Sunday 17 July 2016

Tankor (Generations, 2014)

Tankor is a mountain of pure destructive force. Give him an objective and it's as good as done (and quite possibly crushed, smashed, or completely demolished). The Vehicon General doesn't have much for brainpower, but his skill in battle is nearly unrivaled.

The Deluxe version of Tankor was released in Hasbros Generations line and again in Takara Tomys Legends line.

The Tank mode is only slightly different from the screen version but comes very close. The robot head can turn as it did in the show but the cannon and only move up and down and does not have 360 degree movement which would have been a nice addition.

Robot mode is the highlight of the figure, transformation is easy but satisfying and the robot mode is very poseable despite looking like a brick. The claws can open and close and there are saws on the forearms which can turn around but are a little stiff.

This is the first Tankor released which is screen accurate - 14 years after he was first released in the Beast Machines line. I would have liked to have seen a larger version of the figure but the Deluxe version works just as well and although the transformation is rather basic, its still a very good figure and highly recommended, certainly if you are a Beast Machines fan.

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