Saturday, 18 November 2017

Starscream 22 (Transformers Collection, 2003)

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
22 Destron Air Commander Starscream
Function: Air Commander
Transformation: Jet Aircraft
Ability: The fastest out of the jet fighters. Fires cluster bombs and can emit a special radiation ray.
Character: Aims to usurp Megatron and take command. Overly confident.
STR…7; INT...7; SPD...9; END...7; RNK...9; CRG...8; FPR...7; SKL...5; TTL...59

Up to when the Transformers Collection Starscream was released in 2003, Starscream had already been reissued in 2001, as well as 2 exclusive recolours (black version & ghost version). The initial 2001 reissue was a replica of the 1985 release with a plastic inner tray instead of a polystyrene tray.

To do something different for the Collection Series version, Takara released Starscream in his animated colours replicating the Sunbow animation. Starscream now had lighter blue colours and an orange cockpit canopy.

Starscream also came with additional accessories, the first being a new Megatron gun which could fit on the underside of Starscreams jet mode to replicate a scene from the animated episode S.O.S Dinobots, a feature also adopted by the Masterpiece Destron jets. Megatron can also fit in Starscream's newly moulded fists. Starscream also comes with an additional fist for Collection Series Convoy / Optimus Prime which can also hold the Megatron gun.

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