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Masterpiece Loudpedal MP-25L

Profile (Translated from the Trading Card)
MP-25L Destron Ultrasonic Engineer Loudpedal
Function: Ultrasonic Engineer
Motto: ”Beyond suffering, there is delight.”
Uses ultrasound for a variety of tactics; although he is a soldier with great abilities, he was unfairly scored low for the Destron army. He is one of the leading musical talents in the galaxy, however his eccentricity and genius cause resentment. As the Destrons don't recognise artistic talent, his tech spec values do not correctly represent his true worth.
STR:3; INT:3; SPD:6; END:4; RNK:3; CRG:2; FBL:4; SKL:2

Translation and scan of the instructions

Loudpedal is yet another Diaclone only release which has found its way to the Masterpiece line. The original black Corvette Stingray was only sold in Finland as an R-Kioski exclusive in 1984. A second black "Tracks" was released in 2002 in Japan as a lucky draw exclusive, limited to 300 pieces. A Masterpiece version was speculated upon with the emergence of a prototype figure of Tracks sporting a different head entirely, one which looks closer to the G1 toy.

Prototype Loudpedal (Source: Maz at tfsquareone)

The speculation turned out to be correct when Takara Tomy announced that the black Tracks would be a Tokyo Toy show exclusive, much like the Masterpiece Tigertrack and Silverstreak. In turn this would be a completely different character, a Destron called Loudpedal (so called after the sustain pedal on a piano).

Loudpedal comes with a translucent purple stand for robot mode and flight mode, other than the colour it is identical to the version released with MP-25 Tracks. Also present is a Broadcast / Blaster redeco called MC-21 Soundwarrior (the same name and designation as the original Micro Change MC-21), though this is not a new character, it is just a normal ghetto-blaster but it is in the colours of the original blue Micro Change MC-21 Radio Cassette Robo. Loudpedal comes with a gun, a redeco of the version which came with MP-26 Road Rage, the same styled gun which came with the original toy. A Raoul "avatar" figure also comes with Loudpedal which is recoloured to be based on Raouls appearence in the G1 cartoon episode "Auto-Bop". Loudpedal also comes with a sticker sheet with an alternative "CS" logo which can be applied to the cars bonnet. This is in the style of the original Diaclone figure with the CS standing for "Corvette Stingray", though in this case it stands for "Cymond Shadow", Loudpedals stage name.

The instruction manual also comes with a story to introduce Loudpedal and his affiliation with Exhaust, aptly named "Noise & Smoke":

Noise & Smoke Backstory (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Loudpedal once thought he would accomplish nothing as his brain has a “condition” where he spontaneously composes music; over time however he has learnt to deal with it. He preserves his musical data and shares with others. Registering himself with “GalacShare”, an interplanetary data submission and distribution service, he publishes his work under the name “C Shadow” and many of his musical masterpieces took the galaxy by storm. On account of his theme composition for the Galactic Olympic Games, offers for his talents flooded in, such as an invitation to be the Royal Court Musician on a certain planet, however Loudpedal ignored them all. He had not expected that the data which for him was only noise in his brain, to have such a public reaction. In the meantime, noone knew of C Shadows true identity, yet Loudpedal received a visitor claiming to be his agent. Surprisingly this was the Destron Industrial Espionage Warrior, Exhaust. What the heck would Soundwaves industrial spy want with him?
“Soundwave? Blaster? Whatever. He died once and now the chain of command has changed. He isn’t my boss anymore.”
Exhaust is currently in incognito and is only here as a messenger for his interplanetary company, Marlboor Dynamics.
“GalacShare is a subsidiary of Marlboor. From the moment you created an account with them, your identity was sent directly to those guys. Not only are you C Shadow, the greatest composer in the galaxy, you are also a Destron outcast!” Loudpedal started to see this as troublesome, but wished to hear more.
“Don’t think that these guys are going to take away your freedom and rights. They are genuinely interested in your talents and would like to create a Masterpiece with a mechanical spark.” With these words, he was pleasantly surprised.
“If that's what they want, I’m in! I don’t understand how aliens could see my potential whereas the Destrons didn’t even rate me for their army. I want my abilities to be recognised!” Exhaust had placated the proud Loudpedal.
“That is to say it is no more than you deserve. You have a real talent. Squawkbox is a self-proclaimed musician, but you are on a far different level. What you have is a real treasure, far beyond good and evil. I understand you have spent a long time in a multi-cultural environment in somewhat humble circumstances.” Exhaust took out a file entitled “Proposal” and showed him.
“As you manage your own music, I recommend you take advantage of Marlboors deal. Although you are not interested in money, our guys have something worthwhile - a technological power-up”. The proposal states that in return for cooperating with Marlboors cyber-psychological research and after contract negotiation, they would give him a new ability. He would continue to operate as C Shadow and they would entrust him to carry out his own promotional work.
“I don’t understand; why are you helping me, what's in it for you?”
Loudpedal was suspicious, Exhaust said,
“There are superior forces, many of which can be exploited, but I do believe your musical talent is useful to the Destron cause.”
Happy with the answer but not thoroughly convinced, Loudpedal suddenly had strange thoughts. (Are you for real...or just a fan?) Loudpedal started to talk but stopped himself. He thought it unlikely, not that Exhaust would admit it anyway.

Robot Mode: Loudpedal (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Function: Ultrasonic Engineer
Motto: ”By surpassing your agony, I achieve ecstasy.”
His ability to control ultrasonics using vibrations and shock waves allows him to detect surrounding enemies in combat. Making such precise measurements also enables him to undertake repairs by cutting and welding materials making them compatible and indistinguishable from the original; an ability which is highly appreciated. Loudpedal hides his artistic genius, but a few Destron warriors discovered his secret, one of those being Exhaust. The pair entered into a business partnership following an arrangement with the interplanetary development giant, Marlboor, and Loudpedal was given new powers. He can now create a reverberation which can travel to any coordinates within a 2km radius; this “Thunderation” ability is effective at disrupting enemies in combat. It's still unknown whether this new opportunity will pave his way to success.

Projection: Holo-Matter Avatar (Translated from the instruction booklet)
C Shadow is an identity which Loudpedal uses to disguise himself; this takes the form of a humanoid holographic avatar. From a list of lifeforms that the Destrons have encountered, the earthling Raoul was chosen and this avatar is his spitting image.

Decoration: Cymond’s Shadow Logo (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Loudpedals stage name features as an artistic logo, “C Shadow” (Cymond’s Shadow). He uses it as a decoration to disguise himself when he is forced to appear in public.

Property: MC-21 Soundwarrior (Translated from the instruction booklet)
This is Loudpedal’s possession, a commercially available portable media playback device. It is a device intended to save the songs which spring to his mind. He never carries it on the battlefield so as not to interfere with combat operations.

Weapon: Mass-Driver Rifle (Translated from the instruction booklet)
Loudpedal carries a mass projection gun. His ultrasound ability has limited effective range and this weapon is able to boost his signal for long range coverage. He even crafts his own bullets so he never fears of running low on ammo.

This is a very good redeco, the colours are also closer to the original Diaclone version than the reissue which is a nice touch. It is certainly worth picking up while its still available.

View the full gallery on flickr here.

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