Tuesday 12 July 2016

Masterpiece Ramjet MP-11NR

Translated from the Bio Card
Function: New Jetron Warrior
Motto: “If it flies, crash it!”
The Aerial Warrior Ramjet is one of the new members of the Jetrons. His delta wings give his jet transformation a characteristic look and he can fly up to mach 2.8. Boasts a strong body which can withstand any shock and in jet mode he specialises in ramming his opponents. The attack formation of the Jetrons is now the Cybertrons biggest threat.

The addition of the "Coneheads" to the Masterpiece line is a long time coming ever since Starscream made his debut in 2006. Using the "improved" MP-11 mould along with a remouded cockpit section to accommodate the updated head sculp in quite an ingenious fashion, this should have been a flawless new release. Quality control (or lack of) strikes again and has tarnished this figure.

This was initially a Takara Tomy Mall exclusive, and a very expensive one being 15984 Yen ($150 or £115) - a far cry from the original price of the mould back in 2006 (9000 Yen). The price of a figure unfortunately doesn't guarantee quality and because of all these problems, together with the price makes it a hard figure to recommend.

The main problem which affects the majority of Japanese releases is that the shoulders were fitted on the wrong sides (left is on the right, right is on the left) which affects the transformation and how everything holds together in jet mode. It can still be done but it takes a little patience to get everything lined up. Additionally, it might come with 2 left or 2 right large missiles, missing pilot and missing wheels.

The later Asian releases corrected the shoulder issues but the other problems remained. However if you are lucky you might just pick up a figure without any flaws; mine however has the incorrect shoulders. There is a fix for this but you do risk damaging an expensive figure as it involves pushing out pins.

All the negativity aside, this is a good figure and I like they way they have gone to the trouble to alter the transformation to make it a bit more unique from the other seekers. I just hope the upcoming Thrust and no doubt, Dirge, will have little to none quality issues which would take away from what should be a very good figure. I just find it a shame that these are being released so exclusively which adds to the high price tag.

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