between the Cybertron forces led by Lio Convoy and the Destron forces led by Galvatron. This war is over the control of the mysterious Angolmois Energy which lies dormant on Planet Gaia. In the midst of battle, Galvatron summons Majin Zarak, the God of Destruction, using a teleportation device that had crash landed on the planet. Majin Zarak wreaked catastrophic devastation on the Cybertrons with his overwhelming power. This was the Cybertrons greatest peril….but through the desperate actions of Magnaboss’ Lio Junior, the Legendary General Commander Convoy was summoned to Planet Gaia using the teleportation device. Just the presence of the great General Commander Convoy alone gave the injured Lio Convoy and the Cybertron warriors the strength and courage to persevere. Convoy and Lio Convoy stand side-by-side, a Double Convoy dream team which transcends time itself. In the final battle against Majin Zarak, Convoy’s and Lio Convoy’s Energon Matrices synchronise and envelop the pair in a dazzling light and they are transformed into Burning Convoy and Flash Lio Convoy respectively. Possessing unprecedented power, the pair form a meteor and pierce and destroy Majin Zaraks huge body giving victory to the Cybertrons. After the battle, Convoy returns to his timeline, entrusting the future with the new generation of Cybertron warriors. The resolve and majesty that Burning Convoy displayed in battle were passionately burned onto the hearts of the future Cybertron warriors.

Weapon: Plasma Cannon
Built into both arms, each cannon has twin barrels and are Convoy's main weapons for combat. Both weapons can fire simultaneously; the cannons have such high power a blast penetrated the body of Tarans in close quarters. Useful for firearm battles at medium range and Convoy can also fire them when in flight. 

Weapon: Mega Blaster
Cannons built into Convoy's back which are deployed and mounted on his shoulders in battle. Mainly used for long distance targets or utilised during aerial battles. In ground combat they are highly capable at firing at aerial targets, picking off Destron warriors such as Terrorsaurer and Waspeeter, as well as being able to intercept missiles. The Mega Blaster can also be used alongside his Convoy Jet when in flight. 

Weapon: Cyber Blade
These twin swords are Convoy’s hand-held weapons. Although Convoy excels with his firearms, he is also a skilled swordsman. This is a skill which came in handy during his one on one fight against the veteran warrior Dinobot. The swords are incredibly sharp however there are a few scenes where Convoy does not utilise them to their full potential, refusing to hurt others more than necessary. However when he was confronted by Megatron, in the heat of the moment he sliced off Megatron's right arm with a single blow. 

Equipment: Convoy Jet
Convoy is one of the few Cybertrons who can fly and can do so with the Convoy Jet built into his back. Used frequently when rushing to an incident or when carrying his friends. Because of this he is often targeted by the enemy but he has rarely been shot down. It is however an important piece of equipment and has saved the Cybertrons countless times, such as when he slowed the descent of his crashing ship with his friends on board.

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